History first
St. Patrick’s Day is a yearly celebration held on March 17th (the day St. Patrick died, a LONG time ago in c. AD 385–461), in remembrance of one of Ireland’s most important patron saints, St. Patrick. It’s celebrated in more countries than any other national festival! Celebrations usually include public parades and festivals, lots of green and shamrocks, of course.

There are many ancient stories and legends surrounding St. Patrick’s Day – who doesn’t know that leprechaun dressed in green, trying to keep people away from his gold – but a story less commonly known, is that we owe St. Patrick’s Day to… pirates! Rumour has it that when Patrick was 15, Irish pirates raided his home, captured him and brought him with them back to Ireland. Thanks pirates!

Something else to be thankful for is that St. Patrick supposedly banished all snakes from Ireland, single handedly. From the top of a hill he managed to chase them all into the sea when they tried to attack him.

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It’s Pancake Day! Casumo selected some delicious slots.

Warm up your bellies on Pancake Day 2020

Let us start by saying that today is a good day. Because today is Pancake Day or Pancake Tuesday. And who doesn’t like pancakes, right?! Whether warm or cold, sweet or savory, thick or thin, pancakes are yum. So for today, we thought it would be fun to suggest a couple of delicious fruity-themed slots, because here at Casumo, pancakes + fruit is our jam.

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Most read 2019 Casumo blog posts

Catch up on Casumo’s most read 2019 blog posts per country

Here at Casumo, we love writing. And luckily for us, you like to read! We ran a little 2019 performance analysis and put together a Top 3 of the most read 2019 blog posts per country. You gotta love a good roundup. Just in case you missed them, here’s what they’re all about!

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The ultimate 2019 Top 9 Slot Releases available at Casumo

Adios 2019, heeeello 2020!

Now that firecrackers have cracked, the clock has struck midnight on December 31st and the resolutions have been said out loud, we’d like to take the opportunity to wish you a New Year filled with joy and happiness. But before we can fully embrace 2020, we feel like we need to highlight some of the 2019 games. It’s no surprise hat last year has seen some really incredible slot releases pass the review. We feel like they deserve a moment in the spotlight, just so that they won’t be forgotten in 2020.

You can find our Top 9 slot releases from 2019 below!

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