Meet Jurgis, our Casumo Live Dealer who sounds like an American spy.

Meet Jurgis and take a peek into the world of Casumo’s Live Casino
In the second mini-series of our ‘Sharing Insights’ interviews, we’re chatting with the people who keep the Roulette wheels spinning at Casumo’s very own Live Casino Studio in Riga, Latvia. They’re a team of truly dedicated entertainers, committed to providing a top notch level of fun.

In this week’s ‘Sharing Insights’ interview, we’re having a one-to-one with Jurgis from our Live Dealer team. His thing? Sounding like an American spy, apparently…

Hi Jurgis!

Jurgis is having some well deserved downtime after his shift as we join him for a cup of coffee.

Casumo: “What is the strangest thing someone has ever said to you in the live chat?”

Jurgis: “Somebody told me once that I sound like an American spy. Not sure if I relate to it much, though. Actually all it did was make me wonder what spies are supposed to sound like, haha! Something else that comes to mind is the time when a player helped me write lyrics for a song. Maybe that shouldn’t be labelled as strange though, it was pretty amazing.”

Casumo: “Ohh! You do know what we’re going to ask you at the end of this interview, right?

Could you share the best thing about your job?”

Jurgis: “I would say the best thing about my job is the fact that it’s literally never boring. I entertain myself whilst entertaining others so to speak, especially if I sense that the players appreciate what I’m doing.”

Casumo Live Dealer - Jurgis

Casumo: “If you would have to divide your time into percentages, how much of your time would you say that you’re improvising, on autopilot or scripted?”

Jurgis: “I always make an effort to improvise, to make my sessions as fun as possible. I’d say that 80% of my shifts are improvisation and 20% autopilot; nothing from my end is scripted!”

Casumo: “How do you prepare yourself for a live session?”

Jurgis: “I think the most important thing is to be well rested and as long as I start a shift energized, the rest will follow! I never practice in front of a mirror or anything like that, I believe it keeps my sessions more natural and brings them to life.”

Casumo: “Do you have any weird routines to keep you alert that you could tell us about?”

Jurgis: “All it takes for me to stay alert is to avoid conversations with my colleagues mid-round when everybody is making decisions.”

Casumo: “How would friends describe your personality?”

Jurgis: “They’d say that I’m the calmest and most patient person ever.”

Casumo: “Awww….

Do you feel that you have a similar persona in front of the camera and “offline”?

Jurgis: “No, actually not at all! I enjoy acting a bit crazy at the tables, but once i’m off-camera, I’m very quiet. I also like to play different characters in front of the camera, depending on my mood. I’ve had quite some experience performing in front of larger audiences at my local theatre when I was younger so perhaps that’s where that stems from.”

Casumo: “It sounds like performing comes naturally to you. Do you have any TV or big screen plans for yourself in the foreseeable future?”

Jurgis: “As far as acting goes, no, but as long as they broadcast drift races, I may have some plans…”

Casumo: “We’re not your usual live casino brand, would you say that you feel connected to the look and feel of the studio and your outfits for example?”

Jurgis: “The studio is very bright and cosy at the same time. On top of that I’m wearing a snazzy suit and everything looks good, so I wouldn’t want to ruin the picture! I think it definitely helps me to perform better.”

Casumo: “So happy to hear that Jurgis, we can’t wait to see you improv your heart out on stage again! Now we’ll leave you in peace to enjoy the rest of your coffee.”

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