World Cup 2022 Semi Final Odds

The wait is almost up as the FIFA World Cup is nearly here. Qatar is hosting the 2022 edition, which means we are in for some great matches in some of the world's newest stadiums. The country has prepared for the tournament well in advance. Qatar has built eight stadiums specifically for the FIFA 2022 World Cup. These stadiums boast intricate designs that weave the nation's culture into modern standards of luxury. They have even included some forward-thinking elements of sustainability in the build.

Qatar is the first Arabic country to host a FIFA World Cup. It would also be only the second time an Asian country has hosted FIFA in the tournament's history. This is after Japan and South Korea co-hosted the World Cup in 2002.

The FIFA World Cup of 2022 has football fans as excited as ever.. Brazil, Germany, France, Argentina and Italy, but there are some more teams that always show a great level of promise. We promise to keep you updated on all the action that comes with the FIFA World Cup, so stay tuned.

The tournament's first match will be played by the host nation against an opposing team that is yet to be announced. This match will take place on November 21st, 2022. The first matches have always been exciting, even for non-football-lovers. It begins with a grand inauguration by international artists.. This year's two semi-finals will be on December 13th and 14th, 2022. The winning two teams will play in the final on December 18th, 2022.

Tournament Structure of FIFA 2022

The 32 countries that have made it as finalists for the FIFA tournament will be divided into 4 pots. This is done based on their FIFA ranking. However, there has been an alteration to this division over the years. After placing the top 4 teams according to their ranking, they fall into divisions as per their continental confederation. A draw system picks the first team in each group, deciding the first round of matches.

Groups A to H have four teams each. These teams play against each other. The winners and runner-up teams from each group proceed to the knockout round. Here, they compete against each other once again. Consequently, the emerging winners compete against winners of different groups in a category known as round 16. The 8 teams that win these matches proceed to the Quarter Finals. Subsequently, the teams that win move on to the Semi-Finals. Finally, the best team wins the World Cup. The two teams that do not make it to the Final compete against each other to determine the third-place holder.

FIFA Semi Final History

The FIFA World Cup has consistently lived up to its glory as a global event. While all tournaments have entertained fans, some matches stand out more than others. The 2018 Semi-Final between England and Croatia is one such match. England reached this stage of the tournament for the first time after 1966. On the other hand, Croatia entered the Semi-Finals for the first time as an independent nation in 1998 and for the second time in 2018. England's Kieran Trippier scored a great goal from 20 yards away in this match. However, 68 minutes into the game, Croatia scored, which took the match to an exciting period of extra time.

England suffered several missed chances in the match and as what tends to happen, were made to regret them when Croatia scored with just 10 minutes  of Extra Time remaining. They held on and the victorious Croatia moved ahead to face France in the Final.

Brazil, Germany and Italy have entered the Semi-Finals more times than others. Brazil holds the record for most wins in the FIFA World Cup. They have won the tournament an impressive five times, with their latest victory in 2002. Germany and Italy have won four times each. Germany's latest victory was in 2014 and Italy's in 2006.

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