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Monopoly Slot Properties Photographed in Real Life

News  •  10 months ago

Is there anyone in the whole wide world who hasn’t heard of Monopoly? Well, it’s one of our all time favs. It’s so darn popular that it’s known even by our friends the casumos in their parallel universe. In fact, they got so curious about it that they asked us to send them pics of all the posh places in London mentioned on the classic Monopoly board game. Because here at Casumo we’re not simply an online casino –we’re also an Interface between our…

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€4.6M on Mega Fortune Dreams–our biggest win yet

News, News, Winners  •  1 year ago
Mega Fortune Dreams

Here we go again! Just a few days ago, we were sooo excited to tell you about a player who bagged a 3.3 million euro jackpot in Mega Fortune. Today, we’re going completely bananas for the amazing news of the greatest jackpot win ever recorded in Casumo history – a whopping 4.6 million euro win in Mega Fortune Dreams. Yee-haaww! The record-smashing 30-year-old casumo managed to score the jaw-dropping 4.6 million euro jackpot in Mega Fortune Dreams with only a…

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