Cloud Quest

Cloud Quest video slot features a large range of innovative bonuses that keep the gameplay fresh from spin to spin, including special bonus rows that must be cleared to activate free spins, which are played on a separate set of reels with five different stages.

Cloud Quest: tips

In Cloud Quest slot, any time three or more identical symbols are connected either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically, you win. This is a unique system that deviates from the traditional pay line structure.

Cloud Quest winning symbols

With the power stone symbol, you can win 0.1x, 0.3x and 1x your bet for combinations of three, four, or five. With the spell book symbol, you’ll be awarded 0.1x for three, 0.4x for four, and 1.5x for a line of five. The potion symbol awards 0.1x, 0.5, and 2x your total bet for line wins. The shield, sceptre and daggers symbols all award 0.2x your bet for three-of-a-kind in a line. The shield awards 0.6x and 2.5x for four and five respectively, while the sceptre awards 0.7x and 3x and the daggers award 0.8x and 4x your total bet for the same. The sword symbol will award you 0.3x, 0.9x and 5x your total bet for lines of three, four and five.

The little mage in purple awards 0.4x for three, 1x for four, and 8x for five on a winning line. The female warrior awards 0.5x, 2x and 20x. The male warrior has the highest payout value of the regular symbols, awarding 0.6x, 5x, and 50x your total bet for lines of three, four and five respectively.

Cloud Quest gameplay

You need to set your total bet before you start playing Cloud Quest slot. This can be between 0.10 and 40.00. Then, press Start to begin the game.

Gameplay table

Bet: Select your total bet.

Autoplay: Allow the game to play out on its own up to 50 times.

Play: Spin the reels.

Cloud Quest special features

Whenever you land a winning combination in Cloud Quest slot, the winning symbols are cleared from the screen and new symbols drop from above, potentially forming new successful combinations. If your winning combination contains just three symbols, the middle symbol will be transformed into a wild and will remain in place before the other symbols are replaced.

A different row will be designated as the bonus row for each spin. If you manage to clear that row of all five symbols, then the bonus round will be triggered. You’ll be awarded between 5-20 free spins on a separate three-reel, single-line game grid. You’ll defeat monsters by achieving a specific number of winning combinations. When you defeat a monster, you advance to the next stage, with five stages in total. You can also defeat monsters by landing a combination of three bonus symbols. You’ll get three more spins whenever you defeat a monster, and the payouts increase with each stage. If you defeat the final monster, you’ll be awarded a prize equal to 100x your total bet. If you defeat the final monster and still have free spins remaining, you’ll receive 2x your bet for each leftover spin.

When you win with power stone symbols, the Superpower meter will fill. Once all wins have been collected, the meter arrow will spin, and if it lands on a filled section, you’ll receive one re-spin with one of four special superpowers. The more power stones landed in a round, the more sections on the wheel that will be active.

Five of Fortune: Prizes for all wins will be multiplied by five.

Emblem of Endurance: Three wilds will land on scree, and will only be cleared when an all-wild symbol win is landed.

Mark of Multitude: Winning symbols will be replaced by wilds before respins occur.

Scatter of Success: All symbols act as scatters, paying regardless of their position on the reels.

Does Cloud Quest have a jackpot feature?

There’s no progressive jackpot featured in Cloud Quest slot.

Cloud Quest payouts and wagering limits

Bet as low as 0.10 and as high as 40.00 in Cloud Quest video slot.

Playing Cloud Quest on mobile

Cloud Quest slot is available to play on mobile through the Casumo app.

Why play Cloud Quest?

Cloud Quest slot is quite an elaborate game with lots of moving parts. The bonus features play to the narrative well, creating an experience with a lot more variety than the average slot. Cloud Quest offers everything you’d want from a slot game and more.