Atletico v Barcelona Betting Preview Casumo

After the international break, we all need a great match and luckily this week La Liga comes to our aid with a huge match. It doesn’t matter if you follow the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A or your thing is the Belarusian league, because Atlético vs Barça is, by far, the best game you are going to see this gameweek. If you think that we are exaggerating more than when your mother told you that you were the most handsome kid in the world, here we bring you 5 reasons to tune in on Saturday night!

1) The Vendetta of Luis Suárez

If there is a footballer in the world that you can only hate or love, it’s certainly Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan dedicated six years to Barcelona, ​won everything and became the third highest scorer in the club’s history (and we are talking about Barcelona, not your local pub side!). He deserves a statue at the Camp Nou, but instead they kicked him out overnight. If he’s normally as rabid as a pitbull when fed oatmeal for dinner, against Barca we will see a new beast emerge. Ronald Koeman will regret firing him!

2) Griezmann returns home

Let’s be honest, since Griezmann joined Barça his career has disappeared more than my childhood dreams of becoming the first astronaut to set foot on Mars (I still have some hopes on that by the way). Since he arrived in Barcelona he has only scored 16 goals yet cost 120 million. Each goal has cost 7.5 million euros (yes, I had to get the calculator). You don’t have to be a Nobel Prize winner in mathematics, if there is such a prize, to know that this investment is worse than setting up an ice shop in Antarctica. Despite that, every day Griezmann is improving and he only has to fine-tune his aim, and what better place to do it than against his former team of five seasons?

3) Messi is against one of his favorite rivals

If I tell you that Atlético is the second team for which Messi has scored more goals, you will surely think that I’m more crazy than the executive that decided to appoint David Moyes as Man United manager. Messi knows his way around Diego Simeone’s bus more than its own conductor. Leo is always so good against Atlético that he’s even managed to leave Madrid applauding on a couple of occasions. It doesn’t matter if he is from your team or not, when The GOAT puts up an exhibition you just stand up and clap your hands. The million dollar question is … will he do it again this Saturday?

Messi scores first at 17/4 or 5.25

4) Joao Felix: The Portuguese Golden Boy.

Ok, if we think of a footballer and in Portugal, the first name that comes to mind is Cristiano. But if we think of the future star of Portugal, we all think of Joao Felix. We know he cost 120 million and everyone thinks it was a lot of money for a teenager, but the kid is determined to live up to the hype. He’s already equalled his numbers from last year and we’re only weeks into the season.

Get Joao Felix to score at 49/20 or 3.45

5) Ter Stegen: aka the wall

If you look at the league table, you might be more scared than I was when I was left without internet in the middle of the lockdown. Because yes my friend, Barça are eighth! One of the main reasons for this was Ter Stegen’s injury. He’s back and the wall has been rebuilt! He stops everything and it doesn’t matter if it’s Suarez, Joao Felix or Torres, Barcelona’s hopes lie on a clean sheet. With the German on the pitch, Barça has a better chance of keeping a clean sheet than I do of leaving lockdown!

Back Barcelona to win to nil at 3/1 or 4.00

All odds subject to change.