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Play Gold Bar Roulette

Now available at Casumo!

100% Bonus up to €300 and 50 Bonus Spins

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Gold Bar Roulette

Evolution's new unique take on Live Roulette, Gold Bar Roulette, is available at Casumo. Play the game with added multipliers - let's get this ball rolling!

The Gold Bar Roulette at Casumo

Winning on a Straight Up bet just got more exciting; you could win valuable Gold Bars with multipliers! The Gold Bars worth 88x each can be used in future game rounds to increase your chances of potentially winning glittering payouts.

Gold Bar Roulette

Meet Gold Bar Roulette, a new casino game at Casumo and a shiny new addition to Evolution Gaming's Roulette family. You could potentially scoop up some exciting rewards, and get entertained at the same time, of course! What to expect? A spectacularly sparkly environment, stacked Gold Bars with multipliers of 88x and Straight Up bets. Read on to find out more about this unique live casino Roulette game.

What Gold Bar Roulette is all about

Now let's take a close-up look at Gold Bar Roulette, shall we? The aim of the game is simple: predict the number on which the ball will land by placing one or more bets that cover that particular number. The wheel includes the numbers 1-36 plus a single zero. You can place many different kinds of bets on the Roulette table. Bets can cover a single number or a certain range of numbers and each type of bet has its own payout rate.

Gold Bar Roulette game features

Gold Bar 88x Multipliers

Gold Bar Roulette is a unique chance to play Roulette with multipliers! Each Gold Bar comes with a 88x multiplier that is linked to the current Gold Bar value displayed in the Gold Bar balance. You can stack multiple Gold Bars on a single Straight Up bet spot to increase your Gold Bar’s multiplier value.

Opening of the safe

After your betting time has expired, the live dealer spins the ball within the Roulette wheel and opens a safe with four boxes to reveal up to 20 Gold Bars. The number of revealed Gold Bars indicates the amount of Gold Bars that potentially could be won in that game round.

Neighbour bets

Click on a number to place a bet that covers an entire set of numbers. Of course you can change the number of neighbours to select.

Favourite bets

How convenient! Keep track on your favourites and save and edit up to 15 bets.


Select the statistics icon to find out which numbers are "hot" and which numbers are "cold". You can select from how many rounds you would like to see the statistics, anywhere between 50 and 500 rounds.


The little Roulette ball will eventually come to a full stop in one of the numbered pockets of the wheel. Once it comes to rest, the number of Gold Bars won for this number is revealed. You win if you have placed a bet that covers the winning number.

Gold Bar Roulette: Let's sum it up

Gold Bar Roulette is the first note worthy innovation since the introduction of Lightning Roulette and Extreme Lightning Roulette. This new live casino gome from Evolution contains multipliers like no other! The Gold Bar Roulette studio looks lavish to say the least and is definitely built to impress. The sky's apparently no limit for their gold induced multipliers and you can stack them on a Straight Up bet spot to potentially increase your win potential. Please note that Gold Bars can't be bought, they can only be won. The won Gold Bars can be used in any future game round. You decide when and where to gamble the Gold Bars for your multiplied payouts!