Top 7 of the best slot-themed Halloween 2019 costumes suggested by Casumo

Fancy dress game ON

Since Halloween is rapidly approaching, it’s time to get your fancy dress game on. We’ve decided to lend you a hand (the fake bloody, rubbery kind) and put together a Top 7 of fancy dress costumes based on the main characters of some of our deadliest video slots. If you haven’t decided on your costume just yet, have a look at our suggestions below for inspiration!

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The creepiest Halloween games available at Casumo

Trick or treat? That’s the question.

Ghostly greetings! The spookiest holiday of the year is about to be at our doorstep and everyone’s entitled to one good scare so you might as well be ready for it! Put your favourite Halloween costume on and celebrate with a frightening game experience – and possibly some monstrous wins too, who knows…. So up your pumpkin carving skills, get your witch charming game on and decide on your creepy slot of choice. We’ve listed our personal favourites below!

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Celebrate the start of the Year of the Pig the Casumo way

When a pig is late to the party

People say all sorts of things. For example, that those born under the sign of the pig have a beautiful personality and are blessed with good fortune in life. We won’t confirm or deny. What we can do, is give you a little more insight into this ancient Chinese tradition. And suggest a couple of sizzlin’ piggy-themed slots to sweeten the deal.

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Here at Casumo we’re curious about everything. Like for example, how much properties on the Monopoly board game cost according to today’s market value. This time, we wanted to know how FIFA eSports earnings compare to the salaries of traditional professional footballers. Are you curious?

A glance at the eSports industry

In recent years, the eSports industry has seen incredible growth, from $325 million in 2015 to $696 million for 2017, and is estimated to be worth $1.5 billion by 2020. Competitive video gaming has become a career choice for quite a number of players who take their eSports seriously. Although millions of people play eSports, only the very top are rewarded for their efforts, and reaching that level is not a walk in the park.

Tournament prizes for eSports are also increasing with the FIFA Interactive World Cup paying out $200,000 to last year’s winner Spencer Ealing, up from the $20,000 awarded to the 2016 winner. That’s $180,000 more!

This is why we thought it would be cool to compare the amount earned by gamers playing from the sofa to what players on the pitch get. We did this by analysing the top FIFA eSports players’ prize earnings to professional footballers salaries.

Let’s compare

  • The Top 10 FIFA eSports players earned on average £55,911 from total tournament prizes in 2017.
  • Top FIFA eSports players earned more than 25% of all professional footballers playing in the English League System (this includes Premier League, Championship, League 1 and League 2)
  • Prize earnings for the top FIFA eSports players have increased by almost 850% since 2015, from $8,316 to $78,905 in 2017.
  • If prize earnings continue to increase at the same rate the top FIFA eSports players earnings could reach $670,692 (£469,008) by 2020. This would putFIFA eSports players earnings above the salary of players in the Championship and above 75% of all professional players in the English League system.

Average Footballer Salary by League & Top 10 FIFA Gamers Average Tournament Prize

LeagueAverage Salary
Premier League£2,642,508
League 1£81,432
Top 10 FIFA Gamers£55,911*
League 2£47,372
*figure converted to GBP from 78,905 US Dollars, correct as of Wednesday 24th January 2018.


Top 10 FIFA 17 Players and Tournament Prizes

PlayerTournament Prizes
1. Spencer Ealing$250,000
2. Chevry Corentin$173,000
3. Shaun Springette$86,000
4. Timo Siep$54,526
5. Cihan Yasarlar$44,227
6. Kai Wollin$42,183
7. Rafael Salles Leite Fortes$38,000
8. Tassal Rushan$35,500
9. Daniele Paolucci$34,000
10. Aldossary Mossad$31,500


Average of the tournament earnings for top 10 FIFA Players by year

YearTournament Prizes
FIFA 15$8,316
FIFA 16$8,710
FIFA 17$78,905


Number of Professional Football Players by League

LeagueNumber of Players
Premier League535
League 1662
League 2661
Total number of players2501


One clear winner

That’s it then, top FIFA gamers are netting more pay than professional footballers. The way things are going, it might be time for footballers to hang up their boots and pick up the controllers. In the meantime, here at Casumo online casino we’ll keep our curiosity levels high.

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