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Is 2020 the year to make football your goal?

Is 2020 the year you’ve decided to get into supporting football? Not surprising as it’s shaping up to an amazing year of action and potential upsets. Will Liverpool finally win the title, or will they let another lead slip? Can they do the double? Will we see an underdog turnover a top tier nation at Euro 2020?

To get yourself ready for the sporting action in 2020 and to find out who you should cheer on for the rest of the season, take our quiz and see which team fits your personality and deserves your cheers!

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Hearting – favourite your favourite online casino games

With Hearting, love is all you need

Casumo is where the heart lies. Some of our players have asked us to create a feature that would enable them to create a list of favourite games. The ones they really enjoy playing. We thought that was a fantabulous idea and . . . voilá, here you are, our latest improvement to our mobile product. Say hello to Hearting!

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Top 10 of biggest wins for Casumo players in January 2019

Casumo players have been up to a great start in 2019!

What an amazing kickoff! Lots of whopping wins have already been scooped right up by lucky Casumo players in January 2019. That’s why we feel it’s the perfect opportunity to highlight the Top 10 of the highest ‘win x bet size’ during the first month of the new year. But before we reveal our Top 10, we would like to take a moment and also present you with our Top 6 of Daily Must Drop Jackpots* wins:

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responsible gaming

Set up time limits to your gameplay

Here at Casumo Casino we believe gambling should be something fun and enjoyable–and we wish for it to stay that way forever. The Play Okay section at Casumo offers you the ability to limit both your time and money spent playing with us. We want to make sure that you’re constantly in control, while having an awesome time. We created a useful guide for you on how to play responsibly.

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