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Welcome to Casumo’s Music Slots Contest 2020

Here at Casumo, we love a good ‘ol competition. Which is why we thought it would be fun to put our great sounding music slots selection to the test in a small contest and rank them based on sound, performance and visuals. The music slots can receive a maximum of 10 points per category each, meaning that the highest possible score is 30 points.

Are you ready to enter the contest? Let’s go!

Sound On

Welcome everybody, contestants, readers and fellow music lovers – and may we start with: What a buzz, what a vibe! Our talented musicians went head to head and brought us everything they had, and what a tough call it was. We had to be brutally honest at times and stay close to our hearts, but nonetheless it was a great experience. Let’s have a look at the rankings and please keep in mind that there are no real losers here.

To build up the suspense even more, we’ve ranked them from lowest to highest. Enjoy!

#8 DJ Wild

Battling against the legends with his uplifting, electronic tunes, here’s DJ Wild! Listen, Wild, even though we highly appreciate the effort and boldness of you entering this race against the big names, we don’t believe that your dance music is the right fit for this contest. You benefit from re-spins with Sticky, Expanding and Jackpot Wilds, with potential wins of up to 1,700 x stake and we do appreciate your modern take on a fruit machine, but unfortunately, it just wasn’t what we were looking for. Here is your total score:

Music: 3 / Performance: 4 / Visuals: 3 / Total: 10 – Try to stay upbeat!
Play DJ Wild

#7 Elvis Lives

Royally introducing: The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, ladies and gentleman! We simply love hearing your classics through our speakers whilst spinning the wheels. With oversized symbols, you’re offering 4 main bonus extras: the Aloha Free Spins, TCB Free Spins, Jumpsuit Picker Bonus and the Elvis Lives Bonus feature. The latter offering 2 pick me games potentially giving up to 2,000 x total stake. Now that’s keeping the spirit alive! Though the visuals are lacking. Let’s see what it will do to the rankings:

Music: 7 points / Performance: 6 / Visuals: 3 / Total: 16 – Well, at least Elvis Lives.
Play Elvis Lives

#6 Jimi Hendrix

Are you ready for them Stereophonics, The Octavia, the wah-wah? That’s right, we’re proudly presenting, Jimi Hendrix! We must admit that your overwhelmingly psychedelic-inspired theme leaves us slightly disappointed on the visuals front. You tried to compensate with 6 bonus features, of which 2 are in the base game, where you could get re-spins and Wild transformations, but the main appeal seems to be the Pick and Click feature with possible cash prizes and 3 free spins features with up to 12 free spins. Unfortunately we were expecting more rock, more instrumental grandeur. Let’s see how you did overall:

Music: 9 points / Performance: 6 / Visuals: 3 / Total: 18 – Wah-wah… Sorry Jimi.
Play Jimi Hendrix

#5 Village People Macho Moves

Put your hands together (or rather, in the air) for The Village People! The VP Jukebox is only playing your instrumental top hits, which is a bit of a shame, but with the action taking place at the 70’s disco and with your outstanding dance moves, we’re willing to overlook the fact that you’re not playing your original recordings. Since there are six of you, you’re offering a 6-reel game, and each of you has their own special free spins feature, nice touch! Now let’s check out your total score:

Music: 6 points / Performance: 6 / Visuals: 7 / Total: 19 – Unfortunately, the score isn’t macho enough.
Play Village People Macho Moves

#4 Motӧrhead

We sure hope you’ve practiced your headbang skills, because here…is…Motörhead! Now let’s switch that Rock Mode ON and see what you’ve got. The game rocks, no doubt about that, however we expected a bit more of you in terms of visuals, we feel that it’s rather static. Fortunately, it’s fully packed with rockin’ features, like Ace of Spades Wilds and Mystery Reels. And speaking of things that’s banging, there’s also the Bomber Feature with Wild substitutions as well as possible 3 bonus features. Alright, let’s crank up the volume and see how you did!

Music: 9 points / Performance: 6 / Visuals: 5 / Total: 20 – Yup, Rock on!
Play Motörhead

#3 Michael Jackson King of Pop

Can we get a “hee hee!” for the almighty, the King of Pop, it’s Michael Jackson, featuring 5 of his most iconic songs! You have 2 randomly triggered features in the base game with up to 5 random Moonwalk Wilds that could double your outcome and a Stacked Wilds feature where 2 reels become entirely wild. Then you also have the Wheel Bonus feature, the Beat It Free Games feature AND the Smooth Criminal Free Games feature with wild reels on every single free spin. But, will it be enough on the visuals side of things? Let’s have a look at the scoreboard!

Music: 10 points / Performance: 9 / Visuals: 4 / Total: 23 – Unfortunately we were missing a “hee” bit on the visuals front, Michael. Third place for you!
Play Michael Jackson King of Pop

#2 Ozzy Osbourne

He is dark. He is sinister. They call him the Prince of Darkness. He is Ozzy Osbooouuurne! With over 100 million albums sold, as solo artist and as the lead singer of Black Sabbath, it’s safe to say that you know how to rock. There are several of your iconic songs playing as you spin the reels and with high definition graphics and 7 bonus features the performance points are up there! By triggering the Free Spins feature, the stage fires up as electricity rushes across the reels to light up the symbols. Visuals? Check! Now let’s have a look at the total scoring, shall we:

Music: 9 points / Performance: 8 / Visuals: 8 / Total: 25 – Runner up, nothing to be dark and down about!
Play Ozzy Osbourne

#1 Guns N’ Roses

These guys don’t need much of an introduction. Welcoming to the stage: Guns N’ Roseeessss! With your available set list of 5 of your most legendary hits, real live concert footage and a bouncing audience, it truly feels like we’re right there, at one of your concerts. Your special features include regular and Expanding Wilds, Legend Spins feature, Appetite for Destruction Wild, and the Solo multiplier. Wow, you really haven’t held back at all and every single aspect has been thought through – from the dynamic and intuitive background animations to your symbol art and, of course, the music – there’s simply nothing to fall short on. Scoreboard, please!

Music: 10 / Performance: 10 / Visuals: 10 / Total: 30 points – BOOM! We’ve got ourselves a winner everybody – and the crowd goes wild!
Play Guns N’ Roses

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