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Euro 2020 is finally here and there are some truly exciting match-ups coming your way, and that’s just in the groups. In fact, this entire tournament is an incredibly competitive one, but it’s even more so when we take a deep dive into each group. Group A is one of the hardest groups to call as there’s not one single standout team. In this group there are actually several teams that are currently playing in top form, making it one of the most open groups in this tournament. That being said, Italy is still the favourite here and likely to take the top spot in the group. But, with Turkey and Switzerland rather evenly matched and Wales game to cause an upset that second spot is very much up for grabs.

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Match odds
2021-06-11 1 X 2
Turkey Italy 23/4 5/2 8/13
2021-06-12 1 X 2
Wales Switzerland 14/5 21/10 6/5
Denmark Finland 12/25 3/1 7/1
Belgium Russia 3/5 3/1 24/5
2021-06-13 1 X 2
England Croatia 3/4 13/5 17/4
Austria North Macedonia 11/20 3/1 23/4
Netherlands Ukraine 11/20 29/10 11/2
2021-06-14 1 X 2
Scotland Czech Republic 11/5 2/1 31/20
Poland Slovakia 4/5 12/5 17/4
Spain Sweden 4/9 10/3 7/1
2021-06-15 1 X 2
Hungary Portugal 21/4 14/5 3/5
France Germany 33/20 11/5 37/20
2021-06-16 1 X 2
Finland Russia 4/1 14/5 7/10
Turkey Wales 5/4 21/10 5/2
Italy Switzerland 7/10 11/4 4/1
2021-06-17 1 X 2
Ukraine North Macedonia 13/20 13/5 5/1
Denmark Belgium 27/10 13/5 Evens
Netherlands Austria 3/5 3/1 24/5
2021-06-18 1 X 2
Sweden Slovakia 4/5 12/5 19/5
Croatia Czech Republic 23/20 9/4 13/5
England Scotland 33/100 17/4 17/2
2021-06-19 1 X 2
Hungary France 8/1 7/2 4/11
Portugal Germany 9/4 23/10 13/10
Spain Poland 13/25 13/4 11/2
2021-06-20 1 X 2
Switzerland Turkey 7/5 9/4 21/10
Italy Wales 11/25 3/1 15/2
2021-06-21 1 X 2
North Macedonia Netherlands 15/1 9/2 1/4
Ukraine Austria 37/20 43/20 33/20
Finland Belgium 23/2 17/4 7/25
Russia Denmark 15/4 9/4 9/10
2021-06-22 1 X 2
Croatia Scotland 17/20 49/20 18/5
Czech Republic England 13/2 13/4 4/9
2021-06-23 1 X 2
Slovakia Spain 14/1 5/1 11/50
Sweden Poland 17/10 21/10 37/20
Germany Hungary 1/4 23/5 12/1
Portugal France 9/4 43/20 27/20

Italy Betting Tips and Odds

Italy is the fans and bookies favourite in this group to come out on top. But they’re not just scoring highly in the groups but as the overall winner. Currently, Italy is in the seventh position, sitting at a comfortable 11/1 with Casumo, to take home the trophy. This is for good reason. Italy entered the tournament with an impressive 8 wins and 2 draws in their last ten games — not a single loss there. In fact, their form is as perfect as it can get in football, which makes them truly the one to watch. The team is home to some of their best performers too with Ciro Immobile being one of the notable faces. He’s ranked in the top ten at 22/1 to become top goalscorer and claim the Golden Boot.

Odds for Italy

Turkey Betting Tips and Odds

Turkey is good at football, on and off. Until recently, this team has been almost written off, leaving them as one of the longer outsiders for this tournament. But, things change. In their last five games, Turkey has seen a run of impressive form winning three away games against Norway, Russia and the Netherlands, the latter one of the top 10 in the Euro 2020 to take the crown. With such good form, things have turned around for this Turkish side who are now at a much better 50/1 to win the title. With 11/2 odds to win the group, things are looking up for this team. And there is some star quality here, particularly with Enes Unal, Bunyamin Balci and Hakan Calhanoglu all ready and raring to go.

Odds for Turkey

Switzerland Betting Tips and Odds

Switzerland is on a relatively equal footing with Turkey right now. In fact, these two teams are where the results of this group might lie. The winner in this clash may well be the one to seize second place in the pool or even that coveted top spot. Switzerland has a number of outstanding players in the team including Granit Xhaka, Ricardo Rodriguez and Haris Seferovic. This team means business and is looking to get out of the group and take that title. On very close odds to Turkey, this Swiss side is at 9/2 to take the group but is set at slightly longer odds of 70/1 for actually winning the tournament. Keep an eye on the Turkey-Switzerland clash as this is where the action will be.

Odds for Switzerland

Wales Betting Tips and Odds

Without a doubt, Wales are the biggest underdogs in this group. They do have a stellar team in play though, coached by the impressive Ryan Giggs. Within the team is a plethora of other top players including Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey, Daniel James and Joe Rodon. However, while each of these players shows individual excellence, they need to work well as a team moving forward. Wales is also one of the longest shots in the tournament sitting at 100/1 to take the title, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility. That being said, they are coming in with a decent run of wins, winning 4 of their last 5 outings. The loss was a respectable one against Belgium, so they could pull off a surprise in Group A.

Odds for Wales

Tipster’s Angle: Can the Italians hold out for a win?

While there is a clear divide between the top and bottom teams in this group, what makes Group A fascinating is the consistency. Each one of these teams is coming into the group on a streak of excellent wins. That makes this group one of the more unpredictable ones out there, which will make this all the more exciting. Of course, Italy is still the favourites, but the strong performances and stellar players in the other teams make it hard to rule them out. In fact, each of them has a solid chance at qualifying out of the group for the next round. Keep an eye on the Turkey vs Switzerland game as this last game could be the one that seals the fate of the teams topping the group.

Group A Fixtures and Results

All games in Group A are held in either Azerbaijan or Italy, giving Italy and, to some extent, Turkey, the home advantage this year.

Current fixtures for Group A:

Friday, June 12th:
Turkey vs Italy (Kick off at 8 pm in Rome).

Saturday, June 13th:
Wales vs Switzerland (Kick off at 3 pm in Baku).

Wednesday, June 17th:
Turkey vs Wales (Kick off at 5 pm in Baku)

Italy vs Switzerland (Kick off at 8 pm in Rome).

Sunday, June 21st:
Italy vs Wales (Kick off at 5 pm in Rome)

Switzerland vs Turkey (Kick off at 5 pm in Baku).

Stay tuned to find out the latest results for each of these matches, as well as any predictions for each of the games that are coming up!

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