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Have you read through our Casumo Craps Guide and did we manage to tickle your fancy? Good! Because we decided to dedicate another blog article to this fun table game. Craps knows an enormous amount of slang, commonly used at land-based casinos. Surely you’ve watched movies in which they shot scenes at the Craps table of a casino.
If you haven’t, take your pick from our list of 7 famous movies featuring Craps!

1. Casino
2. Diamonds Are Forever
3. Guys and Dolls
4. The Cooler
5. Walking Tall
6. Ocean’s 13
7. The Big Town

If you have, it must mean that you’ve heard words and phrases related to the game. We’ve listed the most common ones in our Craps Glossary plus some fun Craps related quotes and trivia.

The Casumo Craps Glossary

Here’s our Casumo Craps Glossary of words and phrases that are commonly used at the Craps table at a casino. Of course you don’t need to study them to be able to enjoy a game of online Craps, but hey, they’re a lot of fun. Have a look:


A dice showing a value of one.

All The Spots We Got

A slang term for a roll of one.

Betting Right (Right Bettor)

Betting on the pass line.

Betting Wrong (Wrong Bettor)

Betting on the don’t pass line. See Wrong Bettor for a further explanation.

Big Red / Skinny McKinney / Up Pops the Devil

Slang terms for a roll of seven.


An alternative term for dice.


A casino employee at the craps table, responsible for the chips and supervising the dealers.

Center Field

A slang term for a roll of nine.

Come Out Roll

The first roll of the dice in a new round, which sets the point.

Easy Way

Rolls of 4, 6, 8, or 10 made without a double.

Fever or Little Phoebe

Slang terms for a roll of five.

Hard Number

Any number rolled as a pair. Two 4s is a hard 8 while two 5s is a hard 10, etc.

House Edge

The advantage that the casino (the house) has over the player for any given bet, expressed as a percentage of the player’s bet.

Little Joe

A slang term for a roll of four.


A roll of seven or eleven on the come out roll.

Outside Numbers

The numbers 4, 5, 9, and 10.


The odds associated with a bet (eg. 7:1), or the amount received from a winning bet.

Place Numbers

The numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10.

Puppy Paws

A slang term for a roll of ten.

Seven Out

Rolling a seven before rolling the point.

Snake Eyes

A slang term for a roll of two.

Square Pair

A slang term for a hard eight (a pair of fours).

Winner on Dark Side

A slang term for a roll of three.

Funny Craps Dealer Quotes

Here are some funny (land-based) Craps dealer quotes, regularly overheard at the Craps table:

  • “12 crap, Big Daddy in the rice paddy”
  • “Out Seven, three/four we’re poor!”
  • “5, no field! Step 1, cut a hole in a box… (rolled 4/1)”
  • “Nine, nine just like mine!”
  • “Winner winner chicken dinner!”
  • “5, 2, you’re through.”
  • “Seven out. The Mini Van, two in the front, five in the back.”
  • “You sure are cute, but you just can’t shoot..”

If a die lands in the wooden rail of the Craps table:

  • “No number, in the lumber.”
  • “Can’t read her in the Cedar.”
  • “No good, it’s in the wood.”
  • “It’s in the pine, I ain’t lyin’.”
  • “I can’t see, in the mahogany.”
  • “No joke, it’s in the Oak.”

5 x Craps trivia

  1. The original Craps was a game called ‘Hazard’, of which records have been found dating all the way back to the Crusades! This game continued to evolve throughout history and eventually made its way to America via French and British immigrants who brought Craps with them.
  2. The name ‘Craps’ derives from the French crapaud, meaning toad. This is probably a reference to the way players would squat down to shoot dice when Craps tables were unavailable.
  3. The layout and design of the modern Craps table you see at a casino or online is a recent invention by a dice-maker called John H. Winn.
  4. The biggest Craps win record is under the name of Archie Karas. He managed to turn $17 million into $40 million over a period of several months betting on Craps in the mid-1990s. Sometimes betting as much as $100K on one roll – please don’t ever try this at home!
  5. The longest Craps dice roll ever lasted over 4 hours. Patricia Demauro, a grandmother from New Jersey, beat the one-in-a-1.56 trillion odds of rolling the dice 154 consecutive times.

How to start playing Craps at Casumo

  1. All you need to do to play Craps at Casumo is log in with your Casumo account using your computer or mobile. Don’t have an account yet? Sign-up for a free account.
  2. Once logged in, make a deposit and head off to the Game Browser.
  3. Select the Table Games tab.
  4. Choose the Craps game you want to play.
  5. Select the amount you want to wager.
  6. Roll the dice!

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