You can play the super popular ReelPlay slots at Casumo casino

Introducing ReelPlay slots: They’re amazing.

ReelPlay is a Sydney-based Game Studio established in 2014. They live and breathe slots and ‘For players, by players’ is their mantra. Their creatives love to push the boundaries of entertainment – and it sure shows! The ReelPlay slots portfolio includes hugely popular titles such as Odin Infinity Reels Megaways, Giza Infinity Reels and Hypernova Megaways. They’re overflowing with passion and create everything from the ground up, in-house. Yep, that’s them and you can play their games right here at Casumo. But before you give ReelPlay slots a try to discover your favourite, let’s dig into some game descriptions!

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Megaways slots, the popular engine from Big Time Gaming


The Megaways engine from Big Time Gaming has been taking the online casino world by storm since 2016. And surely you’ve come across some Megaways slots already! Because by now, many of these slots are topping the charts and dominate most game browsers. However, if you still find yourself wondering what Megaways slots are exactly, this blog article is just what you need! Here we’ll explain what Megaways is, how Megaways works and which Megaways slots are worth giving a try.

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Try some of the best pig-themed slots, all available at Casumo

Pig-themed slots available at

Squeeeal, we’re so excited about these games! Pigs make a fantastic theme for slots, no wonder there are so many of them. In fact, it was hard to make a pig pick. But after some serious digging -in our Game Browser, not in mud- we managed to put together a perfectly pink selection. You’ll find the game descriptions below. If you see anything you like, go right ahead and give it a try!

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Book slots available at Casumo: Catch up on your summer reading!

Catch up on your summer reading, try these book slots!

Summer is the perfect time to finally open that book that’s been collecting dust on your bedside table. Unless you are more of the adventurous kind of holiday goer, of course. If you’re not too sure what type of holiday goer you are, go ahead and take the Casumo Holiday Quiz!

But let’s assume for now that you like to kick back with a good book during your summer holidays. Here at Casumo, we sure do and we have so many books to choose from! We know that our Casumo players love the popular page-turner Book of Dead, but we wanted to give other book slots a chance as well! Which is why we put together a summer “reading” list for you, chock full of bestsellers. Feel free to skim through, all the book slots are available to play from our casino game browser.

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Food-themed slots at Casumo, have a look before they overcook!

Food-themed slots available at Casumo

Summer isn’t summer without a couple of amazing BBQ sessions. Whether on a rooftop, in the backyard or at the beach, food cooked on a BBQ just tastes better. And luckily, we’ve got a sizzlin’ selection of food-themed slots that meets our outdoor cooking theme! Careful not to overcook these games, they’re already very tasty. Read on to see which ones made it to the party.

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