Vikings, another raging game release at Casumo

Vikings: from TV show to raging online game

Run for it! The Vikings are coming, raiding and spinning in this brand new Netent slot, inspired by the popular TV series with the same name. Vikings follows the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok, as he rises to become King of the Viking tribes. This stunning new game is chock-full of features and has also a massive payout potential.

In this blog post, we take a look at what this game has to offer, as well as peek behind the scenes for an exclusive interview with two of the game’s creators.

What makes Vikings special

“Warriors don’t show their heart until the axe reveals it.” — Gustaf Skarsgard as Floki (Vikings, Season 2: Blood Eagle)

Vikings is a 5 reels x 3 rows slot with 243 ways-to-win. During the Raid Spins Feature, reels expand to a 5×7 format, increasing the ways-to-win to 78,125 and the payout potential to 10,000x your bet. It comes with a Hotspot feature where Viking symbols transform for scatter pays. In the randomly triggered Shield Wall feature mystery symbols transform into winning combinations.

RTP 96.05%.*

Read on, we got some more action for you.

Can you run faster than Vikings?

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How do you create a game from a TV show? We asked the experts who built Vikings…

Recently, we decided to reach out to Jonas and Patrik from NetEnt, and ask them a couple of question about Vikings and how the creative process works. But how to contact them? After long debate, we decided to stick to the good ‘ol message in a bottle (glass of course, not plastic, we don’t want to pollute). We got the bottle back, with the following answers:

Can you tell us about a funny random fact about the creation of the game?

Patrik: Being a Swedish company, this brand was, of course, close to our hearts. One thing was that we got the chance to dive into the realms of our ancestors language. Exploring the relations to how we speak today. So, if you, by any chance, speak “Old Norse”, you might find some cool lyrics in the game.

Any easter eggs included in the game?

Patrik: If you got the patience, you can see that the raven in the down right corner is pooping from time to time…

Jonas, what’s your role as a sound director? How do you collaborate with the rest of the team?

Jonas: As a Sound Director my job is to lead the overall vision of the NetEnt sound identity across all our channels and products, as well as work with the strategy of how to keep pushing the limits on what we can achieve with sound. I have the pleasure of managing a team of very skilled and seasoned Composers and Sound Designers that make my job a true joy!

Can you describe the creative process from beginning to end?

Patrik: Luckily, I was a fan of the Vikings series before we started working on the game, so I wanted to stay true to the series ambition. Mixing traditional Nordic instruments from that era with the contemporary cinematic soundtracks we hear today. I also wanted to find a way to implement vocals. There’s a certain style, technique and arrangement in the way they were singing back then. Everything from a strong female “kulning” (Nordic folk music) to that deep, almost guttural sounding, male choir.

How long does it take to turn a concept into a game?

Jonas: The time from concept to finished game varies due to what mechanic and theme a game has. We have a wonderful team of game designers that provides game concepts, mechanics and math’s. So the mechanics are often already set before the theme is. For a branded game we obviously have the theme first. A theme itself can give ideas for extra features, so the collaboration between game designers, ADs and sound designers goes on through the entire production.

When does actual sound come into the picture?

Patrik: We usually start working when graphic and animation start discussing the theme. The case with Vikings was that I was involved really early on because of the music and sound playing such an important role from the get go.

Did you collaborate with sound managers from the Netflix series?

Patrik: No. What you hear is custom NetEnt premium quality.

Are you (the team) Vikings fans now? Or were you already?

Patrik: Fan since day one 🙂 And those ones in the team who weren’t, most definitely are now!

What’s special about this project? What makes it different from other games?

Patrik: In Raid Spins (free spins) the reel area grows to 7×5 reels. That’s pretty a cool feature. As far as the sound goes, I totally love how the Shield Wall feature turned out. It’s actually our AD, Jenny, screaming that!

Name another series you would like to create a game or sound for.

Patrik: Oh! That’s a hard one, so many to choose from. I’m a big fan of Stranger Things, with all retro style music and the eerie atmosphere. That would be a fun challenge!

Any interesting/weird creative rituals?

Patrik: I don’t know if (or at least I don’t think) I have any weird creative rituals. It varies from game to game, I guess. Oh, but this might be one: during the production’s last couple of months, I started to grow a beard. It became massive towards the end – some would say I looked like a true Viking! But I shaved it off the minute we were done with the production. In Sweden we call it “slutspelsskägg”.

What inspires you?

Patrik: The thing that inspires me is the love for the creativity. I like it when creators think outside the box. For example, it could be mixing two totally different instruments together, that you’d never thought would work, but then they magically fit perfectly together.

Would you rather be Ragnar or Rollo?

Patrik: Ragnar would be the obvious answer, right? But I think I’d go with Rollo. I too would have settled down as a royal in France, eating nothing but great French food and wearing the latest and finest fashion in Europe.

Do you play the games you create?

Patrik: I played the game A LOT during the production, both to test the sounds of course, but more importantly to get an overview of how the overall gaming experience feels and how the music and sound effects can add to the experience in the best way. By the end of the production I had actually played the game so much that I risked missing obvious slip-ups, which is why it’s important for all of us in the sound team to play each other’s games. We do that to give each other valuable feedback and come up with ideas that you didn’t think of yourself.

Try Vikings at Casumo

All you need to do to join Ragnar’s quest is register an account at – if you haven’t already done so. Log in, select Vikings from the Games Browser and tap the play button for action–and don’t forget tonight’s and tomorrow’s Vikings Reel Races starting at 8PM CET & 10PM CET. Oorah!

*RTP correct at time of publishing

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