happy comfort zones

Mmmbop! Here at Casumo online casino we really and truly believe that life can be much more fun when you take the plunge and try out new things. Even small things. Imagine having a different breakfast every single day. Or trying out a cray cray new hairstyle every few weeks. How easy is it to get out of your comfort zone and live life to the full?

Let’s here it from the Brits

We’ve always heard that change can be a scary beast to many people, but we wanted to find out if it’s true or not. So we went out and interviewed 2,000 Brits, asking them how bold they truly are. The answers we got did confirm a few interesting things, such as that most people in the UK prefer to play it safe and stay within the realms of their comfort zones. Here are some other interesting facts we discovered:

  • Seven in ten Brits say they typically try to avoid change or trying new things, preferring the tried and tested
  • Reasons for people sticking to their comfort zones include worrying about what will happen after trying something different, with one in five admitting they’re not very adventurous
  • Nearly 30% of Brits will avoid changing their hairstyle
  • One in ten won’t even try a new pub. Imagine that.
  • 25% say that swapping their normal breakfast for something else would be dangerously out of their comfort zone.
  • Over 33% of respondents happily admit their friends and family see them as someone who never does things on a whim.
  • And even though seven out of ten Brits believe that getting out of one’s comfort zone is something everyone should do, a third say they haven’t done it in over a year.
  • One in ten say they’ve NEVER done something they felt took them out of their comfort zone.
  • 60% of respondents said their primary reaction would be nervousness if they were forced to try something new.
  • And just one in 20 said they’d feel prepared to step outside what was comfortable to them, with five times as many saying they’d feel totally unprepared.

The survey makes it official. People know that stepping out of their comfort zones is the right thing to do, but they still won’t try it. So hey, it’s high time you include a little change in your life. Don’t be afraid. You’ll see it’s all worthwhile in the end! You’re welcome.