Whilst she’s working from home, April commits to digital detoxing

Meet April and take a peek into Casumo’s world of working from home

In this mini-series of our ‘Sharing Insights’ interviews, we’re asking our fellow Sumos about their working-from-home routines, best practices, favourite tools (both online and off) that help support them to work remotely and a whole bunch of tips and tricks!

In this week’s ‘Sharing Insights’ interview, we’re having a Slack chat with April, who proves to us that one can still commit to digital detoxing even whilst working from home.

Hiya April!

We’re talking to April via the chat function in Slack. She prefers to take some time to write down her answers instead of jumping on a video call, since she has taken on a bit of digital detoxing. “Great! We’ll stick to “old fashioned” typing instead.”

Casumo: “How’s the digital detox going so far? Have you replaced some screentime with workout routines or how are you going about this?”

April: “So far so good! And yes, instead of scrolling through Instagram in the mornings before going to work, I’ve decided to use that time for some proper stretching on my Yoga mat. When I finish working, instead of switching to Netflix, I now dedicate some time to my Yoga or Pilates practice – 1/2 an hour to an hour, depending on how I feel.”

Casumo: “Could you recommend any apps or websites that you find especially useful while working from home?”

April: “No specific apps or websites, but I do have something fun to recommend to people who are used to video calls with a lot of people joining simultaneously. It’s called Google Meet Grid View and it’s a Chrome extension that you can download to see everyone on the call at the same time, in a grid view. It really makes these calls a lot of fun!”

Casumo: “How do you make sure that you take your breaks away from the laptop screen?

April: “I make sure to have my lunch away from my desk. I think it’s very important to be ‘digital free’ while eating. Also, I am lucky to have a very nice view from my window so when I have my breaks I will take a moment to look outside and allow my eyes some time to relax, away from the screen.”

Casumo: “Do you have any best ‘working from home’ practices that you could share with us?“

April: “I think routine is very important when you’re working from home. I like to start my day by making the bed and having a cup of warm water. After that I have my stretch session to really wake up the entire body and properly kick off the day. After getting dressed, I make myself a nice cup of coffee and some breakfast and I will go through my to-do list in my head while brushing my teeth – and then I write them down on a sticky note and stick it on top of my notebook. Usually, I close my laptop around 6PM and I won’t open it back up until the next morning.

That’s it, that’s my daily routine. While I was writing it down, I realised that it might sound a bit boring? Haha, that’s OK, I feel very content this way.”

Casumo: “Perfect, that’s exactly what matters! Everyone needs to find their personal routine that they’re comfortable with.”

Casumo: “What is your favourite tool that helps you do your work remotely?”

April: “My cats and good coffee :cat: :coffee:”

Casumo: “Any book(s) that you’re currently reading?”

April: “I just started reading The infinite view by Ellen Tadd, a clairvoyant counselor. She is pretty spiritual, but the way of thinking about her own life is very inspiring.”

Casumo: “Did you find yourself picking up any new indoor hobbies or interests? Anything you could recommend?”

April: “YES! Since I’m fully embracing my digital detox, I’m determined to learn how to play the guitar – something that has been on my wish list for more than 2 years now!”

Casumo: “Oh, that’s amazing. Thank you April, we’d love to hear you play sometime soon and good luck with the continuation of your digital detox!”

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