Our team of champions is giving you a peek into their daily job as Casumo Ambassadors

Meet Anna and take a peek into the World of Casumo

In this mini-blog-series we’re chatting with the people who keep the wheels turning at Casumo online casino and the Casumo Ambassadors make up for quite a bunch of them. They’re a team of truly dedicated superheroes, committed to providing a top notch level of customer support. Which is why we want to give them their moment in the spotlight, because they deserve it.

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Top 7 of the best slot-themed Halloween 2019 costumes suggested by Casumo

Fancy dress game ON

Since Halloween is rapidly approaching, it’s time to get your fancy dress game on. We’ve decided to lend you a hand (the fake bloody, rubbery kind) and put together a Top 7 of fancy dress costumes based on the main characters of some of our deadliest video slots. If you haven’t decided on your costume just yet, have a look at our suggestions below for inspiration!

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The creepiest Halloween games available at Casumo

Trick or treat? That’s the question.

Ghostly greetings! The spookiest holiday of the year is about to be at our doorstep and everyone’s entitled to one good scare so you might as well be ready for it! Put your favourite Halloween costume on and celebrate with a frightening game experience – and possibly some monstrous wins too, who knows…. So up your pumpkin carving skills, get your witch charming game on and decide on your creepy slot of choice. We’ve listed our personal favourites below!

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Big win for Book of Bob on its first day of release - a game exclusively available at Casumo.

Casumo player turns 10,00 kr spin into 51 500,00 kr during Book of Bob’s debut

You must be thinking, Book of Bob?! Don’t they mean Book of Dead or Book of Ra? Is Casumo’s copywriter in need of an espresso? Our answer is nay, dear friends, you’re reading it correctly. Book of Bob is Casumo’s latest exclusive release and it is buzzing. One of our players played a 10,00 kr (Swedish krona) spin and won 51 500,00 kr on October 3rd 2019, the first day of its release – big bravo! Read on to learn all about this brand new game.

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September 2019 Casumo Big Wins Roundup

6 Largest Daily Must Drop Jackpots won on €0,20 bets in September 2019

Here at Casumo we like to look closely at the monthly wins and stats to pick up on anything extra amazing to share with you – besides all the biggest wins won during the previous month, of course. This time, we noticed that the 6 largest Daily Must Drop Jackpot wins during September have all randomly been won on just €0.20 stakes, pretty cool, huh?

On top of that, all of the Top 10 of largest September 2019 wins have coincidentally been won with €1.00 stakes or under! Showing that at Casumo, you could win at any stake. There’s one more super exciting, extra special piece of information that we would like to share with you, read on…

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