Britain's Favourite Football Pundits

Who is Britain’s favourite football pundit?

In general, football fans are extremely passionate people. Proven by the many age-old debates in the world of football, often argued about until the sun comes up. One of these never-ending debates is, “Who are the best and worst football pundits to grace our TV screens?”

Casumo were also curious to know which football pundits are loved and which are a little bit less loved by the British public. In order to find these answers, we decided to run a survey asking 2,000 Brits to rank popular football pundits from first to last place. Hopefully, this survey will shed some light on the constant debate! Though we are aware that the results might still ruffle a few (football fan’s) feathers…

You can find the results in the graphic below!

Infographic of Survey on Britain's Favourite Football Pundits

Source and methodology: We asked 2,000 people from across the United Kingdom to rank 13 football pundits that appear regularly on television in order from 1st place (being their favourite) to 13th place (being their least favourite). Each respondent was provided with the list in random order.

The Survey Revealed:

  • The people of Britain prefer football pundits with the name Gary. Gary Lineker & Gary Neville topped the overall rankings.
  • Overall, Roy Keane was rated as Britain’s least favourite football pundit.
  • Respondents from Northern Ireland ranked Roy Keane in 2nd place, 10 places higher than his overall position!
  • Respondents from Scotland also rated Roy Keane higher. He came in 8th place based on the Scottish response.
  • Women football fans also chose Gary Lineker as their favourite football pundit.
  • However, they decided that Jamie Carragher should be placed on rock bottom after his 4th place overall position! Roy Keane moved to 7th under the women’s ordering.
  • Alex Scott, the only female football pundit in the list finished 12th out of the 13. She did climb higher when looking at the women’s vote though, moving up to 9th position.
  • The running joke that Michael Owen is a boring pundit rang true when looking at the responses from the men in our survey. They placed Michael Owen in 11th position, however, women respondents placed him in 5th position.

Which Football Pundits got the Male Vote?

The male respondents that took part in our survey totaled 66%. Below is the full list rated by the male respondents.

“Redknapp is absolutely bobbins. He’s just slightly better than Owen.”

1stGary Lineker
2ndGary Neville
3rdIan Wright
4thJamie Carragher
5thGraeme Souness
6thJamie Redknapp
7thJermaine Jenas
8thRobbie Savage
9thChris Kamara
10thRio Ferdinand
11thMichael Owen
12thAlex Scott
13thRoy Keane


Which Football Pundits got the Female Vote?

Women placed Jamie Carragher in the last place, meaning that straight-talking Roy Keane went up to 7th place! 6 places higher than the men’s response.

“Michael Owen is bottom by a country mile.”

1stGary Lineker
2ndGary Neville
3rdRio Ferdinand
4thJamie Redknapp
5thMichael Owen
6thIan Wright
7thRoy Keane
8thChris Kamara
9thAlex Scott
10thJermaine Jenas
11thGraeme Souness
12thRobbie Savage
13thJamie Carragher


How about Scotland’s Vote?

In Scotland, the results outside of the top 3 were different from the overall rankings. Jermaine Jenas slipped down to 13th place!

“This list just highlights the terrible pundits on TV!”

1stGary Lineker
2ndGary Neville
3rdIan Wright
4thMichael Owen
5thRio Ferdinand
6thJamie Carragher
7thGraeme Souness
8thRoy Keane
9thAlex Scott
10thRobbie Savage
11thChris Kamara
12thJamie Redknapp
13thJermaine Jenas


And Northern Ireland’s too?

From the bottom overall to 2nd position, Roy Keane’s honesty is clearly appreciated in Northern Ireland.

“Kamara is a clown in reality”

1stGary Lineker
2ndRoy Keane
3rdJamie Carragher
4thGary Neville
5thRio Ferdinand
6thIan Wright
7thMichael Owen
8thChris Kamara
9thAlex Scott
10thJermaine Jenas
11thRobbie Savage
12thGraeme Souness
13thJamie Redknapp

So there we have it! Redknapp is “absolutely bobbins” when it comes to football punditry, according to one respondent from the survey.

We know that these survey results won’t end the long-running debate, but at least you can refer to this when you find yourself outnumbered on the topic. Which surely will remain a hot topic as football fans are bound to take to social media in order to voice their opinions about the punditry over the rest of the football season.

Until then, we will leave you with one final quote from one of the survey respondents:

“Danny Murphy and Danny Higginbotham are better than the majority on that list”