Manchester Derby Casumo Betting Preview

We would have loved a closer title race and perhaps a closer contest this Sunday as Manchester City play arch rivals United, but we need to be realistic. City have been unbelievably good and while Man United flirted with the idea of a title race, they were always going to be out of their depth.

Sunday’s Manchester derby is almost a Pep Guardiola exhibition as his brilliant City have the opportunity to flex their muscles again. They’ve been unplayable really with a record breaking run that dropped our jaws. Conceding only 17 goals in 27 games is no mean feat and a goal average of over 2 goals per game is the league’s highest.

Their 4-1 destruction of Wolves helped City equal their record of the longest unbeaten run in the league of 28 games. 21 of those, yes 21, have been consecutive victories. It’s ridiculous really, especially in what is one of the most competitive leagues in the world.

The ribbons are being tied around the gorgeous handles of the Premier League trophies and should United do the unthinkable and beat them on Sunday, those ribbons will still be blue come May.

As for Manchester United, this season is not a failure, just yet. Should they finish second they will be content and will say there is no shame in losing the league to such a dominant force. There is still time for the Red Devils to slip up of course, but they are on course for a top four finish which was the bare minimum.

Sunday’s game can be a chance for City to show off and brag about their brilliance.

Two drab goalless draws against Chelsea and Palace made United look toothless. Get this, they only managed one shot on target at Selhurst Park and a similar approach would ensure City crush United. We’ve seen it before, so don’t be surprised if we see another hopeless drubbing. United can’t defend extremely well, often make serious errors when playing the ball out of the back line and City, well, City seem to score for fun.

So what will it be?

Over 4.5 goals? thats at 4/1 or 5.00
A classy 3-0 City win? Priced up at 21/2 or 11.5

Either way you look at it, Manchester City seem indomitable and look to make light work of United.