General Bonus Terms and Conditions

Hello! Welcome to Casumo’s user-friendly General Bonus and Promotion Terms and Conditions (“General Bonus and Promotion Terms”). First thing you need to know is that we’re a gambling provider and we provide you with gambling services and give you rewards that have different ways they work and restrictions and rules that are linked to them.

It’s important to us that you understand how our Bonuses and Promotions work before you accept them or enter into them. So we want you to read these Bonus and Promotion Terms and know what you are agreeing to.

We realise these kinds of things can be a bit daunting, which is why we’ve tried our very best to make these Bonus and Promotion Terms nice and easy to follow and a good way to explain everything. We have included headings to help you easily navigate and find what you’re looking for. And when some of our wording is particularly “legal”, we have tried to include an explanation in more “normal” language.

Happy reading.


4.1. Introduction

4.1.1 These general bonus and promotion terms and conditions (“General Bonus and Promotion Terms“) cover the various bonuses and promotions offered by us to you from time to time (“Offers“). These General Bonus and Promotion Terms apply to you – and are binding on you – when you use Bonuses and/or participate in Promotions.

4.1.2 Promotions and campaigns will also have specific terms and conditions applicable to them. We will make these clear to you within the relevant Promotions. Any Promotion-specific terms will form part of these General Bonus and Promotion Terms once accepted by you and so it’s very important that you read and understand both sets of terms.

4.1.3 These General Bonus and Promotion Terms must be read together with our general website Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy (“Other Terms”). Please make sure that you have read and understood the Other Terms and these General Bonus and Promotion Terms before taking part in any Offers. In the case of any discrepancy or differences between these General Promotion Terms and the Other Terms, these General Bonus and Promotion Terms will take priority.

4.1.4 Any Capitalised words in these General Bonus and Promotion Terms will have the meanings set out in the Terms & Conditions unless there are specific words defined in these terms. See below Section 2.

4.2. Important definitions and explanations for you to understand

4.2.1 “Adventure”- you can receive Valuables that take you to new levels when you play on our Website. You may be rewarded with a number of Bonuses including but not limited to free rounds or free cash while you play. You will be notified of any requirements or restrictions applicable if the reward is awarded.

4.2.2 “Bonus”- A bonus can mean rewards such as Free Spins, Bonus Spins, Free bets, Bonus Money, Golden Chips or cash. The type of Bonus and the size of it varies as do the requirements and restrictions attached to the Bonus. Should there be restrictions or requirements for the Bonus, these will be highlighted to you when you get the Bonus. A Bonus may be convertible to Real Money in your Account (and available for withdrawal), subject to you fulfilling a specific set of terms and conditions stipulated for that Bonus.

4.2.3 “Bonus Money”- this is the money that you have been rewarded or winnings from the Bonus that appears on your account. This money may have restrictions on it and cannot be withdrawn without meeting certain criteria

4.2.4 “Bonus Spins”- are spins that you will be rewarded after you have made a deposit or wagered a certain stipulated amount that we will tell you beforehand. Winnings on Bonus Spins are converted to Bonus Money and are usually subject to a Wagering Requirement of 30 times. Bonus Money will convert automatically to Real Money once the Wagering Requirement is completed. Bonus Spins must be activated through the account, when you are logged in. Once these are activated, the Bonus Spins are set off and the particular game will start automatically.

4.2.5 “Bonus Turnover”- If you have Bonus Money in your account this Bonus Money will pay proportionately to your Real Money. So, for example: If you have £10 in Bonus Money and £10 in Real Money and bet £2, £1 will be Bonus Money and £1 Real Money. Winnings are distributed proportionally in the same way. If you get several bonuses at the same time, the Bonus Money and the Wagering Requirements are bundled.

4.2.6 “Free Bets” and “Locked Free Bets” – When placing a Free Bet on a certain outcome, if it’s a winner you will be keeping the profits only. The original Free Bet amount will be deducted from the payout. Please note that we might be requiring some criteria to be met for the usage of the Free Bet. Some of these offers might have specific terms and conditions associated, so make sure to always read them.

Locked free bets (sometimes known as qualifying bets) are valuables that need certain criteria or requirements to be met before the Free Bet is made available to be used. Some of these locked free bets might have specific terms and conditions associated, so make sure to always read them.

4.2.7 “Free Spins”- are spins rewarded to you for a specific game without minimum deposit requirement. These spins have Wagering Requirements of 30x. Bonus Money will convert automatically to Real Money once the Wagering Requirement is completed. This means that all winnings made on these spins are converted to Bonus Money which will need to be wagered 30x. Free spins must be activated through the account, when you are logged in. Once these are activated, the Free Spins are set off and the particular game will start automatically.

4.2.8 “Golden chips” – Golden Chips are betting chips with a predetermined value that you can earn through promotions. You can then use these chips to place bets in Casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, or roulette.
Any winnings made with Golden Chips will be added to your cash balance, unless otherwise mentioned in the terms and conditions of your Golden Chip bonus offer. Golden chips may be subject to wagering requirements and may have expiry dates.

4.2.9 “Game Weighting”- There are a number of games that count differently toward the Wagering Requirement for example: slots count 100% but Video Poker counts 30%. Please see below Section 9 for the full list of the Game Weighting.

4.2.10 “Promotion”- is a campaign or offer that has specific terms and conditions for entry and prizes/winnings.

4.2.11 “Real Money”- is the money that you have deposited or winnings from the money you have deposited. This Real Money is unrestricted and can be withdrawn at any time. However, during Promotions or with Bonuses, you may be required to wager the Bonus or winnings from Bonus spins before you are able to withdraw the full amount. This means that if you withdraw your Real Money before the Wagering Requirements have been met, you will forfeit your Bonus and any winnings from this Bonus.

4.2.12 “Valuable”- You can level up with a chance to earn rewards. Rewards are given out in the form of “valuables”. You will see these Valuables in your account. These may contain rewards such as Bonus Spins, deposit bonuses or Bonus Money. The Valuable will show you the Bonus awarded, the period in which this is valid, if there are specific games this must be played on and any Wagering Requirements.

4.2.13 “Wagering Requirement”- You may be required to wager the Bonus Money or wager winnings from spins a certain number of times before the Bonus Money and winnings can be withdrawn. Unless you complete the Wagering Requirements, you will be unable to withdraw your Bonus Money or the winnings from the Bonus Money. You can make a withdrawal of your Real Money before you have fulfilled the Wagering Requirement as this money is unrestricted, but then you will lose your Bonus Money. On the withdrawal page, you will see if you have Bonus money left to wager and informed that they will be forfeited if you choose to make a withdrawal. We let you know how much of your balance is Bonus Money and how much you have left to wager before you can withdraw this. You can wager in as many increments of the required wagering amount as you want to. For example, for a £10 Wagering Requirement you can wager £5 twice to receive the Bonus. Please remember to check the Game Weighting in section 9 below for further restrictions. Only Real Money wagering contributes towards the fulfillment of the Wagering Requirement.

4.3. Other Important Terms

3.1 Casumo reserves the right to withdraw the Offer at any time without prior notice by removing the Offer from the Website so it is no longer available. This will not affect customers who have already opted in to the Offer, made a deposit where applicable, or have already started wagering through the Offer.

4.4. Bonuses & Rewards Scheme Conditions

4.4.1 You understand that Offers may be subject to certain conditions. These significant terms will be included in the main advert or marketing of this where size permits. The full terms and conditions of the Offers are contained in the specific terms and conditions for the relevant Offer and you need to read the full Offer terms and conditions before taking part or accepting an Offer.

4.4.2 Bonuses, offers and promotions are intended for recreational players engaging in regular play. reserves the right to (i) offer bonuses to selected players (ii) refuse a bonus or (iii) rescind any bonus at any time in its absolute discretion.

4.4.3 Opting into a promotion does not guarantee participation in the promotion. Participation is at the exclusive discretion of Casumo.

4.5. How to activate a Bonus

4.5.1. To activate Your Bonus – go to Your Valuables (select Your name on the main menu, and then ‘Valuables’ at the top of the page), then choose the Bonus. The Significant Bonus T&Cs such as Wagering Requirements will appear on the Valuables if You hover over it.

4.5.2. Deposit Valuables are available on your next deposit only. If you don’t select the Valuables, you’ll forfeit the opportunity to use it later, and it will be automatically removed from your account once the deposit has been accepted.

4.6. Bonus and Promotion Abuse

4.6.1 If Casumo has reason to believe that the Offer is being abused and/or our terms are being breached, the following actions will be taken against such abusers:

  • Revoke and/or cancel any Bonuses and Bonus winnings that we regard to have been redeemed by misuse of the system or participation in or connected to any form of bonus abuse/prohibited practices; and/or
  • Players found to be abusing Bonus offers could be barred from receiving further Bonuses; and/or account termination

4.6.2 A list of what may be deemed abuse or prohibited practices include but is not limited to:

  • Using more than one Account or using third-party Account(s)
  • Evidence that an offer is being claimed or benefits the same person or group of persons, acting in an attempt to defraud us, is considered bonus abuse and any potential winnings generated from that offer will be cancelled/confiscated
  • Equal, zero or low margin bets
  • Placing single bets equal to or in excess of 20% or more of the value of the Bonus credited to their account until such a time as the wagering requirements have been met.
  • Wagering bonuses on excluded games
  • Co-operation, collusion or organisation of bets from the same source;
  • Manipulation of software, exploitation of loopholes or other technical forms of abuse or other behaviour which amounts to deliberate cheating
  • Masking IP address or using a VPN
  • Employees of Casumo and any associated company, their families and anyone connected with Casumo and the scheme, or those ineligible to enter under other clauses in these terms, may not participate in the promotion.
  • The player is withdrawing all the funds that allowed him to qualify for a promotion and only plays the bonus funds /free spins / free bet.
  • Failure to complete or follow wagering requirements
  • Any activity intended to “store” the customers qualifying initial cash deposit (or part thereof) in a game for an extended period of time to allow any bonus offer or bonus spins to be wagered in full before returning to collect the initial cash deposit once bonus wagering has been completed. This includes placing no wager or a minimal risk wager in order to “store” the cash funds.

4.6.3 Without prejudice to section 12.8 of the Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to carry out additional verification checks to ensure compliance with our Agreement. Should such checks reveal a breach of Agreement, we may exercise our right to confiscate the Bonus and/or winnings from the Bonus and/or block accounts.

4.6.4 Unless otherwise stated (such as within a Welcome Offer), the maximum bet allowed when using Bonus Money is five (£5) per spin or fifty cents (£0.50) per bet line, or the approximate equivalent thereof in the currency of the territory in which You are resident, and this is applicable until such time as the Wagering Requirements have been met. We reserve the right of voiding bets and winnings resulting from bets of larger amounts.

4.7. Account restrictions

4.7.1 An Offer is limited to one offer per person (one offer per household address, IP, email address, telephone number, payment method). Players using a shared computer can only have one account per computer or IP address. In case of accounts found to be sharing the details previously mentioned, Casumo reserves the right to confiscate the funds on the accounts and/or block the accounts. The original deposit made by you if applicable will not be confiscated and only the Bonus and/or winnings from the Bonus will be confiscated.

4.7.2 Employees, officers and directors of Casumo, its corporate group or any of its associated companies shall not be eligible for Offers.

4.7.3 If you are or you become self-excluded from Casumo during the Offer, you will not be eligible to participate in the Offer or receive any Bonuses or prizes during the time you have self-excluded.

4.7.4 We reserve the right to limit your access to certain promotions or offers and/or prevent you from completing a promotion in order to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations.

4.8. Expiry

Offers have specific expiry times attached to them. Each Offer will outline the time this is available on the Valuable.

4.9. Game Weighting and Contribution to Wagering Requirements

4.9.1 We reserve the right to manage how bonuses are used before you may cash them in, therefore not all bets will count towards the wagering requirements for your bonus. Most games contribute towards the wagering requirements, but not all. *Slots with a Return To Player (RTP) of 96.8% or higher contribute 30% towards the wagering The use of bonus funds to progress the state of a game with bonus funds in games such as, but not limited to; Bronco Spirit, Golden Beauty, Solar Queen, Crystal Cavern, Serengeti Kings, Castle Builder, Devil’s Delight, to a point where the future spins have an increased chance of winning, increased chance of larger payout, or increased chance of playing a bonus round, and then later return with real money funds to release pending value is considered as abusive play and can result in the winnings from the final bonus round(s) voided. Abusing player Accounts may be terminated. Here is how much each game contributes to the wagering requirements:

Slots: (unless stated otherwise, as specified in the list above*)100%
Video Poker

Poker games (RNG)



Roulette (RNG)0%
Baccarat (RNG)0%
Blackjack (RNG)0%
All wheel game variants (RNG)0%
All other games

Live Casino Games


0% Some games are excluded from being played with Bonus Money. You will be notified of this upon entering the game. Bets in these games will only be taken from your cash balance. Your bonus balance will not be used and thus bets will not contribute towards your Wagering Requirement. Sports are excluded from bonus wagering on casino bonus.

4.9.2 Sports No bets placed on any odds will contribute towards Bonus Wagering Requirements. Bets placed on odds lower than 1.6 (decimal odds) or 3/5 (fractional odds) will not contribute towards bonus wagering requirements, regardless if your bet is a single, multiple or a system bet. Should your bet be cashed out, void, push or a non-runner it won’t contribute towards the wagering requirements. Free Bets also don’t contribute towards Wagering Requirements. A bet will only contribute to the Wagering Requirement once settled.

4.10. Amendments and Errors

4.10.1 We may reclaim any Bonus that has been awarded in error in accordance with our Other Terms.

4.10.2 We may make amendments to an Offer to correct typographical errors or to improve understanding and we reserve the right to amend or terminate an Offer if required to do so for legal and/or regulatory reasons.

4.11. Licence

This promotion is provided by Recro Limited, licensed and regulated for customers residing in the United Kingdom by the UK Gambling Commission (hereinafter referred to as “UKGC”) under remote gaming licence number 061549-R-336718-001.

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