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£3.9M on Mega Fortune Dreams–our biggest win yet

News  •  11 months ago
mega fortune dreams

Here we go again! Just a few days ago, we were sooo excited to tell you about a player who bagged a £2.8 million jackpot in Mega Fortune. Today, we’re going completely bananas at the amazing news of the greatest jackpot win ever recorded in Casumo history – a whopping £3.9 million win in Mega Fortune Dreams. Yee-haaww!

The record-smashing 30-year-old casumo managed to score the jaw-dropping £3.9 million jackpot in Mega Fortune Dreams with only a £1 stake. And he did it within just two hours of registering at Casumo for the first time! How’s that for lucky, huh? He was spinning on his mobile just a few minutes before midnight when he became an instant millionaire.

Simply amazing! Our newest multi-million win is the 5th one on Casumo. These are truly wonderful times at Casumo. There’s no denying we’re on a winning streak; and we ain’t gonna lie, we’re lovin’ it.

Huge congrats to our biggest winner!