Take the Casumo Holiday Quiz to find out what holiday goer you are

Which type of holiday goer are you?

Summer is in full swing and holiday destinations are buzzing again. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself which type of holiday goer you really are? What type of vacation would truly make you happy? We think it’s about time you found out! The Casumo Holiday Quiz might help you decide on your next holiday destination.

The Casumo Holiday Quiz

Welcome to our Casumo Holiday Quiz! Please answer the multiple choice questions below and keep track of the number of times you pick answer A, B, C or D. If multiple answers apply to you, that’s fine, just make sure to count them all. Have fun!

1. Which slot title appeals to you most?

A. Gonzo’s Quest
B. Bikini Party
C. Flowers
D. Legacy of Egypt

2. How much do you enjoy spending a day at the beach?

A. Depends, will there be diving gear available?
B. Love it
C. Sure, why not
D. I don’t enjoy that at all

3. What are the chances that you’ll know the name of a local bird?

A. I just might
B. Slim to none
C. The likeliest
D. Depends, is it a very old one?

4. Which book will go with you on your holiday?

A. ‘Into The Wild’ by Jon Krakauer
B. ‘The Importance of Being Lazy’ by Al Gini
C. ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ by Peter Wollheben
D. ‘Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind’ by Yuval Noah Harari

5. Which item will you not leave without?

A. Swiff army knife
B. Tanning lotion
C. Binoculars
D. A fossil brush

6. Pick the location that gives you the most holiday vibes

A. Amazon Rainforest
B. St. Tropez
C. The Swiss Alps
D. Sahara Desert

7. Choose a game character

A. Lara Croft from Temples and Tombs
B. Cool surfer from Wild Waters
C. The Princess from Sakura Fortune
D. Rich Wilde from Book of Dead

8. Which song would you like to listen to most?

A. Road Trippin’ by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
B. Summer of ‘69 by Bryan Adams
C. Bed Of Roses by Bon Jovi
D. Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles

9. What’s your choice of holiday transportation

A. Cross motorcycle
B. Yacht
C. Bicycle

10. Pick your summer slogan

A. It’s go-go-go time!
B. Life’s a beach.
C. I feel free as a bird!
D. I dig it.

Find out your result of the Casumo Holiday Quiz

That’s it, you’ve now completed the Casumo Holiday Quiz! Go ahead and count the number of times you answered A, B, C or D. Now have a look below to find out which type of holiday will suit you the most. Of course you could also be the perfect mix of multiple letters. Maybe you find yourself to be a ‘lazy adventurer’, a ‘leisurely nature lover’ or an ‘adventurous historian’ – it’s all possible! Based on the type of holiday goer you are, we suggested some destinations and games we think you might enjoy.

Answered mostly ‘A’: Adventurer

Holidays for you can’t be active enough! You are a real adventurer who loves to scope out their surroundings and goes where no people went before! Jungle trekking, deep sea diving, mountain climbing, sleeping under the starry sky – nothing will make you happier. All you need to have a great time are a Swiss army knife and a backpack. You have mad survival skills and are always ready to explore new territory.

Suggested holiday destinations: Brazil, Argentina, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Arizona.
Games you might like to try: Gonzo’s Quest, Tiki Tumble, Jungle Jim El Dorado, Tropical Adventure

Answered mostly ‘B’: Strictly Leisure

White sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Whether tropical or Mediterranean, as long as you can enjoy the sun, you’re a happy camper. Not literally though, because you like to spend your holidays in beach resorts and luxury hotels. Relaxing by the pool wearing your new pair of shades. Chilling at a beach bar with a refreshing beverage in your hand – that’s ‘vacay you’ in a nutshell.

Suggested holiday destinations: St. Martin, French Riviera, Cabo, Hawaii, Philippines.
Games you might like to try: Aloha! Cluster Pays, Caribbean Holidays, Sunny Shores, Mojito Beach

Answered mostly ‘C’: Nature Lover

You decide on your holiday destination based on the local flora and fauna. People might refer to you as a ‘walking encyclopedia’ as you know the names of most plants, insects, flowers and birds by heart. You’ll wake up early to go birdwatching and to wander around in lush, green areas, feeling like you’ve become one with nature. You enjoy camping and glamping and you love swimming in freshwater lakes and rivers.

Suggested holiday destinations: Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Ireland.
Games you might like to try: Flowers, Wonder Woods, Beautiful Nature, Lady Earth

Answered mostly ‘D’: History First

You love to go places that are rich in history. Preferable places where you can dig around a bit, with a chance of discovering something old. You have a real fascination for archeology and your ideal holiday is filled with fossils, cave paintings, Pyramids and ancient pottery. Egypt is one of the destinations you simply can’t get enough of and you know how to ride a camel like no other. You love the sand, as long as you can brush it off of your latest discovery.

Suggested holiday destinations: Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, South Peru, Xian.
Games you might like to try: Book of Dead, Dawn of Egypt, Legacy of Dead, Legacy of Egypt

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