Happy. Unbelievably happy. That’s how we all feel at the a-ma-ma-zing news that a lucky guy took away a colossal €3,317,639 jackpot on the 30th of March. Our 28-year-old friend from Sweden was playing Mega Fortune last Thursday afternoon when he hit the jackpot on a €2.50 spin. Magicness!

This is the 4th multimillion win on Casumo and we’re sooo delighted to welcome another instant millionaire to the Casumo ranks. It’s also the second biggest win ever recorded at Casumo. Just 9 months ago, David from Sweden grabbed a fantabulous €2,971,469.79 jackpot. A year ago 31-year old casumo from the UK took home €2,700,000 on the 3rd spin and back in 2013, it was a Finnish player who won €3,330,000.

High five to our friend!

Stay tuned, since we’ll have more news and information to share with you about this big win soon.