International Women’s Day 2021 – Please meet our Gaming Director, Jacqui 

In light of International Women’s Day 2021, we took the opportunity to ask Jacqui, Casumo’s Director of Gaming,  a couple of burning questions. In this exclusive interview she’s giving us some amazing insights into her role within Casumo, her favourite games, the women who inspire her and more. Watch the video or read on if you prefer! 

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Casumo’s Company Values – Peek into the world of Casumo

In 2012, Casumo was founded by five guys who all shared the same frustration with the online casino industry, as well as a vision of how things could be done better. No other online casinos had a real focus on product; products were complex, hard to understand and essentially targeted at the same people. Those five guys wanted to create something that could appeal to others, to people like themselves. Today, Casumo is best known for its distinctive brands and innovative online casino experiences. Casumo’s hive is buzzing more than ever with creative energy directed at improving and reinventing industry concepts. All of the magic created by Casumo comes into this world through the capable hands of over 300 employees, working towards and guided by Casumo’s company values. 

Read on to find out what they are!

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Friendly Terms and Conditions – Casumo’s most important do’s and don’ts

To start the New Year fresh, we decided to write a blog post about Casumo’s most important do’s and don’ts. Whether as a quick reminder to our existing players or for new players to know how we roll at Casumo Casino.

With just one glance at these two lists, you’ll understand exactly what we expect from you as a Casumo player. 

Read on for all of Casumo’s most important do’s and don’ts!

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Bye Bye 2020!

We would like to start this blog post by acknowledging that the past year has been extremely tough. 2020 has presented challenges never before seen and learning how to tackle a global pandemic was uncharted territory for all of us. But these difficult situations have forced societies to step up, re-evaluate their priorities and come together to result in so many wonderful efforts made this year. After riding the wave of ups and downs, we would like to say ‘Bye Bye 2020!’ and ‘Bring it on 2021!’. But before we do, let’s first look back at some of the things we managed to accomplish with and for Casumo during this crazy challenging year.

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