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Casumo reveals: Here are the current Dream Challenge leaders

Campaigns  •  2 years ago

Wow, the Dream Challenge at Casumo is at full swing! We’re now more than half way through and loads of players are competing against each other in the 9th casino challenge this year. Right now isven75, rabbit03 and MikkoS are rocking the top positions. Are they gonna stay there until Friday or are you planning on giving them some real competition? Put on your luckiest of socks, spin away and take your casino experience to the next level. It won’t be easy, we tell you. But hey, it’s not supposed to be easy. If it was easy everyone would do it…

What are the Casino Challenges at Casumo?

In January 2015 we introduced something called Casino Challenges at Casumo. It’s a brand new concept where loads of players are competing against each other by completing various casino missions. There is always big prizes up for grabs and rewards along the way which makes loads of competitive players come back and play month after month. Since we offer three types of challenges: Easy, Medium and Hardcore, there is something for everyone. All players who finish among top 30 win nice cash prizes. The higher you rank, the better the prize.

The Dream Challenge
by Casumo

23 September –
9 October

Anyone with a Casumo
account can join

Levels & top prizes
Easy: €800
Medium: €1,500
Hardcore: A magic trip to your dream destination (worth €10.000)