Camilla, a friendly Casumo Ambassador who loves to dance with clementines

Meet Finnish Camilla and take a peek into the World of Casumo

In this mini-blog-series we’ll be meeting the real people that keep the wheels turning at Casumo. This week, we asked Camilla from the Ambassadors team a bunch of questions. Read all about her bubbly personality and how she loves to dance with clementines in the interview below.

Driving the giant hamster wheel of our company, you’ll find the Casumo Ambassadors, a team of truly dedicated superheroes, committed to providing a top notch level of customer support.
Which is why we thought of asking them about their experiences, to give them their moment in the spotlight, simply because they deserve it.

Oh hi there, Camilla

Our customer support could be labelled as ‘one stop shop’, where any kind of enquiry is dealt with in a respectful, professional and customized way, hoping to make our players’ day just that tiny bit better. They will be dealing with the same professional Ambassador regardless of the question or query they might have. And one of these professionals is the lovely Camilla who we just found standing next to a big pile of orange-coloured peels.

Me: “Hi Camilla! Could we steal a moment of your time to ask a couple of questions?”

Camilla: “Oh yes of course, I was just enjoying my daily dose of vitamins. Please go ahead.”

Me: “So is that (pointing at the pile of orange-coloured peels) your favourite snack from the Odditorium (this is what we call our in-house cafeteria)?”

Camilla: “YES CLEMENTINES – Freakin’ love those little things. I even had a clementine song and a matching dance. Some people thought that was a bit odd, but hey, that’s me.”

Well that’s a whole lot of healthy and a little bit of weird, nothing wrong with that!

Me: “Can you please share the best compliment ever received by your teammates?”

Camilla: “Hmmm… This one is hard, I get too many! Just kidding (I’m not). Someone said that it’s impossible to feel down when I’m near, because I bring so much positive energy to the room. That made me happy since it’s also a personal goal of mine, to always seize the day.”

Me: “And how about the strangest thing someone has ever written to you?”

Camilla: “The most recent one that I remember is a player who really wanted to send her homemade baked goods to me by post and she even offered to be my host whenever I would visit her home country as a thank you for the good customer service provided.”

Holy mack, that must have been some top notch service!

Me: “What’s the best thing about your job?”

Camilla: “When I’m able to solve a player’s issue and they express their gratitude. In general, I guess the best thing about my job is when players give me positive feedback and I feel like I’ve given them the best support that I could have possibly given them.”

Me: “How have you made a difference in someone’s life?”

Camilla: “It was on the 4th of January, 1993 at about 5.23pm. “It’s a girl!” they yelled. Happiest day ever for my mom. Haha! No but all jokes aside, back in the days I always made it a point to become friends with the shy people, who were often bullied. I was their friend and I would stand up for them. They were pretty much used to being alone so it was nice to be able to bring a smile to their faces and to be there for them.”

Awwww…. (blinking away a few tears before continuing with the interview)

Me: “Do you play casino games and if so, what’s your favourite game and why?”

Camilla: “My favourite game at the moment is Spinions. I like the sticky wilds!”

Give Spinions a spin for yourself and see if you agree with Camilla.

Me: “Any weird routines to keep you alert that we should know about?”

Camilla: “Well… I do mumble to myself an awful lot while I’m working. Some might think that I’m putting some weird Finnish spell on someone. Which of course I am not. Or am I…”

(bit of nervous laughter)

Thanks so much for your time Camilla, we’ll leave you and your clementines be. Have a good one!

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