International Women’s Day at Casumo: 5 interviews with 5 power women.

International Women’s Day 2020: Meet Charlotte, Player Engagement Producer

In celebration of the upcoming International Women’s Day 2020 on March 8, Casumo asked five of their in-house power women a couple of questions about their role within Casumo and the women they admire. In the 4th interview we’re talking with Player Engagement Producer Charlotte, who’s secretly a little bit jealous of Ellen DeGeneres’ dance skills.

Howdy Charlotte!

When Charlotte doesn’t show up for our meeting, we decide to go look for her and find her sitting at her desk staring intensely at multiple screens filled with schedules and sheets. “OH NO! I totally lost track of time”, she shouts while she jumps up to pull in some chairs, “Let’s just do the interview right here, shall we?!” And so we shall.

Casumo: “How long have you been with Casumo?”

Charlotte: ”I’ve been at Casumo almost since the very beginning. I started in December 2012, just 2 months after we went live with our online casino. It’s crazy how time flies!”

Casumo: “What do you do at Casumo?”

Charlotte: “I’m making sure that the Player Engagement team has everything they need in order to keep creating all those amazing promotions and our famous Reel Races.”

Casumo “What are you most proud of having accomplished within Casumo?”

Charlotte: “Wow, it’s way too hard to mention one thing, I’m super proud of the entire journey! But right now what comes to mind is my direct involvement in the creation of our Promo Space so that all the relevant content and campaigns are made available to our players. Besides that, I’m responsible for setting up the Reel Races schedule, she says as she points at her multiple screens, so that our players can have some extra fun racing against each other in their favourite slot games.

Casumo: “Which woman do you admire the most? “

Charlotte: “I think I’ll pick Ellen DeGeneres. I love her personality and I admire her bravery – and the dance moves, of course!”

Casumo: “Which female athlete do you admire the most?”

Charlotte: “That’s an easy one for me. Since I used to be quite the passionate football player myself, I’m going to choose Marta Vieira da Silva. I’ve been following and admiring her for a long time. She is a female version of Lionel Messi on the pitch, this woman is a superstar!”

Casumo: “If you could choose to be a female slot character for a day, who would it be and why?”

Charlotte: “Mmm, I think I would like to be that elegant looking witch from NetEnt’s Witchcraft Academy. You know, I could cast some spells here and there, scare a bunch of people, fly around on my broomstick for a bit… Yes, I think that would be an amazing day!”

Casumo: “Totally agreed. OK Charlotte, thanks for your time and inspiring answers, we will now leave you and your screens to it!”

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