Most read 2019 Casumo blog posts

Catch up on Casumo’s most read 2019 blog posts per country

Here at Casumo, we love writing. And luckily for us, you like to read! We ran a little 2019 performance analysis and put together a Top 3 of the most read 2019 blog posts per country. You gotta love a good roundup. Just in case you missed them, here’s what they’re all about!

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The ultimate 2019 Top 9 Slot Releases available at Casumo

Adios 2019, heeeello 2020!

Now that firecrackers have cracked, the clock has struck midnight on December 31st and the resolutions have been said out loud, we’d like to take the opportunity to wish you a New Year filled with joy and happiness. But before we can fully embrace 2020, we feel like we need to highlight some of the 2019 games. It’s no surprise hat last year has seen some really incredible slot releases pass the review. We feel like they deserve a moment in the spotlight, just so that they won’t be forgotten in 2020.

You can find our Top 9 slot releases from 2019 below!

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The most Christmassy games of all available at Casumo

’Tis the season to be jolly

Pre-Holiday greetings! This year’s festive season is coming closer real fast. Soon we’ll be untangling our Christmas lights, polishing tree ornaments and turning up the volume when “All I Want For Christmas” is playing on the radio for the 27th time – that day. Put your favourite jumper on and pre-celebrate with a Christmassy game experience and possibly some jing-ting-tingaling wins too, who knows… So up your gift wrapping skills, get your carolling game on and decide on your Christmassy slot of choice.

We’ve listed our personal favourites below!

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Top 7 of the best slot-themed Halloween 2019 costumes suggested by Casumo

Fancy dress game ON

Since Halloween is rapidly approaching, it’s time to get your fancy dress game on. We’ve decided to lend you a hand (the fake bloody, rubbery kind) and put together a Top 7 of fancy dress costumes based on the main characters of some of our deadliest video slots. If you haven’t decided on your costume just yet, have a look at our suggestions below for inspiration!

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