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Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher live money wheel is a live game, with a real dealer, a real wheel, developed and produced by Evolution Gaming. You can join this game any hour of the day, any day of the week. Dream Catcher is broadcast live from a state-of-the-art multi-camera studio, with a precision-engineered bespoke wheel to dish out the results.

Dream Catcher money wheel: tips

The Dream Catcher money wheel is divided into 54 equally-sized segments, marked with different numbers (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40). Also on the wheel is a silver segment representing a 2x multiplier, and a gold segment representing a 7x multiplier. Before each spin of the wheel, you’ll bet on the number that you think the pointer will land on. The payout values for each segment correspond with their numbers, i.e. the 10 pays 10 to 1, the 20 pays 20 to 1, etc.

Dream Catcher money wheel segments

The frequency of each number on the Dream Catcher money wheel differs. You’ll see 23 segments for the number 1, 15 segments for the number 2, seven segments for the number 5, four segments for the number 10, two segments for the number 20, and only one segment on the wheel for the number 40. The x2 and x7 multipliers each appear only once on the wheel. Each number also has a specific color associated with it – 1 is yellow, 2 is blue, 5 is purple, 10 is green, 20 is orange, and 40 is red.

Dream Catcher money wheel gameplay

Dream Catcher money wheel has a very wide betting range. You can bet a minimum of 0.10 and an maximum of 2,500. You’ll place chips on the numbers you wish to bet on, and you’re able to bet on multiple segments in one spin. Dream Catcher is live 24/7, so you can join any time and place your bet to get in on the next spin. You can choose to Autoplay, so that your selected bet will remain locked in for a chosen number of spins without having to reset it before each spin.

Dream Catcher money wheel game multipliers

Dream Catcher live wheel is unlike other money wheels in that it also features two special multiplier segments. If the wheel lands on either the x2 or x7 multiplier, then all bets will remain in place. No new bets will be able to be placed for the next spin that follows the multiplier landing. The odds on the next winning number will have the multiplier applied. For instance, if the wheel stops on 2x, and then stops on a 5 segment, the payout (5 to 1) will then become 10 to 1.

If a multiplier lands multiple times in a row, all bets will again stay in place, and the multiplied payout from the last spin will be multiplied again. For example, if the wheel first stops on 2x, then stops on 7x, and then stops on 5, the outcome is:

(5 to 1) x 2 x 7 = (10x1) x 7 = 70 to 1.

Consecutive multipliers can continue until reaching a default maximum win of 500,000.

Does Dream Catcher money wheel game have a jackpot?

Dream Catcher money wheel does not have a progressive jackpot.

Dream Catcher money wheel payouts and wagering limits

As mentioned, the betting range for Dream Catcher money wheel is large, from 0.10 to 2,500. The RTP of this game is 96.58% based on a maximum win of 500,000.

Playing Dream Catcher money wheel on mobile

Dream Catcher live money wheel has been optimized to be enjoyed on any device. It was developed in HTML5, with specific UIs built for each device to adapt to their individual capabilities. You can play in both portrait and landscape, with the quality remaining pristine either way. There are even different views to cater to different bandwidth levels. Classic View is recommended for players with low bandwidth, otherwise, you can enjoy a high definition display on any device.

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