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News  •  2 days ago
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Oh look, new games! We cannot stop adding more games even though we have over 500 of them here on casumo.com. And if you have a favourite game that is not currently on Casumo, tell us about it. Just drop a comment below and we’ll see what we can do.

Here’s a selection of the cool shiny new games we’ve just made available for you:

Sam on the Beach


Oh crab. It’s time to plan the summer fun, with sandy beaches, fruity cocktails and lots of sun. Head to the Caribbean and have a great time with Electric Sam and his family. Reel in 243 ways to win with Beach Memories Respin feature, sticky wilds, respins, multipliers and a Free Spins Bonus game with up to 15 free spins. To the beach!

Secret Romance


Sshhhh! It’s a secret. What you need to do is simple. Just put on your trendy mask, wear some perfume, gems and a bunch of red roses for a romantic night of free spins, multipliers, wilds and scatters. There’s also an am-am-azing 1,800,000 coin jackpot up for grabs. Try some Secret Romance.

Fruit vs Candy


Hey sweetie. Be a good gummy bear and get your daily ration of fruits and candy with Sugar Rush Bonus feature, Fruit Free Spins and the Candy Free Spins feature. Spin those candied reels!

Hot Sync


Get in the hot seat and spin some fiery fun. Turn the reels on fire with the Hot Sync Respin feature, Hot Sync Wilds and a Free Spins feature where you get 8 free spins and wins of up to 2,848 times your stake on each spin. Sync up.

Joker Pro


Wanna be a joker? Do it like a pro with the scatters, wilds and the Joker Pro Re-Spins feature – get three wilds on those reels and win 1,000 times your stake. Five diamonds on a payline reward you with 200 times your line stake, or 20 times your bet. Try Joker Pro.

Gypsy Moon


Let the gypsy lady wild tell your fortune with her tarot cards and crystal balls as the light of the silvery Gypsy Moon guides you through 243 ways to win with the SuperPlay feature, a Free Spins Bonus feature, scatters and multipliers. Five moons on a payline in the SuperPlay feature award you 100 times your stake. Unleash the magic.

Hall of Gods (mobile)


What would you do if you became a millionaire? Ye gods! Sail through the ancient wild seas and uncover three wild Midgard Serpents for big wins. Three or more scatters activate the Free Spins feature. Obtain three of Thor’s hammers to trigger the Pick Win feature and get a chance to win one of the three progressive jackpots. Ca-ching!

Emperor’s Gold


Wowza. Discover the treasures of the orient with expanding wilds, sticky expanding wilds, a Free Spins game that awards up to 40 free spins, a Big Bet game and a Super Bonus Dragons Trail which rewards you with extra big bet spins and free spins. Dig the Emperor’s Gold!

Lady of Egypt


By the milk in Cleopatra’s bath. Take a horizontal reel trip to ancient Egypt and uncover the riches of the old kings with Speed Spins, Expanded Pay, wilds, scatters, multipliers and a Free Spins Bonus feature. But wait, there’s moar! Three jackpot games give you the chance to take away some big wins. Meet the Lady of Egypt.



Brrrrrrrr. Take a spin under the starry night sky of the frozen tundra and collect brightly coloured snowflakes with The Icy Wild and The Wild Wind features, scatters and multipliers. Get up to 30 free spins in the Frozen Wilds Free Games with locked wilds throughout. Get five 8-point snowflakes on a payline and grab 400 coins or better still, find five wild symbols on a payline to win 500 coins. Show me Snowflakes.

Jackpot Jester 50.000


No joke. Spin the reels to align fruits, lucky sevens, a jester or a golden bell. The wild jester substitutes for all symbols. Activate the Super Game feature where you can win big or the Jester Jackpot to get a chance to win a prize that’s 500 times your stake. Play now.

Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist


Hey pistolero. Wanna try your hand at being a train robber for a lil while? Jump aboard, draw your six-shooter, aim and shoot straight with Free Spins, Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers and the Pick and Click feature to reveal the contents of the safe. Join the wild bunch.

Prissy Princess


Bam-da-da-daaa. The medieval fanfares sound and the contest to win the Prissy Princess’s hand has begun. Enter the bonus game and pick the most gallant knight or dragon to fight for her heart. Along the path you’ll encounter Scatters, Wilds, Re-spins, Multipliers and, if you’re a valiant champion, even a treasure chest. Let the tourney begin!

That’s all folks

That’s the end of this new games roundup. Here at Casumo we’re constantly adding new amazeballs games, every week, all year round because we can’t stop fighting boredom. After all you cannot put a hold on a quest to have fun. Try our new games now to find your favourite among them.

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Oh Dice! Can you spot the 7 pips?

News  •  7 days ago
casumo puzzle

Hey puzzle-lovers. Here at Casumo we just love brain teasers, so we’re back with a new can-you-spot puzzle that will make your eyes water. Literally.

The tribe of the Regular Dice gathered secretly in the wee hours of morning to discuss the threat of the Loaded Dice, a new kind of dice-race that’s trying to take over their place at the tables. They never realised that a Loaded die had sneaked into this secret meeting to spy on them.

The bad-die can be clearly identified because it has 7 pips on one face. Can you help the regular Dice identify the 7-pipped die hidden among them?


dice puzzle

When you spot it, simply slip a comment below and let us know its location.

Blurry vision alert! Fair warning.

Good luck in your search mate, it’s time to roll the dice!

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How to find free spins after deposit

News  •  8 days ago
free spins

Hello friend. Are you having a rough time finding your sneaky free spins? Worry not.

Your Free Spins are safe and sound in the valuables area, waiting to be activated. Here’s how to find them:

Finding your free spins on Casumo mobile


  1. Log in to your casumo account.
  2. In the top bar, tap Valuables. This takes you to your inventory.
  3. Select the desired valuable to activate the free spins. The game starts automatically.

Finding your free spins on Casumo desktop


  1. Log in to your casumo account.
  2. From the menu on the left, click your username. This takes you to your inventory.
  3. Click the desired valuable to activate the free spins. The game starts automatically.

And now, go have the time of your life. Mucho luck!

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How to select a valuable on deposit

Casumo Likes, News  •  8 days ago

Hola Amigo. Are you a bit unsure on how to select a valuable when depositing money into your Casumo account? Fear not, we’re here to help.

Here’s how to do it:

Selecting a valuable on Casumo mobile


  1. Log in to your Casumo account.
  2. From the main screen, tap the currency amount in the top section.
  3. Verify that your deposit method is correct.
  4. Tap the valuable icon in the top right corner.
  5. From the available list, tap the valuable you want to use.
  6. Tap the amount to deposit from available options or tap the calculator icon to key in a custom amount.
  7. Tap the arrow to complete your deposit.

Selecting a valuable on Casumo desktop


  1. Log in to your Casumo account.
  2. From the menu on the left, click the currency amount.
  3. In the Pay With area, verify that your deposit method is correct.
  4. In the Unused Valuable area, use the arrows to scroll between available valuables.
  5. Click Yes please.
  6. Use the slider to select the amount to deposit.
  7. Click Deposit.

There you go! All done. Now you go right to your favourite games and have some fun.

Cannot find those sneaky Free Spins after you made a deposit? Worry not. Check this out: How to find free spins after deposit

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Lucky? Luckier? Luckiest?

Casumo Likes, News  •  13 days ago

Prize or dare? Luck means different things to different people. What is good luck for you? And do you have any in store today? It’s what Casumo asked passersby in London cause we’re cray cray curious ‘bout these things. So we went down to a spot near the Tower Bridge to find out.

But we didn’t just ask. We created a fun game of chance and offered random people to pick a card. Some of the cards gave an instant cash prize, other cards contained a dare which the contestant needed to perform there and then. These were some of the dares people picked:

  • Put on a snorkeling mask and ask someone where the swimming pool is
  • Perform a mime wearing white gloves and all
  • Ask for a stranger’s number
  • Do a dance in public and try to get other people involved
  • Hold up a ‘looking for a date’ sign for five mins
  • Ask someone where Tower Bridge or Tower of London is
  • Scroll through your phone and call the first number it lands on
  • Put on a hi-vis jacket and tell people to stop taking selfies

Some are lucky, some are not, but if you feel lucky after watching our video, start playing in our online casino today and enjoy 200 Free Spins in addition to a £1200 welcome offer. Good luck!

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