Our team of champions is giving you a peek into their daily job as Casumo Ambassadors

Meet Anna and take a peek into the World of Casumo

In this mini-blog-series we’re chatting with the people who keep the wheels turning at Casumo online casino and the Casumo Ambassadors make up for quite a bunch of them. They’re a team of truly dedicated superheroes, committed to providing a top notch level of customer support. Which is why we want to give them their moment in the spotlight, because they deserve it.

This week we’re asking Ambassador Anna, social butterfly and avocado lover, a couple of questions.

Hello there Anna!

“Hey Anna!”, hold on, she’s wearing headphones, “Anna!”. We quickly run after her as she’s walking down the corridor to tap her on the shoulder. She turns around and though slightly startled, she’s more than happy to answer a couple of questions.

Me: “What is your favourite snack from the Odditorium (this is what we call our in-house cafeteria)?”

Anna: “Mmm, that would be either avocados or cashew nuts… Ok yes, avocados. No! Wait cashews. NO! Wait. Arrghhh I can’t pick. Can I please just say both?”

Yes. Yes you can, Anna.

Me: “Can you tell us about the best compliment you’ve ever received?”

Anna: “That I’m a social butterfly. A friend of my mum’s gave me the compliment when I was living with her in Dallas, Texas for 3 months and she was impressed by how fast and easily I was making friends. Oh and that my laugh is contagious. Which is great, I love to laugh.”

Me: “And how about the strangest thing someone has ever written to you?”

Anna: “Definitely in the category of ‘one of the stranger questions I was ever asked’, was from a player who was wondering how my feet were doing today.”

Oh boy….

Me: “What’s the best thing about your job?”

Anna: “For me the best thing about my job is gaining lots of interesting people insights and the opportunity to learn new things about other parts of the company due to the side projects that I’m also involved in. And the people I work with, of course. They’re an amazing bunch of quirky, colourful people.”

Me: “Do you play casino games and if so, what’s your favourite game and why?”

Anna: “I sure do! I really enjoy playing ‘Wonky Wabbits’, because I like the characters, sound effects, background music and the overall design of that video slot. But I also like to play ‘Gunslinger Reloaded’ and ‘Legacy of Egypt’. Ah, and speaking of background music, ‘Hall of the Mountain King’ is also definitely part of my Top 10.”

Me: “Any weird routines to keep you alert that we should know about?”

Anna: “When it comes to my work routine I need: a foot rest, a wrist rest, at least two cups of coffee and 1,5 litres of water. I know that kind of makes me sound like a 60 year old, but what can I say, a lady needs her comforts, haha.”

Sounds like you’re simply taking good care of yourself, nothing wrong with that.

Great chat Anna, thanks so much. We wouldn’t want to keep you any longer, please go spread that contagious laugh of yours!

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