Bruhaha! Who are the most frightened Brits?

Can you feel the chills, running down your spine as you play our scary slot games? It’s that spooky time of year again, where ghouls and ghosts come out at night, so we wanted to know what gives you a fright…

Casumo asked two thousand Brits which are their favourite Halloween horror movies. And the two horror movies that came out on top were absolute classics,  The Sixth Sense and the The Shining. Eeek!

Our research has shown that people from Northern Ireland are officially the country’s least scared region, with nearly half of the people not reacting at all to the most scary moments in horror films. This contrasts with Wales, where nearly half of the people tend to look away when things get creepy.

Fifty percent of the women look away during scary moments compared with one in five men. We are however wondering whether men might be less likely to admit to looking away when they are frightened.

We found that Londoners were the most likely region in the UK to watch horror movies with friends, with a third of Londoners turning it into a more social occasion and watching scary movies with friends, with only thirteen percent of people from Yorkshire doing the same.

In contrast, London was the area where people are least likely to watch a scary movie with their partner.

Most Brit’s love suspenseful horror movies with twist endings, with the least favourite part of some horror movies being bad acting and unrealistic special effects.

Spooky tales

We also wanted to dig into some real live spooky tales that had happened to people.

Some respondents to our questionnaire told us about the most scary things that had happened to them, or the times when they were most scared. Have a look and see if you can relate:

“After watching the horror film The Skull, I went to put some rubbish in the outside dustbin, as I lifted the lid off, my cat jumped out. Scared  the living daylights out of me!”

“A group of us were chatting in a pathway near a churchyard, it was dark when all of a sudden we saw an image of a man walk from the churchyard onto the pathway we were on. We all ran, then we stopped, all walked back and there was no sign of the old man!”

“I used to work in a big hotel which was very old and when the owners went on holiday during the closed season, I had to move in to deal with administration work and general enquiries. The kitchen and dining room were downstairs in a big basement. It’s strangely spooky when the hotel is empty. I was down there one night getting some food when I saw a pair of shadowy legs disappearing up the stairs- no body, just legs.”

“As a child, I didn’t know my brother had looped fishing wire around the stuff on my shelves holding mostly books and toys. He waited until I was asleep and pulled. I was petrified and screamed!”

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