Did ya know that October means ‘the eighth month’? It does. Doesn’t that make October a very confused month? And in all of this confusion, the ever curious casumos pushed the boundaries of exploration, with introspective and extrospective journeys into the unknown.

A solo casumo went indiana jones on an uncharted planet inhabited by a giant race. No one knows what happened after this casumo entered a mysterious cave. Some say a new civilisation was found and the casumo is living happily among them. Others think the first sushi-casumo recipe has now been invented.

FB-Omusac Metro Comic 22 EN-1

In the meantime, we received a detailed sketch of the anatomical construction of a casumo specimen, through which we discovered that casumos are also made of stars and that their inner voice is in fact blue.

FB-Omusac Metro Comic 23 EN-1

You know the feeling you get when stuff just seems to be going wrong? Like when you find a flat tyre in the morning and while replacing it rain starts pouring down? Well, it seems like even casumos can have a bad day. Exploration trip cancelled.

FB-Omusac Metro Comic 24 EN-1

Towards the end of the month, when many humans on Earth were in someway or another celebrating their lost ones, a casumo ventured beyond the grave to explore life after death. Just then the alarm rang. Oh snooze.

FB-Omusac Metro Comic 25 EN-1

Our comic strips will be back next month. In the meantime, be an explorer and never stop lookin’.