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Payment Methods

Casumo, being a well-established brand since 2012, has built a trustworthy reputation in India. The games available on this website are all RNG (Random Number Generator) tested and have been eCOGRA certified. This means they are reliable and legitimate. Not only that, but the platform also has SSL encryption so that your money is safe, and so is your personal information. This is why Casumo is secure. Casumo India has been licensed under MGA (Malta Gaming Authority). Along with that, it also holds licenses from other areas like Denmark, Sweden, and the UK. 

There has been a general confusion about which payment methods could be the best. The true answer would be that there's not just one payment method that can be pointed out as the best. Different factors collaborate to give different experiences to users. However, what we can do is narrow down to the specific payment methods that give a pretty wholesome experience. Do you still feel lost? Well, here's a detailed review to help you understand what we mean.

How Do Payment Methods Work in general

In general, payments are the defining factor of any online casino website. They can either make or break the reputation. The way these transactions are carried matters a lot. The speed with which deposits and withdrawals are processed and how safe carrying such transactions in an online casino can be are all crucial factors. 

Withdrawals in general and in Casumo

Withdrawal processes are simple and can be done using multiple ways. In some online casinos, it might take more time to process it, whereas some are quick. 

Casumo withdrawals are completely free of charge. Just remember that you need to use the same withdrawal payment method that you used at the time of making a deposit. The minute you apply for withdrawal, the website acknowledges it. E-wallet withdrawals are almost instant, whereas net banking can take up to 5 working days. 

Deposits in General and in Casumo

Deposit payments are also quite convenient in general. The deposit is required so that you can wager in games and also affects the amount you can win.

Casumo deposit methods allow you to instantly refill your Casumo balance, which you can use to play games. All methods function without any delay. Casumo has an impressive number of payment methods which we shall discuss soon.


If you are a new player and haven't made a deposit yet, you will be asked to verify your account before running a transaction. Documents such as valid ID proof and address proof are needed, along with bank account numbers and bank drafts. Much of the insight is given by customer support and is called KYC (Know Your Customers). Our payments department handles the data of our customers well.

Security and Trust importance and why Casumo is trustworthy

Security and trust are important from both the user's and the website's side. Here are 3 major reasons why Casumo is trustworthy:

  1. The 128-bit SSL encryption keeps your data safe.
  2. Our license in Malta and the UK maintain a safe and secure gambling environment.
  3. Our PCI DSS compliant payment methods so that your financial details remain confidential and safe.

Minimum deposit in Casumo India

The minimum deposit is a set smallest limit to deposit in a casino. The minimum deposit for Casumo India casino is Rs.200 and You can deposit any amount above it.

Minimum and maximum withdrawals

Minimum and maximum withdrawals define a set limit within which you can withdraw your money. In Casumo India, the minimum withdrawal amount is 500 INR, and the maximum withdrawal amount is 2,00,000 INR with Bank Transfer, Skrill has max wd Rs.7,50,000 INR and Neteller Rs.15,00.000 INR

Different types of payment methods

If you are interested in playing online casinos, you must know the payment methods. Sometimes, they are a bit complicated, but Casumo keeps it simple and hassle-free. The good part is that you get your withdrawals as fast as you spend on your deposits. Plus, they have a large selection of payment methods. Various payment methods found on online casinos in India have been discussed below.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are amazing for those players who can wager huge sums of money. This is a very compatible method if you want to spend beyond what e-wallets allow.

Net Banking

Most beginners use net banking as a payment method because net banking is extremely safe and secure. Plus, it's convenient to use.

Credit cards

Every online casino gives the option to pay through credit cards because of how common this method is. You can also find Visa cards and MasterCard payment options.


E-wallets have lately gained a lot of hype in the industry. This is because they are not only safe but also faster in processing transactions. E-wallets often allow instant payments.

Mobile payments - Transactions with payment apps

Mobile payments are quite convenient in the sense that you don't require to go through the hassle of paying a bank fee which most casino websites add. It is efficient, quick, and safe.

Casumo Welcome Bonus India

The welcome bonus is a temptation for many players on Casumo, which speaks a lot about how well they market it. When you sign up for the first time, you are instantly greeted by Casumo's welcome bonus. You can choose either the sportsbook bonus or the casino bonus. You cannot go with both. 

At this point, you might need some help in deciding which bonus you should take. Look into the highlights of each before you make a hasty decision. Choose the one that excites you more.


Your welcome bonus will have 2000 INR bonus which you can get after depositing $1000 INR. This is exclusively in the case of Casumo casino. Along with this, you can also check out their loyalty program, which shows why Casumo does not try to lure customers in with big digits. That's because, unlike most websites, it does not want to make flashy promises and not stand up to them. It wants to offer honest promotions to the players.


You can place your bets while having an active bonus. That means the bonus money you will be using to real money will have a ratio of 2:1. For instance, if you have deposited an amount of 1000 INR real money, and there are 2000 INR in your active bonus, then you get to bet an amount worth 600 INR. Out of these, 400 INR will be the bonus fund, and 200 INR will be the real money fund. The same would be applied for the amount you win from the welcome bonus.

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What Payment methods does Casumo India offers

Net Banking


If you are not an expert in handling technology and are skeptical about the different payment methods, net banking is your best option as it will keep your mind at ease in terms of safety and security.

NETBanking India


Visa cards are definitely worth adding to this list because they are globally accepted. You can use your Visa card to play Casumo games no matter where you are located.



Skrill is another trustworthy e-wallet that has been widely used as a payment method on Casumo. The processing is simpler and faster than other payment methods and does not require any waiting at all.

1920px-Skrill logo.svg



Neteller is far more accepted in Western nations than in Asian countries. Nevertheless, Casumo loves providing choices to users from all over the globe. Anyone who prefers Neteller can definitely make use of it.

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This state-of-the-art payment method has been gaining more attention from Casumo users as it's fast and hassle-free at once. You should definitely try it.

EcoBanq India


Astropay is another convenient e-wallet option that you can use in case you don't want to use Skrill or Neteller. Like other e-wallets, Astropay, too, is a fast and reliable payment method.



Our list of best payment methods has been made in accordance with what our users prefer and how those payment methods can assist them by giving a fast and fun experience. Nobody wants to wait for their money, and most of the payment methods listed take a guaranteed note of that. 

Deposit now and enjoy our world of online casino games along with a wide range of promotions.