Sharing Insights: Casumo Ambassadors Part V - Cosmo

Meet Cosmo and take a peek into the World of Casumo
In this mini-blog-series we’re chatting with the people who keep the wheels turning at Casumo online casino and the Casumo Ambassadors make up for quite a bunch of them. They’re a team of truly dedicated superheroes, committed to providing a top notch level of customer support.Which is why we want to give them their moment in the spotlight, because they deserve it.

This week we’re asking Ambassador Cosmo, self-proclaimed reigning desk chair dancing champion, a couple of questions.

Yoooo. Cosmo!

“Cosmo! You’re exactly the man we’re looking for.” We find Cosmo leaning against one of the standing desks that are scattered around the office (you’ll find out soon why he’s standing there). “Let’s have a quick chat now that you’re away from your desk!”

Me: “What is your favourite snack from the Odditorium (this is what we call our in-house cafeteria)?”

Cosmo: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away! But actually, I mostly eat these *points at the big colourful candy jar he’s standing next to* Casumo Chill Pills (read: our version of Jelly Beans). Most people don’t like them that much, but some of us understand what truly makes a good snack!”

Me: “Can you tell us about the best compliment you’ve ever received?”

Cosmo: “I receive so many, it’s difficult to keep track of all of the fans. I’m joking. A bit.
Once a player told me that I was the funniest person he’d ever spoken to, though that was back when my GIF game was deadly.”

If you wish (should we say dare?) to GIF battle Cosmo – head over to our Facebook page.

Me: “And how about the strangest thing someone has ever written to you?”

Cosmo: “The one that really stands out was a player asking me whether my feet were okay. I insisted that my feet were fine. You see, I usually spend most of my day sitting behind my desk and I actually don’t do that much walking. So anyway, he wouldn’t take no for an answer and I thought it was quite the humorous conversation. It went on for about 45 mins and ended with him offering to come around our office to give me and all of my colleagues a foot rub.”

Don’t hesitate to send him over to my desk whenever he shows up!

Me: “What’s the best thing about your job?”

Cosmo: “Without a doubt the team and the team spirit. Everyone gets along really well and if you’re having an off day then there’ll always be someone around to give you a hug or get you a slice of cake. We like to have the occasional desk chair dance-off as well, those are pretty cool. And not to sound too show off-ish, but if you’re wondering about the reigning champion, you’re looking right at him.”

Right on buddy, right on.

Me: “Do you play casino games and if so, what’s your favourite game and why?”

Cosmo: “Yes, I play occasionally. I really like ‘Dead or Alive II’ which makes sense since I’ve always enjoyed watching Western movies. Who doesn’t like to imagine to be a Sheriff whilst playing a video slot, am I right.”

Me: “Any weird routines to keep you alert that we should know about?”

Cosmo: “I like to get up regularly, treat myself to a big stretch session next to my desk and then grab a handful of those Chill Pills that I mentioned to you earlier. The sugar rush could keep anyone going during an 8 hour shift! Also, the desk chair dancing.”

Cosmo, thank you, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our chat. And please do give us a heads up when the next chair dancing session kicks off. We’ll be there!

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