Money Drop

Money Drop Live: How to Play

There are two parts to Money Drop live, the Money Wheel, which starts the game, and the cash drop rounds. To begin playing, you’ll need to set your bet during the betting period and then await the outcome of a wheel spin. 

If you win, having bet correctly on the outcome, your bet is multiplied by the result (the wheel is made up of 54 segments, 51 of which are multipliers from 8-5,000x your bet and 3 are entries to a bonus round (the Card Clash Game), and you'll enter the money drop rounds. 

The outcome of the wheel spin not only decides your playing budget but also how many “cash drops” you’ll need to pass: the higher the multiplier, the more drops you’ll need to pass (the max is three rounds). Throughout the money drop game, you’ll be trying to keep as much of this cash as possible so that you can cash out at the end of the round. 

The Money Drop Round

Just like the TV show, players must place their cash on any or all money drop platforms. There are four platforms (A-D), and up to three can drop during a round (the platform is removed, and the cash drops down, disappearing), meaning if you make the wrong choice, you’ll lose the cash. Make the right choice, and your money is safe. 

Gameplay Table

Wheel Segments: 54 (51 bet multipliers, 3 Card Clash bonus rounds).

Bonus Rounds: Card Clash Round

Biggest Payout: 5,000x bet

Max/Min Bet: Set by the Casino

RTP: 94.40% to 96.48%

Developer: Playtech

Money Drop Instructions

Money Drop mixes live gaming with RNG gameplay (like most live game shows). The wheel spin is the live element, with the dealer in control, whereas the drops are decided via a Random Number Generator. 

To start playing, all you need to do is place your chips on the segment of the wheel that you think it will stop on. Many players choose to consistently bet on all segments to ensure they pass this part of the game, but how you bet and the strategy you use is an individual choice.

Money Drop Live: The Wheel

Let’s take a quick look at the game wheel and how you can bet, how many segments each prize has and how many drop games your cash will need to survive to walk away with a prize.

  • 8x: There are 20 segments with 8x. If you bet and land it, you’ll play an instant cash drop game, where you can only choose one of four platforms.
  • 15x: 11 segments and 1 drop game, select any or all platforms. 
  • 30x: 6 segments and 1 drop game, select any or all platforms.
  • 100x: 7 segments and 2 drop games. Select any or all platforms.
  • 250x: 3 segments and 2 drop games. Select any or all platforms.
  • 1000x: 3 segments and 3 drop games. Select any or all platforms.
  • 2500x: 1 segment and 3 drop games. Select any or all platforms.
  • Card Clash: 1 segment leads to a bonus round.

The Money Drop

With each money drop round, it’s up to you where you place the money from A-D, or whether you spread it across all the options: this depends on how you feel about risk and reward. This is only limited if you win the 8x segment, which takes you to an instant drop that is all or nothing as you can only put your cash on one platform.

The Card Clash Game

This is a bonus section on the wheel and is a simple game played with 52 cards. You’ll start by picking a position, blue or pink, and three rounds are played.

Each round is the dealer turning one card on the blue side and one card on the pink. If the highest card is on the side you bet, you’ll win a multiplier of between 5-1,000x depending on the total outcome of the three rounds. 

Money Drop Live Game Controls

Money Drop Live has smooth controls and easy navigation. During each round, there’s a betting period where you can select your chip size and drag it onto the corresponding segement/s you want to bet on. During the money drop round, you’ll use the mouse to increase/decrease the amount you add to each money drop station.

You’ll also find an autoplay option to speed things up if you’re making the same bet for each round and an auto stack option that you can use during the money drop round that automates how to distribute your money across the four platforms.

Does Money Drop Live Have a Jackpot?

No, it doesn’t. The maximum potential payout is 5,000x your bet.

Playing Money Drop Live on the Go

Money Drop Live can be played from your mobile desktop or tablet device. Just sign in to your Casumo account, load up the game and start playing location-free!

Why Should You Play Money Drop Live

  • Offers unique gambling: start with the prize and try to keep it rather than vice versa.
  • Big payouts.
  • Easy, luck-based gameplay.
  • Get the chance to partake in one of the UK’s most popular TV game shows.

Details about the game and developer

Money Drop Live is part of Playtech’s live dealer portfolio. Playtech has been a leader of the online casino industry since 1999, and Evolution Gaming aside is the only games developer creating live game shows. 

Playtech is a multi-award-winning studio, having created hundreds of casino games. The studio offers various live casino titles which you can enjoy at Casumo.

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