Casumo Sports is sports betting made simple

Voila! Proudly presenting Casumo Sports

Hello friend. We would like you to meet our fancy new Sportsbook: Casumo Sports. With its sleek and user friendly design, Casumo Sports makes sports betting fun and very simple. Whether it’s played on grass, mud or ice, we’ve got you covered.

Casumo Sports, a friend to every punter

Casumo Sports is easy to use, fast and reliable – and we promise the top-notch customer experience you’ve come to expect from us.
This is why we think you’ll love it:

  • If it’s a sports, then we probably have it. Browse through a vast selection of available sports.
  • Every action you perform in Casumo Sports is superquick and updates are immediately visible.
  • Choose your favourite sports. Hide the rest.
  • Casumo Sports offers also another way to progress in your Casumo adventure.
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals.

This is the Sports Betting product you were looking for.

What’s your favourite sport? Maybe you don’t have a favourite, maybe you have several, or maybe you just want to see every sport available. Whatever you’re looking for, Casumo Sports has it for you. Here are some nice unique features:

A Live Lobby

Casumo Sports is sports betting made simple

Betting is fun. Live betting is fantabulous. Be a part of the action with our fancy Live lobby – the place where everything happens in real time. To access the Live lobby, just press the `Live` icon and watch the icons of your favourite Sports turn red. This means that every market you now see is live. How cool is that? Spoiler: very cool.

Build Your Own Bet

Casumo Sports is sports betting made simple

Can’t decide what to bet on? Goals, fouls, corners or player specials? Why not try our very snazzy Bet Builder, where you can brew together your very own Acca on a single game – like some sort of odds wizard. To find the Bet Builder, simply select a market and click Bet Builder in the top right*

*The Bet Builder is currently only available on selected major events.

Customize your experience

Casumo Sports is sports betting made simple

Too many Sports? No worries. Choose your favourite, hide the rest. Casumo Sports lets you customise your sports betting experience so that you only see the Sports you are interested in. Simply make a selection of your favorite sports and leagues, and drop the rest. Add and remove whenever you want!

Ready to try Casumo Sports?

If you’re ready to give our brand new Sportsbook a try, simply sign up at for a free account. Once you log in, just click Sports in the main menu. Have fun!

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