Meet Vladlena, our slightly clumsy Casumo Live Dealer

Meet Vladlena and take a peek into the world of Casumo’s Live Casino

In the second mini-series of our ‘Sharing Insights’ interviews, we’re chatting with Vladlena, one of the people who keep the Roulette wheels spinning at Casumo’s very own Live Casino Studio in Riga, Latvia. They’re a team of truly dedicated entertainers, committed to providing a top-notch level of fun.

In this week’s ‘Sharing Insights’ interview, we’re chatting with Vladlena from our Live Dealer team. She’s a true master of improvisation, though appears to be slightly clumsy from time to time…

Hey there Vladlena!

Next up on stage is Vladlena, but before she jumps on, we ask her to take a seat with us for a quick chat.

Me: “Could you share the best thing about your job?”

Vladlena: “That’s the best question you could ask me! I will try to keep it short. For me, the people are the best part, Casumo feels like a family. I always have fun being at work and the atmosphere is warm and cozy. Being able to communicate with all of our customers from different countries makes my working experience pretty magical. Everyday I learn something new about their cultures and languages or about how our countries differ – and all of that without leaving the studio! It just feels good being at work, even if I’m sad, my colleagues will make sure that I’ll feel better, I love my team!”

Me: “If you would have to divide your time into percentages, how much of your time would you say that you’re improvising, on autopilot or scripted?”

Vladlena: “I would say that I’m improvising about 90% of the time! The other 10% are just the standard work procedures that have to take place, such as a shoe change or a wheel cleaning.”

Me: “That’s an insanely high improv percentage, truly very impressive!”

Me: “How do you prepare yourself for a live session? Do you ever practice in front of a mirror or with friends / family?”

Vladlena: “All I do is have an espresso and put a big smile on my face. Everything else is simply improv, because I rarely ever practice. I was in theatre as a student, so I’m used to improvise on stage. Often people would forget their lines, so we had to change up our scene on the spot while staying in line with the general idea of the script. It’s the same at work when I step on stage, say something silly and just decide to go with it. There’s never a dull day, that’s for sure.”

Me: “Do you have any weird routines to keep you alert that you could tell us about?”

Vladlena: “I follow some Instagram accounts, YouTube channels and Facebook pages that share funny facts and interesting stories. Have you ever thought about what happens if you flip an hourglass on its side…? It becomes an infinity sign and time stops ticking! Maybe it sounds silly, but to me it seems like random facts like these make people smile plus they’re great conversation starters.”

Me: “How would friends describe your personality?”

Vladlena: “They’ll say that I’m fun, sweet, spontaneous and crazy – in a good way, of course. And that I’m a good listener. But the first thing they’ll tell you is that I’m super clumsy. There’s been quite a few moments where I was being clumsy on camera. Hopefully no one was recording… For example, once when I was getting up from the table I bumped into the corner with my leg and fell flat on the floor. That might actually be the best way to describe me, haha.”

Me: “Could slapstick comedy be your actual calling…?”

“Do you feel that you have a similar persona in front of the camera and “offline”?

Vladlena: “I never try to fake my personality in front of the cameras, I don’t like that and I prefer to just be myself. Offline I’m a little bit crazier and perhaps more spontaneous.”

Me: “I second that. Being yourself sounds like the best version of you, Vladlena!”

“We’re not your usual live casino brand, would you say that you feel connected to the look and feel of the studio and your outfits for example?”

Vladlena: “Yes, everything is so colourful and a real treat for the eyes. The uniform definitely fits the atmosphere of our environment – and it’s comfortable enough to dance and run around in when on stage!”

Me: “That’s exactly the question we asked ourselves when we had them made, “Sure, they’re colourful, but are they danceable…?”.

“Could you walk us through the most memorable win / winner story / win reaction you’ve experienced in the studio?”

Vladlenda: “I witnessed some pretty cool wins, especially from side bets at the Blackjack table. Once there was a player who won 3 out of 4 rounds with three-of-a-kind side bet wins! That was amazing. But my most memorable moment was when 4 out of the 5 seats that were taken won with Blackjacks in one round, how crazy is that?!”

Me: “Pretty darn crazy Vladlena, pretty darn crazy. We’d like to thank you so much for sharing a bit of your craziness with us here today. We thoroughly enjoyed talking to you. Please don’t let us keep you any longer and run over to the stage, preferable without tripping though, haha!”

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