Meet Karlis and take a peek into the world of Casumo’s Live Casino
In the second mini-series of our ‘Sharing Insights’ interviews, we’re chatting with the people who keep the Roulette wheels spinning at Casumo’s very own Live Casino Studio in Riga, Latvia. They’re a team of truly dedicated entertainers, committed to providing a top notch level of fun.

This week, we’re asking Karlis from our Live Dealer team a couple of questions. He shares the best thing about his job and tells us about his future plans where he would like Keanu Reeves to star in his historical short film.

Howdy Karlis!

As soon as we’re entering our Live Studio in the city centre of Riga, a friendly face makes his way towards us. “Welcome to our castle!”he smiles as we’re stepping towards each other. He introduces himself as Karlis and we decide to bombard him with questions right away.

Me: “Could you share the best thing about your job?”

Karlis: “It’s actually a lot like a nice get together while out there in “the pit”. Talking, sharing stories with colleagues and players. Besides that, I personally enjoy all sorts of odds. Once I had a 3 come out of the shoe 8 times in a row.

With 8 decks?! Slim chance of seeing that happening, ever!

Me: “If you would have to divide your time into percentages, how much of your time would you say that you’re improvising, on autopilot or scripted?”

Karlis: “Erm… That’s a bit hard to answer, I guess it’s a mix. Because when I’m talking to the players, I consider myself a show host, an entertainer, and I’ll talk about current events or things that happened in the news. As for the game procedures, those I do on autopilot, but of course I always have to be ready to pull the breaks.”

Me: “What’s the strangest thing someone has ever written to you in the live chat?”

Karlis: “The oddest thing that was said to me was when I was seated at the Roulette table. A player joined and said “Woah! You’re looking so relaxed. Could you please stop doing that? It’s making me nervous.”

Meet friendly chattermouth Karlis, a Casumo Live Dealer

Me: “This does make me wonder whether the player would’ve felt relaxed when you’d have acted all nervous…”

Me: “Do you ever practice in front of a mirror or with friends / family?”

Karlis: “No, I’ve never actually done that! Though I do play out all sorts of scenarios over and over again in my own head.”

Me: “Do you feel that you have a similar “persona” in front and outside of the camera?

Karlis: “Maybe I’m slightly more toned-down when in front of the camera. As in, the kind of topics I would talk about or the jokes I would make, but still, yes, pretty much the same.”

Me: “Got it. Same-same, but different.”

Me: “Did you have any camera or studio experience before you started working with Casumo?”

Karlis: “Yes. Before starting work with Casumo I worked as a game presenter for Evolution Gaming for almost 3,5 years.”

Me: “Any TV or big screen plans for yourself in the foreseeable future?”

Karlis: “None – unless that’s an offer? Just kidding. I do however have plans for a historical short film. It would be great if someone like Keanu Reeves could play the role of both main characters. Wearing different make-up to give just enough of that ‘we are similar, but different’ kind of feeling.”

Me: “Please do let me know when that master piece comes out of production, Karlis!”

Me: “We’re not your usual live casino brand, would you say that you feel connected to the look and feel of the studio and your outfits for example?”

Karlis: “Most certainly. It’s different than any other studio I’ve seen, same for the outfit! I like that it really stands out, it’s fresh and different.”

Me: “How do you prepare yourself for a live session?”

Karlis: “I make sure to rest well, I read up on events that happened on that particular day and I listen to podcasts to collect material that I could use in my conversations with players and colleagues during my shift.”

Me: “How would friends describe your personality?”

Karlis: “Probably something along the lines of ‘A nice, cool guy who talks way too much’, haha!”

Me: “And I’m starting to feel that that’s pretty accurate! So on that note, Karlis, I’m going to thank you for telling us all about your job as a Live Dealer. It sure sounds like you have a great thing going here at the Casumo Studio!”

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