El Dorado - Infinity Reels exclusively at Casumo

El Dorado – Infinity Reels: Exclusive shininess available at Casumo for the next two weeks

Add more reels… infinitely! With this game release, game studio ReelPlay are presenting a brand new mechanic in online slots where each spin gives you the chance to add an additional reel, re-spin and multiplier.

El Dorado Infinity Reels looks great, is pretty darn innovative and exclusively available at Casumo. Indefinitely? No. But for the following two full weeks it’s available to our players only. The game is inspired by a lush imaginary world filled with golden pyramids, shimmering gemstones and infinite opportunity where each and every spin could result in an additional reel. Read on if you would like to know more about the features of this exclusive release.

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October 2019 Casumo Top Wins Roundup

NetEnt games prove to be most-liked in October 2019

Here at Casumo, we like to look closely at the monthly wins and stats to pick up on anything that deserves highlighting – besides all the biggest wins won during the previous month, of course. During the month of October, it was impossible not to notice that, once again, the video slots from software provider NetEnt have proven to be extremely popular. Top titles such as Dead or Alive, Dead or Alive II and Divine Fortune have become unimaginable not to feature in our top lists. Oh, and also! Someone won a Must Drop Jackpot on October 11th, turning a $100.00 spin in Flaming Fox into $201,706.31. Big hurray!

Now please read on for our Top 10 of the biggest October ‘win x bet’ wins.

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Wilma, a Casumo Ambassador who’s still in search of her favourite game.

Meet Wilma and take a peek into the World of Casumo

In this mini-blog-series we’re chatting with the people who keep the wheels turning at Casumo online casino and the Casumo Ambassadors make up for quite a bunch of them. They’re a team of truly dedicated superheroes, committed to providing a top notch level of customer support. Which is why we want to give them their moment in the spotlight, because they deserve it.

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A fruity prize draw at Casumo worth a juicy total of £10,000.

Fruity Fresh Prize Draw 11th-17th November 2019

Make sure to have your blenders and juicers at hand for this one. For every £50 you play in a day anytime between 11th and 17th of November 2019 and in any of the fruitiest games below, you’ll get yourself 1 ticket to an exclusively fresh prize draw (you can get up to 10 tickets per day). May your vitamin intake be mighty!

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Hearting – favourite your favourite online casino games

With Hearting, love is all you need

Casumo is where the heart lies. Some of our players have asked us to create a feature that would enable them to create a list of favourite games. The ones they really enjoy playing. We thought that was a fantabulous idea and . . . voilá, here you are, our latest improvement to our mobile product. Say hello to Hearting!

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