Top 7 of the best slot-themed Halloween 2019 costumes suggested by Casumo

Fancy dress game ON

Since Halloween is rapidly approaching, it’s time to get your fancy dress game on. We’ve decided to lend you a hand (the fake bloody, rubbery kind) and put together a Top 7 of fancy dress costumes based on the main characters of some of our deadliest video slots. If you haven’t decided on your costume just yet, have a look at our suggestions below for inspiration!

Halloween 2019 is going to be a real treat

Muahaha…! We simply can’t wait to dress up as any of the characters below. We hope you’ll get spookishly inspired.

The Sheriff from Dead or Alive

Embrace the look of the Wild Wild West and dress up as the rather creepy looking Sheriff from Dead or Alive. A big moustache and goatee will go a long way in combination with a suit, cowboy hat and a pair of boots.

Suggested props: a stick-on moustache and goatee, a toy plastic pistol and a star badge to pin on your shirt.

Rich Wilde from Book of Dead

Dress up as the Indiana Jones of the online casino world! Get inspired by Rich Wilde from Book of Dead and go for that real adventurer slash ancient Egypt explorer kind of look.

Suggested props: a khaki vest and pants with lots of pockets, a triangle scarf, a belt to carry a toy knife, an ancient-looking book.

A vampire from Immortal Romance

This classic never grows old. Some porcelain white face paint and a bit of dark eyeshadow will help you to look just like one of the vampire characters from Immortal Romance. A big plus is that you can just wear your normal clothes, no need for a cape or a heavy velvet dress.

Suggested props: fake fangs, fake blood, a pair of red contact lenses, hair gel to create a slick back look.

Ragnar Lothbrok or Lagartha from Vikings

A guaranteed success if you decide to dress up as one of these world’s favourite raiders. The star characters of Vikings, Ragnar and Lagartha, would be our fancy dress costumes of choice. Unleash the beast in you!

Suggested props: a toy shield, a toy axe, a big fake fur coat, fake blood, a fake beard (for Ragnar), a blond wig (for Lagartha).

A Pirate from Ghost Pirates

Aye aye, matey! For this one, look for an old, ripped, pair of paints, shirt and vest and get creative with face paint. Whether you prefer drawing an actual skull on your face or some green and white touches to make you look ghostly enough is entirely up to you!

Suggested props: a captain’s hat, an eye patch, a clip-on golden earring, a parrot to wear on the shoulder, a toy sword or knife.

A Mummy from Rise of Dead

This costume is definitely for the more advanced dresser upper. Take your mummy outfit to a Rise of Dead level by adding touches from the ancient Egyptian Royalty. But firstly wrap yourself in white cloth or toilet paper, of course.

Suggested props: Cleopatra style head jewellery or any kind of Egyptian Royal headdress, sandals, golden belt.

The Phantom of the Opera from Universal Monsters – The Phantom’s Curse

Who doesn’t know the murderous, musical genius who lives beneath the Paris Opera House. A Phantom of the Opera costume is an easy fix for when you receive a last minute invite to a fancy dress Halloween party – simply pull out the old smoking jacket!

Suggested props: A black cape, hair gel for a slick back look and the (in)famous white half mask.


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