Style Guru Casumo present the ultimate Summer 2020 Style Guide

Casumo, from casino to Style Guru

What is up? Almost summer, that’s what’s up! And we were wondering, is your wardrobe ready for this, are you “on trend”? Because based on our ‘game-browser-trend-spotting’ reports, things are moving fast and you wouldn’t want to be “so 2019” now, would you? Didn’t think so! Which is why we decided to put on our (very fashionable, of course) Style Guru hat and make a list of what we believe to be this summer’s hottest trends based on some of our most popular slots. Those game characters are on point, we can tell you that much.

Check out the hippest and hottest summer 2020 trends below!

Style Guru Casumo presents the Summer 2020 Style Guide

Here it is, the ultimate Summer 2020 Style Guide, put together by yours truly. Have a look, get inspired, see what suits you and of course feel free to mix it up.

Flower Power Everything

Style Guru says: “That’s right, retro is ‘in’, and the retro-er, the better. Think flared trousers, disco jumpsuits, vintage boho dresses, all hail the 60s and 70s. Whether you choose to limit it to a pair of oversized, colour-glass sunglasses and open sandals or you decide to go all in with your outfits, is of course entirely up to you. Peace!”

Game inspiration: Jimi Hendrix
Colour palette: Brown, orange, cream, teal, green, yellow.
Prints: Tie dye, all flowers, geometric, bold shapes.
Accessories: Big sunglasses, long necklaces, big rings, large earrings, flower crowns, wicker baskets.
Hair style: Long, straight, bangs, thin braids or Disco curls.

Miami Vice, don’t think twice

Style Guru says: “Summer slick, as we like to call it. Wide fitted linen suits, coloured V-neck t-shirts, braided leather belts and slip-ons. Finish the look with a pair of aviators, et voilà! Dresses should be any shade of metallic or sequin and don’t shy away from shoulder pads.”

Game inspiration: Hotline
Colour palette: Silver, white, black, light grey paired with pinks, purples, blues, yellows.
Prints: No prints.
Accessories: A pair of aviator sunglasses, leather belt, hair scrunchie.
Hair style: Slick back (with or without a mullet) or rather large and poofed-up.

Sailor Chic

Style Guru says: “Sail away, sail away, sail away. If you look as if you’re about to hop on a ship and travel in style then you’re on the right track. Whether you choose to go for a striped sailor shirt, fitted chinos and a pair of (preferably white) sneakers or the classier Captain-look with jeans, blazer and a pair of leather loafers, we’re saying: all aboard!”

Game inspiration: Foxin’ Wins Again
Colour palette: White, cream, baby blue, navy blue, bright red or yellow accents.
Prints: Stripes.
Accessories: Sailor hat, Captain hat, leather belt, pochette, small scarf.
Hair style: Slick back or tucked away under a hat.

Summer Cowboys

Style Guru says: “The Wild-Wild-Western look never really dies now, does it? Summer 2020 will be no exception, it is A-okay to combine a nice pair of Cowboy boots with your ragged denim shorts. Or wear a Cowboy hat together with your swimwear, also very fashionable. Plus, it protects your face from the sun, killing two birds with one quick draw.”

Game inspiration: Abe’s Saloon (Casumo exclusive)
Colour palette: Brown, beige, black, blue, denim.
Prints: Checked.
Accessories: Shiny brooches, cowboy hat, belt with large buckle.
Hair style: Long and wavy, braided, cropped textured cut, large moustaches are a plus!

When adventure meets fashion

Style Guru says: “If you’re looking to blend in with the outdoors, this is definitely your go-to style. Cargo pants, either wide or fitted, Camo tees or tank tops, again whichever fit you prefer, and a bulky pair of sneakers. Whether you’re going full on exploring-mode or for a stroll in the local park, you got it covered.”

Game inspiration: John Hunter and The Book of Tut, Lara Croft Temples of Tombs.
Colour palette: Khaki, beige, shades of green.
Prints: Camouflage all the way.
Accessories: Fanny pack, hair ties, cap, water bottle.
Hair style: Tied back or tucked away under a cap.

Reel Royalty

Style Guru says: “An absolute eye-catcher. For this trend, there is no need to hold back on the bling or the glam or the shimmer. Just go all out, strut your stuff! Rich fabrics such as soft silk and velvet (might be hot, but it’ll look great) combined with gold, silver and all that shines – all day, every day.”

Game inspiration: Battle Royal, Royal Masquerade
Colour palette: Powder pink, warm yellow, burned orange, royal blue, emerald.
Prints: No prints.
Accessories: Anything gold.
Hair style: Intricate braids, wavy curls, silky smooth.

Argh Matey!

Style Guru says: “This trend is perfect for when you’re fresh out of clean clothes, the look actually requires a certain level of scruffiness. Do you have any ripped shirts, shorts or trousers lying around in need of a fixer-upper? Well, don’t! In fact, go ahead and rip them apart even a little bit more. Also, make sure to work on your bandana collection and pick up a leather vest or two from your local vintage shop.”

Game inspiration: Pirates Charm, Filthy Pirates (Casumo exclusive)
Colour palette: Black, grey, white, dark blue, red.
Prints: Stripes, prominent prints on t-shirts.
Accessories: Bandanas, golden hoop earrings, cotton tote bag, flip-flops.
Hair style: Beach hair with bandana or a messy bun / ponytail.

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