Terms and Conditions

All registered Casumo players are able to opt-in to Casumo Jackpots.

In order to participate in Casumo Jackpot, players must opt-In to Casumo Jackpots and play in one of the eligible Games.

Casumo Jackpots consists of 4 progressive jackpots added to specific games. After a player opts in to Casumo Jackpots, a portion of their bets on any of the qualifying games is added to Casumo Jackpots.

By opting-in, the player agrees to be charged for the Jackpot bet, which will be deducted every game round as an additional bet.

The cost per Jackpot bet is $0.10/$0.12 and cannot be changed.

Jackpot bets will only be placed using a player’s real money balance.

The initial bet will be for the normal game play and the Jackpot bet is considered a separate transaction outside of the normal game and will be deducted separately from your Real Money Balance. If a player does not have enough Real Money balance to cover for the Jackpot Bet after the initial bet, then the Jackpot Bet will be automatically cancelled and ther player will be notified onsite.

The deduction of the jackpot bet will be reflected in the player’s balance after the initial game round on one of the eligible games. The Jackpot transaction can be viewed separately in the player’s ‘Casumo bet history’.

The Jackpot can trigger on any game round, and the winner is picked at random.

The Jackpot consists of a wheel divided into different colors. Each segment is associated with a different progressive jackpot.

Depending on where the wheel stops, a player can win one of the progressive jackpots.

When one game round makes a claim for a certain jackpot, it is locked for that game round and simultaneously assured that no other game round can claim the same jackpot. Therefore, it is technically not possible to have two simultaneous wins of the same jackpot.

The Jackpot winnings will automatically be transferred to the player’s Real Money account.

All Jackpot winnings are paid out in cash to the player’s Real Money account, and can be withdrawable.

Progressive Jackpot wins are subject to verification by Casumo and the software supplier. All decisions are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

The Progressive Jackpot amounts are displayed in-game in real-time.

Jackpot values displayed in the jackpot bar can be delayed by up to 30 seconds.

The amount paid out is the Jackpot value on the casino server when a jackpot is won. Every effort is made to ensure that the Jackpot value displayed in the jackpot bar is the same as the one on the casino server.

The displayed Jackpot win can, due to rounding, marginally differ from the actual win.

There is no upper limit on progressive jackpot values.

Jackpot Mechanics

Casumo Jackpots contains Mega, Major, Minor and Mini jackpots. The Following Contributions are made from each bet:

  • 20% of the jackpot bet is contributed to the Mini Jackpot.
  • 20% of the jackpot bet is contributed to the Minor Jackpot.
  • 35% of the jackpot bet is contributed to the Major Jackpot.
  • 25% of the jackpot bet is contributed to the Mega Jackpot.

When a Jackpot is won, the start-up value for the next Jackpot is:

  • Mini: 5 EUR/USD
  • Minor: 20 EUR/USD
  • Major: 500 EUR/USD
  • Mega: 100,000 EUR/USD

The RTP of the Jackpot is 80%.

The RTP of the eligible games is separate and does not affect the Jackpot. The RTP of the related games may differ; please see the game rules in each Eligible Game for its RTP value.

If the communication between Casumo and the Jackpot server fails, the game becomes unavailable. There will be no contributions or claims towards the Jackpots. The Jackpot amounts remain the same until communication is resumed.

The list of eligible games for the Casumo Jackpots can vary based on game availability from where the player is playing. To see the full list of eligible games, please refer to the promotion site.

Casumo reserves the right to discontinue the Jackpot at any time. Player contributions that have already been made to a Jackpot that is discontinued will be put forward to a future Jackpot.

General Terms

This offer is limited to one offer per person (one offer per household address, IP, email address, telephone number, payment method). Players using a shared computer can only have one account per computer or IP address. In case of accounts found to be sharing the details previously mentioned, Casumo reserves the right to confiscate the funds on the accounts and/or block the accounts, in line with Casumo General Terms and Conditions.

By opting in to the Casumo Jackpots, all participants will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. All Casumo General Terms and Conditions apply in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions and the General Casino Bonus Terms.

Casumo accepts no responsibility whatsoever for system or connection problems that might affect any end user during any of these promotions.

General Terms and Conditions apply