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May fortune favour you on St Paddy’s Day

Campaigns  •  5 days ago
Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours Cash Drop at Casumo

By all the mended shoes. To mark the upcoming celebratory weekend of the patron saint of Éire, here at Casumo Casino we’re running a St Patrick’s Day cash drop raffle in Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours with a lucky pot of £10K. Now that calls for a shindig.

“Holy shamrock, it’s cash-droppin’ time”

Yup, so this is it. The perfect time to find out whether you’ve got the luck of the Irish. To grab the chance to find that pot of gold, you’ll need to play for £20 or more in Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours before the end of Sunday, 18th of March. That’s all, it’s as simple as spotting a rainbow. Play £20 and you’ll be automagically taking part in the raffle. The 1st prize winner goes home with a juicy £5,000 cash; but fear not, we’ve got some green prizes for places 2-10 as well.

Good luck!

Blimey, did you know that…

… rather than green, St. Patrick wore blue, which can still be seen on ancient Irish flags.
… Saint Patrick was actually born in Britain in the late 3rd century as ‘Maewyn Succat’.
… a shamrock was meant to represent the Holy Trinity: God, Son and the Holy Spirit.
… St. Patrick’s Day is the most commonly celebrated patron saints day in the UK.
… “Erin go Bragh!” means “Ireland Forever!”
… to celebrate the event, the Chicago River, Chicago, is dyed green every year on St. Paddy’s.

+1000 games at Casumo

We looked at the Casumo stats over the past year to see if we could find any patterns on which casino games Irish people were playing. These are the Top 10 most played games in Ireland!

  1. Book of Dead
  2. Starburst
  3. White Rabbit
  4. Book of Ra Deluxe
  5. Mighty Arthur
  6. Foxin Wins
  7. Big Bad Wolf
  8. Mega Fortune Dreams
  9. Pink Elephants
  10. Gonzos Quest

Terms & Conditions

  • Play at Casumo for real money between Friday 16th March and Sunday 18th March 23:59.
  • Play for a minimum of £20 in Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours and you will automatically enter the cash drop raffle.
  • Winners will be randomly picked and contacted via email on the 19th March.
  • Prizes will be credited as cash into the winners casumo account.

List of cash prizes

  • 1st: £5,000
  • 2nd: £2,500
  • 3rd: £1,000
  • 4th: £700
  • 5th: £300
  • 6-10th: £100

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Brit wins £85,931 with a £30 bet on Mega Fortune Dreams

Winners  •  6 days ago
Brit wins jackpot at Casumo

New week, new big win at Casumo. Days after Lee from Ireland won £122,330 (while having lunch and playing Mega Fortune Dreams on mobile on a roof!), a new jackpot was won by our English friend who grabbed £85,931 with a £30 bet on Mega Fortune Dreams. That’s the third jackpot at Casumo this year. Wow-oh-wow.

All of this sweetness happened on 02 March 2018 while was playing the jackpot game from the comfort of his home.

Brit wins and celebrates

We’re always very curious to find out how our champions celebrate their big wins, so we asked the question. Our friend told us that he celebrated with a top notch three course meal at a Michelin Star restaurant in Manchester. Not bad at all.

Next in his plans, jumping on a plane to Dominican Republic for three weeks of Caribbean relaxation and gathering some thoughts on what he’ll do with his winnings.

But meantime, his daughter got herself some nice designer shoes as a gift from her father.

Casumo his favourite casino

The winner told us that he used to be a member of many other online casinos, but recently switched to playing solely with Casumo.

“I’ve been really impressed with the withdrawal timeframes at Casumo since the start–this big win was no exception. A speedy withdrawal is something I appreciate and because of this Casumo stood out among the crowd.”

Apart from Mega Fortune Dreams, our friend also enjoys playing our Live Roulette.

+1000 games at Casumo

Here at Casumo Casino we have over a thousand games, including slots, table games, live casino and jackpots. You can put your mind at rest that whatever your mood, we’ve got you covered.

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Casino Games and Lucky Irish Names

News  •  6 days ago
St Patricks Casino Games

Ireland is known for its amazing luck, so much so that they’ve even got their own saying ‘The luck of the Irish‘. To celebrate St Patrick’s Day we wanted to find out exactly which Irish names are considered to be the luckiest, the cream of the crop.

We interviewed 1000 Irish people and found that the names John and Mary are considered the luckiest in Ireland. We then looked at which casino games these people were playing (scroll down to see the full results).

Respondents were asked whether they thought themselves as lucky and this revealed a clear trend of Dubliners believing they have innate lucky tendencies. Meanwhile those from Ulster had the least number of people saying that they have good luck.

We asked 1000 Irish People:

Click the drop down above to sort out the information by location, age, and sex.

Question 2 revealed people’s beliefs on luck with over half of Irish respondents believing that lucky people create their own luck.

John was the luckiest Irish male name while…

Mary was the luckiest Irish female name.

Lucky Irish Stories

For question six we asked our 1000 Irish people to recount some of their lucky tales. Here are some of the highlights:

Invited to Old Trafford to watch Man Utd v Liveprool even though I support Everton. In the stadium me Pele, sat beside Roy Keane during the match and won the match ball in a guess the crowd competition.


I found fifty euros on the ground once and five euros on the very next day, both on the ground outside!


Sitting in a bar one day I overheard a guy nearby talking quite loudly on the phone about a horse race. I put a small bet on the National on this horse Bobby Jo. The horse won an I made 200 euros!


Meeting my wife! We met accidentally online due to a mix up with a friend request and ended up being two sides of the same coin. I being artistic and her being academic.


Not sure if it’s classed a luck or not. We were told to say goodbye to our newborn son. He was two days old. They gave him zero chance of survival. He pulled through… I felt like the luckiest person in the world. Still do!


While driving a friends car through dense fog and suddenly stopped and got out to try figure where I was only to realise I had stopped inches from a river edge! I was way lucky there, as were the 3 other passengers in the car!

Top 10 Casino Games Played in Ireland

We looked at the Casumo stats over the past year to see if we could find any patterns on which casino games Irish people were playing. We found these games were the most played in Ireland!

  1. Book of Dead
  2. Starburst
  3. White Rabbit
  4. Book of Ra Deluxe
  5. Mighty Arthur
  6. Foxin Wins
  7. Big Bad Wolf
  8. Mega Fortune Dreams
  9. Pink Elephants
  10. Gonzos Quest

Play Rainbow Riches

If you want an Irish themed slots fix make sure to play the new version of Rainbow Riches –  Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours at our online casino as well as many more Irish-luck themed slot games.

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Irish roofer wins £122,330 in Mega Fortune Dreams

Winners  •  1 month ago
Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot Casumo

“I couldn’t believe it at first, I was eating a sandwich at the time and nearly choked on it with the shock when I saw the money flash up.”

Jackpots can be a choking hazard. Just choking joking of course. We’re super-duper happy for our Irish friend Lee who managed to win an amazing £122,330 jackpot in Mega Fortune Dreams here at Casumo–and he did it during his lunch break. Imagine what he can do at dinner.

Our friend is a humble father and works as a roofer in Ireland. Lee’s favourite game is now officially Mega Fortune Dreams and during his lunch break last Wednesday 7th February 2018 he was playing it up on a roof he was fixing. He placed a bet of £6 and entered the bonus round where after a moment the wheel stopped on the Major Jackpot, earning him the big win.

Lee told us he had to put his phone down for a minute and walk away from it, to then come back and check it again to see if the win was real.

“‘What is happening here?’ I said to myself. I didn’t utter a word to anybody at the time. It’s only now after speaking to Casumo that I believe it’s all real and I can relax and begin to celebrate.”

We asked him how he intends to spend his money.

“The first thing I’m going to do is book a family holiday to Disney World Florida, for us and our children.”

Lee said he came across Casumo and instantly liked how easy it was to use.

“I just love the simple layout. It really does it for a player like me. In fact I think that’s the best thing about Casumo.”

The Irishman is no stranger to winning but he said this was his biggest win yet.

Join the fun

Last week, a man from Germany won the first jackpot of the year here at Casumo. This week it was Lee’s turn, pocketing £122,330 in cash between one sandwich bite and another.

And now we’re so excited to see who’ll be our next big winner. Ca-ching!

Join us to discover a universe full of fun, games and amazingly good jackpots here at Casumo online casino.

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Hang up them boots and pick up the controller

Casumo Likes  •  1 month ago

Here at Casumo we’re curious about everything. Like for example, how much properties on the Monopoly board game cost according to today’s market value. This time, we wanted to know how FIFA eSports earnings compare to the salaries of traditional professional footballers. Are you curious?

A glance at the eSports industry

In recent years, the eSports industry has seen incredible growth, from $325 million in 2015 to $696 million for 2017, and is estimated to be worth $1.5 billion by 2020. Competitive video gaming has become a career choice for quite a number of players who take their eSports seriously. Although millions of people play eSports, only the very top are rewarded for their efforts, and reaching that level is not a walk in the park.

Tournament prizes for eSports are also increasing with the FIFA Interactive World Cup paying out $200,000 to last year’s winner Spencer Ealing, up from the $20,000 awarded to the 2016 winner. That’s $180,000 more!

This is why we thought it would be cool to compare the amount earned by gamers playing from the sofa to what players on the pitch get. We did this by analysing the top FIFA eSports players’ prize earnings to professional footballers salaries.

Let’s compare

  • The Top 10 FIFA eSports players earned on average £55,911 from total tournament prizes in 2017.
  • Top FIFA eSports players earned more than 25% of all professional footballers playing in the English League System (this includes Premier League, Championship, League 1 and League 2)
  • Prize earnings for the top FIFA eSports players have increased by almost 850% since 2015, from $8,316 to $78,905 in 2017.
  • If prize earnings continue to increase at the same rate the top FIFA eSports players earnings could reach $670,692 (£469,008) by 2020. This would putFIFA eSports players earnings above the salary of players in the Championship and above 75% of all professional players in the English League system.

Average Footballer Salary by League & Top 10 FIFA Gamers Average Tournament Prize

League Average Salary
Premier League £2,642,508
Championship £369,720
League 1 £81,432
Top 10 FIFA Gamers £55,911*
League 2 £47,372
*figure converted to GBP from 78,905 US Dollars, correct as of Wednesday 24th January 2018.


Top 10 FIFA 17 Players and Tournament Prizes

Player Tournament Prizes
1. Spencer Ealing $250,000
2. Chevry Corentin $173,000
3. Shaun Springette $86,000
4. Timo Siep $54,526
5. Cihan Yasarlar $44,227
6. Kai Wollin $42,183
7. Rafael Salles Leite Fortes $38,000
8. Tassal Rushan $35,500
9. Daniele Paolucci $34,000
10. Aldossary Mossad $31,500
Average $78,905


Average of the tournament earnings for top 10 FIFA Players by year

Year Tournament Prizes
FIFA 15 $8,316
FIFA 16 $8,710
FIFA 17 $78,905


Number of Professional Football Players by League

League Number of Players
Premier League 535
Championship 643
League 1 662
League 2 661
Total number of players 2501


One clear winner

That’s it then, top FIFA gamers are netting more pay than professional footballers. The way things are going, it might be time for footballers to hang up their boots and pick up the controllers. In the meantime, here at Casumo online casino we’ll keep our curiosity levels high.

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