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Having Deadline Day just after the Premier League’s most incredible day, labeled Sorry Sunday for United and Liverpool fans, was a real treat.

The summer transfer window saw a huge amount of activity and the one saga that gripped most was Jadon Sancho’s non-move from Dortmund to Manchester United.

The losers

It was just awkward and silly. Dortmund were crystal clear from day 1. They set a deadline and a price and all United needed to do was show up before the date with the dosh. The first bid was below the asking price and stank of a man showing up with £1,000 to the used car dealer trying to buy a car with a giant £5,000 label on it.

What’s worse is that the stubborn man, who quite clearly needed a new car, kept going back with tiny increments, but still falling short of the asking price. Business is not conducted that way. Manchester United were lucky that Dortmund were so clear from the start, meaning they could have done the deal way before the deadline and have a relaxing summer, taking their new ride on test drives.

United have to be dubbed the losers of the window and that sad description currently fits the club perfectly. They did add four new players but one of those is Edinson Cavani. If this was the year 2015 we’d be more excited, but at 33 this deal could just end up being another Radamel Falcao. It gets better: They sold Chris Smalling and brought in Telles, which is an upgrade on their current wing-back options, but Solskjaer is yet to find the ideal centre back pairing which is an immediate cause for concern. Once more Ed Woodward has hardly covered himself in glory and you also get the feeling Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will not last the full season at the wheel.

The winners

Chelsea impressed us with quick, early business while Tottenham were as bold as brass. Adding Gareth Bale to the squad that tore United apart seems like a mad scientific experiment. They were so good this summer, they even finally signed a center-forward, with Carlos Vinicius arriving on loan from Benfica. The real masterstroke however is signing Pierre Emile Hojberg, as he fits a Mourinho team like a glove. He and Matt Doherty have plenty of Premier League experience, so Spurs will get an instant impact from them.

Chelsea made seven acquisitions this summer, which is a staggering amount. They raided the Bundesliga for Timo Werner and Kai Havertz, but signings like these two will take time to settle. Ben Chilwell is perhaps their best buy this summer and he marked his debut with a goal. Critically they brought in Edouard Mendy from Rennes, meaning ‘keeper Kepa won’t be called on as often, which is ideal given that he is as useful as a chocolate teapot.

The inbetweeners

Manchester City were desperate to sort out their defence, and since £41million on Nathan Ake wasn’t enough, a further £62 million was thrown towards Benfica for Ruben Dias. Pep Guardiola has now spent a whopping £366 million on defenders alone and it’s an area he can’t seem to get right. Here’s that figure in perspective: Leicester City have spent £334 million on their entire squad in the past 10 years. The comparison is handy given that Leicester thumped City 5-2 in the Premier League.

Transfer window fact: Real Madrid made no new signings this summer, for the first time in 40 years!