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Betting on UEFA Conference League with Casumo

The mechanism of competition in modern European football is such that it’s the big and the powerful who hog the headlines and are perennial contenders for glory. Each year, you will find the Real Madrids, the Bayern Munichs and Chelseas of the continent fighting for the best kind of titles, consigning the clubs below them to the status of ‘also-rans’, and sometimes not even that.

To remedy this, a second-tier competition was established, which now goes by the name of Europa League. But even that competition has now become the hunting ground of familiar names such as Sevilla and Champions League dropouts. 

And to remedy this, UEFA — the game’s governing body in Europe — has now created another competition named Conference League, which is supposed to act as a third-tier continental competition inundated by teams too weak to hang with the big boys.

The UEFA Conference League may not be as glamorous as the two leagues above it but it is football, nonetheless, which is why Casumo will be carrying a full range of markets on it. 

We also feel the responsibility of telling our loyal readership everything they need to know about this competition so they can make informed decisions when it’s time to bet.


How did UEFA Conference League come into being?

The idea of a third-tiered competition was first floated circa 2015. The reason is the same as explained above. The top two competitions were dominated by giant, even monstrous, clubs, leaving the puppy dogs such as Qarabag FK, Dinamo Tbilisi and Partizan Belgrade no chance at all of making any sort of mark. The competition was being one-sided, with there being a massive gap between the richest and poorest clubs.

To make sure that big fanbases of little clubs also remain interested in continental events, UEFA rubber-stamped the Conference League. It took six years from the idea’s conception to it actually coming into being, but it is here now.

What is the working mechanism of Conference League?

With the 32-team Conference League coming into existence, UEFA cut short its Europa League, leaving all three of its competitions with identical 32 teams. It lends some uniformity to the competition but there is one difference too. Unlike Europa and Champions League, the Conference League does not have direct entrants into its group stages.

Clubs falling from Europa League qualifiers or those that survive Conference League qualifiers get to play the group stages. 

You can ask that on what basis entries into qualifiers is given. For that, the UEFA has the same coefficient mechanism in place, which distributes Conference League qualifiers spots to European leagues. Again, the designated spots can only take you so far. Each team still has to make it past the qualifying round to secure their place in the group stage.

In the end, whoever wins the tournament gets rewarded a place in the Europa League next season, which is still only secondary rewards considering the primary being the glory of winning the competition itself.


Betting on Conference League with Casumo

As you may have guessed by now, the Conference League could be a bit lacking in the glamour and quality department when compared with its sister leagues above it. That said, the league will be inundated with teams of comparable, if not equal, size and quality, which means intense competition and opportunities to make money.

Casumo, as always, will carry a full range of betting markets on Conference League throughout its inaugural campaign. 

Once the group stage line-up has taken shape, you will not only be able to bet on individual matchups but outright bets.

It would defeat the purpose and we hate to say it but clubs demoted from the top two continental competitions will, of course, have the best chance of winning the Conference League. That said, top clubs stumbling into Conference may not take the competition that seriously, as winning the tournament would do little to pacify/satisfy their fans. A recent example of this was Tottenham, who despite being arguably the biggest side in the qualifiers, lost 1-0 to Pacos Ferreira of Portugal, although there is a second leg to atone for their mistakes.

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