Keystone Kops spills out £21,145.76 on a £1.50 spin to Russell from Surrey

Casumo player grabs £21,145.76 on a £1.50 spin in Keystone Kops on 31 May 2018

Who ever said commuting is boring? It sure wasn’t Russell who got a lucky break on his way to work while playing Keystone Kops. Our friend, who is from Surrey and works as a salesman, told us how he won a fantabulous £21,145.76 on a £1.50 spin whilst playing at Casumo casino.

The best commute of his life

Russell remembers listening to Radiohead through his earphones and playing Keystone Kops at the same time while on the train into London Victoria on an ordinary Thursday morning.

“It was the best commute of my life. When I saw my balance shoot up to £21,145.76 I jumped up in joy and scared the man in a suit sitting next to me.”
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Mega Fortune spills hefty prize

Casumo player from Gothenburg wins 38,395 euros on 26 May 2018

We can’t have enough of stories like this one. Our friend from Gothenburg was playing the good ‘ol Mega Fortune online game on Casumo casino when he managed to hit the major jackpot and make the big win with a €1 bet. When we spoke to him he sounded like one supah happy dude.

Hits the Major Jackpot on Mega Fortune

The lucky player, who chose to remain anonymous, told us that for a moment he didn’t want to believe what had happened.

“I thought it was thirty eight thousand SEK at first. But then I realised it was euro and it was difficult to hold back tears of joy.”

The winner, originally from Lebanon, told us he’s already got some plans lined up for the future. He wants to visit his motherland with his family. Our big-hearted friend has already sent money to his parents. Once in Lebanon, he intends to give food to the poor people who need it most.

“I want to take a big truck and fill it with meat and food and give it away to the people in need.”

About Mega Fortune

The popular Mega Fortune online jackpot game

Mega Fortune is a luxury-themed slot boasting the largest online pooled jackpot. To enter the Bonus Game and get a chance to play one of the 3 progressive jackpots you must get 3 or more Bonus Wheel symbols on a payline. That’s when you’ll see the Rapid, Major and Mega Jackpots, each one leading to a bigger prize. These jackpots can be won by stopping the spinning wheels of fortune on the Jackpot tab. You must progress to the third wheel for a chance to win the life-changing Mega Jackpot.

Here at Casumo we’ve had some fantabulous multi-million wins on Mega Fortune in the past. Like that day in January 2016 when a 31-year old human from Yorkshire got £2,065,627  or when David from Sweden grabbed a fantabulous €2,971,469.79 jackpot just 1 hour after signing up for a new Casumo account. Or that 30 March 2017 when a 28-year-old Swedish guy was playing Mega Fortune on a Thursday afternoon when he hit a colossal €3,317,639 jackpot with a €2.50 spin. Magicness!

Wait, what was that sound?

We wish our friend a safe voyage. Meanwhile, we heard another winner screaming with joy. Let us go check it out …

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Abracardabra new online casino game released at Casumo

Pentti from Tuusula wins 20,000 euros on 17 May 2018

Here at Casumo online casino we love magic, but hey, this was no magic trick. It really really, really happened. Our friend Pentti from Tuusula in Finland bet €2 in Abracardabra and won himself a hefty €20,000.

Pentti is retired and spends his days at home. On the morning of the win, he decided to login at Casumo and play for a while. Spotting Abracardabra under new games in our Game Browser, he decided to try it out . . .

A Big Win just 17 hrs and 26 min after Adracardabra was released

The new game brought Pentti loads of luck. He was dealt the winning hand on a €2 bet, claiming an amazing €20,000 win. We asked him what he intends to do with the sum, and he said he would go on as usual, but to celebrate he intends to head off to his summer house and relax for the rest of the week.

Since Casumo is the only online casino where he plays, we did ask him about his experience and why he enjoys playing with us, and this is what Pentti replied:

“What I like most about Casumo is the friendly customer service and extremely fast withdrawals. And also the fact that I’ve got so many different games to choose from!”

About Abracardabra

Abracardabra - a new casino game at Casumo

Abracardabra is a poker-style slot game where you are dealt a hand of five cards with fruit symbols on them. You can choose to hold one or more cards. When you continue playing, the held cards remain on screen and you are dealt new cards. 3, 4 or 5 of the same card bring you wins according to the bet you placed. With the Abracardabra Bonus feature, triggered by 3 or more Bonus symbols, you can win time and time again.

Back to adding more new games

We’re super happy for our Finnish friend and we hope he enjoyed his well deserved break. Here at Casumo we’re constantly adding new games like Abracardabra, every week, all year round because after all, when it comes to games, the more the merrier.

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Divine Fortune jackpot won by Dennis

Good times here at Casumo online casino! Just before the clock struck midnight on April 23rd 2018, our friend Dennis won a £65,826 jackpot with a £2 bet on Divine Fortune. Then he tried to turn into a pumpkin.

Last December, Dennis created an account with us for the first time and has enjoyed playing at Casumo ever since.

“I love playing at Casumo, simply because of the variety of games you have on the site. But if I had to pick my top three games I would choose Divine Fortune, Mega Fortune and Roulette.”

Winning the Divine Fortune jackpot

When he hit the jackpot, Dennis was at home with his family. After making a deposit, he decided to give Divine Fortune a go. With just £4 left on his balance, Dennis placed a £2 bet and Bam!, the £65,826 win flashed up.

“I hit the jackpot around midnight and then I just couldn’t sleep. I was too excited and too much in disbelief to be able to settle. I did try to catch some z’s but after a couple of hours of tossing and turning I just ran downstairs to get the laptop and check if the win was real and still there!”

Ticking off the bucket list

Dennis has already started crossing things off his bucket list. For starters, he gave generous cash gifts to each of his two children and intends to go car shopping.

With a holiday booked in Tenerife next week, Dennis and his wife will enjoy sunbathing on the beach thinking of other ways to enjoy their retirement together, including finishing off their home renovation.

Loads of sweet casino games

At Casumo we have over 1000 casino games to choose from, including slots, table games, live casino and jackpots. Come and find your favourite.

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