Meet Adrianne, a Casumo Live Dealer with a positive attitude.

Meet Live Dealer Adrianne and take a peek into the world of Casumo’s Live Casino

In the second mini-series of our ‘Sharing Insights’ interviews, we’re chatting with our live dealers, the people who keep the Roulette wheels spinning at Casumo’s very own Live Casino Studio in Riga, Latvia.

They’re a team of truly dedicated entertainers, committed to providing a top notch level of fun.

In this week’s ‘Sharing Insights’ interview, we’re talking to Live Dealer Adrianne from our Live Dealer team, who likes to practice her lines in front of a mirror whilst listening to music.

Hola Adrianne!

Before we need to leave our Live Studio to head back to Riga airport, we have time for one last interview with Live Dealer Adrianne.

Casumo: What is the strangest thing someone has ever said / written to you in the live chat?

Adrianne: “I have heard my share of strange things, but the two weirdest comments must have been whether I could help fix someone’s internet connection and whether I could cook up a medium rare steak, whilst dealing cards, haha!”

Casumo: “Challenge…accepted?? Could you share the best thing about your job?”

Adrianne: “Do you feel excited to go to work? Well, I do! Knowing that I will see my colleagues-turned-into-friends, have some nice chats before my shift, and also the fact that every day is completely different from the other. My job is giving me a lot of energy and positive vibes!”

Casumo: “We totally hear you! Casumo has done a fantastic job all round with creating a great office vibe and culture.

How do you prepare yourself for a live session? Do you ever practice in front of a mirror or with friends / family?”

Adrianne: “Yes! To prepare myself for the live sessions, all I need is some good music, a nice cup of tea and a mirror right in front of me. For me personally, it’s the best way to practice.”

Casumo: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall… who’s the best Live Dealer of them all…

How would friends describe your personality?”

Adrianne: “My friends would describe me as a positive person, who can keep up a conversation, but especially when it’s food related!

They’ll probably also tell you that I’m someone who will make you laugh when you’re feeling sad and who will try to help you when needed.”

Casumo: “We’re not your usual live casino brand, would you say that you feel connected to the look and feel of the studio and your outfits for example?”

Adrianne: “I can definitely do a better job when I feel completely comfortable. Casumo allows us to be ourselves, to show real emotion, and to share our actual thoughts with players and colleagues.

The super cool, bright and comfy outfits are a great bonus, of course!.”

Casumo: “Could you walk us through the most memorable win / winner story / win reaction you’ve experienced in the studio?”

Adrianne: “I’ll tell you about two of my most memorable wins I have had so far. The first one happened when one of the players won with suited trips two times in a row, he was extremely happy, as you can imagine.

The other time was when I dealt 7 or even 8 Black Jacks in a row for one single person, I couldn’t believe it!”

Casumo: “Great insights into the life of a Live Dealer, thank you so much for your time, Adrianne. Our time is up, we’ve gotta run if we want to be in time for our flight. Hope to see you again very soon!”

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