Video Game Day turns Video Slot Games Day on July 8th, at Casumo casino

18+ | This selection of video slot games are based on or inspired by the original video games released between 1991 – 2000.

8th of July 2020 – Video Slot Games Day at Casumo

At Casumo we have a selection of 2000+ casino games to choose from, including jackpots, table games and live casino, but today is all about our amazing selection of video slots! Since the 8th of July celebrates Video Game Day, we figured, why not tweak it to Video Slot Games Day at Casumo! So in light of today, we put together a slot selection that is based on or inspired by the same named original video games – all internationally renown and appraised. Read on to find out which video slot games made it into our selection!

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World UFO Day 2020

2nd of July – Casumo celebrates World UFO Day 2020

Swooosshhhh! Is it an airplane, is it a bird, a shooting star or… In celebration of World UFO Day 2020, we’d like to leave that question unanswered. Instead, we’re going to have a look at some of the best otherworldly games we have available at Casumo. Read on to find out which games made it into our extraterrestrial selection!

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Style Guru Casumo present the ultimate Summer 2020 Style Guide

Casumo, from casino to Style Guru

What is up? Almost summer, that’s what’s up! And we were wondering, is your wardrobe ready for this, are you “on trend”? Because based on our ‘game-browser-trend-spotting’ reports, things are moving fast and you wouldn’t want to be “so 2019” now, would you? Didn’t think so! Which is why we decided to put on our (very fashionable, of course) Style Guru hat and make a list of what we believe to be this summer’s hottest trends based on some of our most popular slots. Those game characters are on point, we can tell you that much.

Check out the hippest and hottest summer 2020 trends below!

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Vikings slots celebrate men during Men’s Health Week at Casumo

Vikings slots – Men’s Health Week at Casumo

On 15-21 June 2020 the world celebrates International Men’s Health Week and so do we! The purpose of Men’s Health Week is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men – an amazing initiative. And speaking of strong men, how about them Vikings hey?! To celebrate men all around the world, we put together a selection of vikings slots available at Casumo casino. Check ‘em out!

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Roses flower in June, also at Casumo. Here’s a rosey game selection

The roses flower in June, also at Casumo

It’s all roses at Casumo! June is National Rose Month, so we figured it would only make sense to put together a rose-inspired slot selection. Six of them to be exact. Some are in there simply because of the title, others because of their symbols and one in particular just because they rock. Read on to find out which games made it into our June selection!

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