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Basketball Betting with Casumo

From the point of view of the masses, basketball is one of the simplest and cheapest-to-organize sports out there and does not require an elaborate setting to be played. All you need is a ball and a hoop, and you’re in business. Its simplicity is pretty similar to that of football in some ways.

Even in organized setups, the only thing extra you’d need is a small basketball court made of concrete, which does not require much upkeep as opposed to a cricket ground or football pitch.

In short, basketball has all the makings of a sport ideal for the Indian hood. Despite that, it does not get played at a large scale. Currently, the country does not even have a professional basketball league.

The sport does have its following from a viewership point of view, though. And with that, it also means that hooping is a hot sport from a gambling perspective. It is why Casumo, as one of the leading sportsbooks in the region, serves a whole variety of basketball leagues and the markets that come along. 

To better understand the landscape of basketball betting options available at Casumo, let’s first go through a brief overview of what major competitions exist in the sport and their significance and statures.



In basketball, National Basketball Association, more commonly called the NBA, is a US-based competition that is the pinnacle of the sport. Anyone who holds the pumpkin-style ball in their hands has to harbour dreams of playing in the NBA one day. The cream of world’s basketball talent, most of which is produced in the US itself, ply their trade in the NBA.

The NBA has 30 franchises, all representing different American cities scattered all over the country, with the one exception being Canada’s Toronto Raptors.

A general rule is that franchises based in big cities are perennial contenders for the NBA title as they generate the most revenue and can spend the most and also offer the lifestyle that big stars crave. Thus, the Lakers of Los Angeles and the Celtics of Boston have 17 championships. No one else comes close. 

Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule. The New York Knicks have a massive following but all they have ever won are two titles, whereas San Antonio Spurs are not as glamorous but they have six chips, thanks to good coaching and a winning legacy.

One way to determine which franchise will have a better chance of winning is to gauge the number of superstar talent. Traditionally, the team with better and more superstars trumps the team that is a better overall team eight times out of 10. So keep that tip in mind when making your picks.


Steadily growing into prominence is the EuroLeague, which has existed since 1958 but under different names. As its name suggests, this competition is based in Europe and serves as the highest level in continental basketball.

EuroLeague, unlike the NBA, isn’t closed circuit. In fact, its participants keep on changing every year as the winners of various domestic leagues are granted entry. Some licensed clubs are kept as permanent members though.

As is the case in football, basketball’s continental competition is also dominated by Spain’s Real Madrid. Russia’s CSKA Moscow also contend almost every year. The pair are practically the Lakers and Celtics of Europe, and need to be kept an eye on every season.

FIBA Basketball World Cup (Mundobasket)

As its name suggest, this is the World Cup of basketball organized and staged by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). If you know the principles upon which the FIFA football world cup or any other world cups operate, getting to know the FIBA World Cup of basketball will be no different.

What we need to keep in mind is that the US almost has a first refusal on World Cups, until of course they play their third or fourth-string sides, which is what happened in 2019 and they crashed out in the quarter-finals against France. However, when they play full strength, everyone else competes for the runners-up spot. 


EuroBasket is also a country-level tournament but only featuring teams from Europe. It is staged by by FIBA Europe and has 24 participating teams. The most successful team in the competition is the USSR, or Russia, although most of their victories came decades ago and in recent years Spain has had more success, winning three of the last five EuroBasket tourneys. The defending champion, though, are Slovenia, who rode the skills of their guards Goran Dragic and Luka Doncic to victory in 2017.

Basketball in India

Indian basketball scene has made some noise over the years, with some of its players such as Satnam Singh Bhamara and Palpreet Singh making it to the peripheries of the NBA. 

The country has also hosted some pre-season NBA games but a professional basketball league remains elusive. A few years ago, a pro league did exist but it folded quickly after only a few seasons.

There have been a few murmurs of late but to expect someone to bankroll a basketball league in a country such as India during a pandemic is a little too hopeful.

That said, the Indian national team does play internationally and when they do, their betting odds are made available on Casumo.

Quick guide for betting on basketball in Casumo

Betting on basketball with Casumo is as simple as abc and takes less than a minute.. Simply click on our sign up link, add your email address, set your login details, confirm them and boom: you have now not only become our client but are also eligible for our welcome bonus offer.

Once you have logged in to you account, select sportsbook and then basketball to find our entire array of markets.

Now let’s take a look at the different betting options that Casumo has for its basketball enthusiasts. 

The most basic bet is the moneyline, where the players get to pick between two teams. It’s a straight up contest between two teams, and if the team picked by the player wins, he wins, and vice versa.

Another famous bet is the Over and Under, where the gamblers predict if the total number of points in the entire game, quarter or half will exceed or be less than a certain number.

Then, the handicap bets are used to reduce the wide difference in odds between a favourite and its underdog, with plus/minus points used as differentials.

Moreover, for those not interested in betting on individual matchups, there is the option of betting on entire events, picking who will win it all. These are called outright bets.

About Casumo

Casumo may be a new and exciting brand for the basketball world but it already is an established entity for the football fraternity. As the principal sponsors of Championship club Reading FC, the Casumo logo can be seen on the Royals’ shirts.

Casumo’s partnership with an established football brand is the culmination of a journey that began in 2012 from Swieqi, Malta. 

In less than 10 years, Casumo has grown by leaps and bounds and today, we cater gambling enthusiasts from multiple continents, thanks to the power and popularity of our online casino and sportsbook. is frequented daily by thousands of folks wishing for their luck on video slots, jackpot games, live casino, table games and sports betting.

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