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Reel Races

  1. The ‘Reel Races’ are a Video Slots tournament based promotion.
  2. The Reel Races start at specific times during the day and only run for a certain amount of time.
  3. The Reel Races are time based. Only spins that are fully completed within each Reel Race timeframe will count towards your total.
  4. Players must opt-in to each race.
  5. Each Race has a limited amount of spins available.
  6. Only spins from qualifying game after the start of the Reel Race count towards your total. The eligible game for each Reel Race will be displayed next to the related Reel Race.
  7. Reel Races can be played on qualifying games only.
  8. Once the maximum number of the Reel Race spins has been completed, no further points will be awarded.
  9. The winning players will be determined using a ranking system
  10. The ranking is determined using the following calculation system:
    1. For every win, 2 points will be awarded
    2. For every big win (15 times the last bet or more), 20 points will be awarded
    3. For every 3 wins in a row, 5 points will be awarded
    4. For every 2 big wins, 35 points will be awarded
    5. For every Mega Win (30 times the last bet or more), 100 points will be awarded
  11. You can participate in a Reel Race using Real Money or Bonus Money. Use of Free/Bonus Spins earned through other promotions will not count towards leaderboard progression.
  12. In the event of a tie where players finished the Reel Race with the same number of points, the winner will be decided by the player who achieved the final score first.
  13. All prizes will immediately be credited following the conclusion of the Reel Race.
  14. In the event of a technical issue the Reel Race will be declared null and void.
  15. Casumo General Terms and Conditions apply.