Thirty? Who said thirrrtyyy?

This is it. The happiest of endings. A long time ago, in a universe not so far far away, OMUSAC was born. Every week for 30 consecutive weeks, we published a brand new episode of the infamous casumo comic on the Swedish Metro newspaper and also online – a visual commentary on how our casumo friends live life in their parallel universe.

Here are the final five comic strips which have taken a rather existential twist, starting off with some zen meditation into the secrets of the universe. Om.

FB-Omusac Metro Comic 26 EN

In a deadly experiment to see if a casumo can actually hop the perch, a great and terrible machine was built.

FB-Omusac Metro Comic 27 EN
In comic strip no. 28 we met a casumo archaeologist trying to come to terms with a new type of geological formation. Oh rocks.

FB-Omusac Metro Comic 28 EN

Laterz we discovered what happens when casumos are attacked by boredom.

FB-Omusac Metro Comic 29 EN

And finally, our ultimate episode.

FB-Omusac Metro Comic 30 EN (1)
Keep exploring. Always erase boredom. Never grow old.