Quantum Roulette Live

At Casumo, everything is the same but different. An online casino: yes! Like the rest: definitely not. Users enjoy upgrades, loyalty programs, and daily races. It all comes together to make the Casumo online casino experience different.. In effect: much the same as Quantum Roulette. You take one of the world’s oldest betting games and you give it a 21st century twist. You enhance the experience to add value. It’s the same – but better.

The Wheel of Time

Roulette has been on quite a journey in the past two decades. As the 1990s came to a close, online casinos were still working at the coalface of technology. The challenge was to create Random Number Generators that would be truly, well, random. Sceptics would play online casino games for days to try and uncover patterns. Developers would spend months trying to remove them. Roulette is, theoretically, a random game, powered by a wheel and ball that behaves in an unpredictable manner. Random number generators, RNGs, use complex algorithms and real world events to stay random. They have to be audited and tested constantly to ensure their ‘randomness’.

Quantum Roulette Live Streaming

As Internet connectivity improved and speeds increased, the live casino format became increasingly viable; streaming live video, from a real casino, with croupiers, dealers, cards, roulette tables and more. Basically, dropping Las Vegas into your lounge.  Sure enough: pioneers like Playtech set up operations and by the mid 2000s, the Live Casino format was up and running. Like most new technology, it took time for users to gain confidence. The Casumo Live Casino is streamed from a huge, custom-designed, 8,500 sq/m studio in Riga, Latvia. The operation runs 24/7, 365 days a year, employing more than 500 multi-lingual croupiers and dealers from around the world.

The Quantum Factor

And one of the games drawing the crowds and the clicks is Quantum Roulette. In the game, players pick numbers as per any regular game of roulette. All the usual options are at your fingertips: street, corner, split, inside, even, odd, red, black, and – of course - the straight up bet: on a single number. This is where it gets interesting. Before each spin of the reel, playing Quantum Roulette, a giant screen appears and up to five multipliers appear. These can range from 50x up to 500x. The multipliers are assigned to a randomly chosen number or numbers. To get the multiplier, you must have made a straight up, single, bet on the chosen number. If it hits, you win. The result: your stake gets multiplied. In effect: a £10 bet on a 500x number could net you £5,000. That’s what Quantum Roulette is all about. To simplify the betting process, you can use the Bet Creator or Lucky Dip features. Both help you select straight up bets. You can also check out the table’s form and study the statistics. If you think there is a bias, here’s where you can take advantage.

Quantum Roulette Live: In Conclusion

Quantum Roulette, at the Casumo Live Casino, is the perfect example of old school mechanics and cutting edge technology; a real roulette wheel, enhanced by randomly generated multipliers. All linked to your account and streamed to your desktop or mobile. Fun to play and engaging to watch. You can chat and interact with the croupier and play as little or as much as you like. If the multiplier lands, it’s all good.  

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