Top 7 of the best slot-themed Halloween 2019 costumes suggested by Casumo

Fancy dress game ON

Since Halloween is rapidly approaching, it’s time to get your fancy dress game on. We’ve decided to lend you a hand (the fake bloody, rubbery kind) and put together a Top 7 of fancy dress costumes based on the main characters of some of our deadliest video slots. If you haven’t decided on your costume just yet, have a look at our suggestions below for inspiration!

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The creepiest Halloween games available at Casumo

Trick or treat? That’s the question.

Ghostly greetings! The spookiest holiday of the year is about to be at our doorstep and everyone’s entitled to one good scare so you might as well be ready for it! Put your favourite Halloween costume on and celebrate with a frightening game experience – and possibly some monstrous wins too, who knows…. So up your pumpkin carving skills, get your witch charming game on and decide on your creepy slot of choice. We’ve listed our personal favourites below!

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Top 5 Friendliest European Countries

Casumo is online casino made friendly for everyone, designed to provide fun and to share anticipation and delight, simple and honest. And because we never want to stop to surprise you, we decided to survey 2000 UK people to find out which European countries UK people think are the friendliest, just because. If you’re curious to find out which European countries are the friendliest based on the opinion of our survey participants then keep on reading!

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How has your football club changed over time?

The earliest known written record of a Football match taking place in England, was penned by cleric William Fitzstephen after a trip to London in 1170 AD – it went:

After dinner all the youths of the city goes out into the fields for the very popular game of ball.

Over eight centuries later and this very English “game of ball” was transformed into the most watched sports-league in the world.

English football has enjoyed a long and proud history. But while football as a whole has been a pillar of our culture, each individual club is forever in flux, rising and falling in the league tables as new players, talent and money are attracted from all corners of the globe like magnets. But how has your club changed over this time?

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