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There’s a whole bunch of sizzlin’ casino games to play at Casumo! Check out our Toplists with all the extra fiery crowd pleasers, our live casino games that take you right to the action, or search for the games you already know you love. 

Toplists take you straight to the best casino games at Casumo. What takes a game all the way to the top? Sneak a peek at the most popular games. Other Toplists shine a spotlight on games with fantabulous features like Must Drop Jackpots and on new games that you won’t wanna miss. If you really wanna know what we think, check out the Casumo Likes Toplist where we’ve rounded up the crème de la crème of Casumo.

Types of Casino Games at Casumo

At Casumo we have 2000+ Casino Games. Boy oh boy! That’s a lot. Learn more about the different kinds of casino games below.

Like we said before, you can find your next favorite game by cruising through the Toplists above. Or find a game you already know you love by searching for it by name. Wanna know more? Righty-o! Let's go through the different types of games you’ll find here at Casumo. There are four categories: Casino Slot Games, Table Games, Slingo, and Casino Game Shows.

To learn more, click on a casino game category above or keep scrolling.

Casino Slot Games

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Roaringly popular and so fun to play! Learn more about slots below.

At Casumo, we have more slots than any other type of game! You may have heard slots referred to as slot machines, fruit machines, or pokies. They’re so super-duper popular that several of the Toplists above are dedicated to slots and slots alone! Some of these include the Megaways and Must Drop Jackpots Toplists. Don’t worry, we explain what all that means, plus other terms related to slots below.

Classic slots vs Video slots

Simple and straightforward, classic slots are online versions of the original betting machines invented in the 19th century. They usually have a single line of three reels that combine to grant payouts.

The difference between classic slots and video slots is that video slots generally have 5 reels, more ways to win, higher payouts, and enhanced graphics. The 21st century has been good to video slots, which are way more thrilling nowadays with extras like free spins, wilds, and jackpots. Video slots use software to create an immersive experience with compelling animations and soundtracks that transport you to a whole other world.

Free spins

Each spin on slots costs a certain amount, depending on what you’re betting. Unless it’s a free spin! Whoop whoop! You can win free spins playing certain slot games that offer them as a bonus feature. New to Casumo? Check our latest Welcome Offer. There might just be some free spins waiting for you. 

RTP, Volatility & Hit frequency

Just how risky is a given slot game? It all depends on the RTP, which you can find in the Terms and Conditions of any slot before you play it. RTP is the average percentage that a player wins back on their wager over time. So if the RTP is 96%, that means for every dollar you bet, you’ll win back an average of 96 cents and the casino will keep 4 cents.

Volatility is how often a slot game hits a win and the size of the payout. A high volatility slot has few payouts but when they hit, oh boy! It’s a humongous payout. On the other hand, low volatility slots hit more frequently but with smaller returns.

How often will you spin and win? Hit frequency is the percentage of possible outcomes that result in wins. If a slot has a hit frequency of 5%, that means that out of 100 possible reel combinations, 5 of them offer a payout. 

Wilds and Scatters

Let’s spice things up a little! Wilds come in various forms, but they’re always a good thing. In their simplest form, wilds are like the joker in a deck of cards and can be used with any combination of symbols. Sticky wilds stay in place across multiple spins, increasing the chances of wins. Stacked wilds are wilds placed one on top of each other in the same reel. 

Scatters are special symbols in online slots that have specific functions according to the game you’re playing. They keep you on your toes! You never know when they’re going to appear, or where — they’re scattered at random across the reels and don’t have to be in a certain position to work their magic. Scatters usually take the form of a special symbol that is particular to the game. In Book of Dead, for example, they take the form of a book.


Everyone’s heard the term “hit the jackpot”, but what do you hit this pot with and why is it named Jack? As it turns out, the term jackpot comes from a certain type of poker where a pool, or pot, grew until a player had a pair of jacks or better. 

For slots, jackpots are a way of pooling specially designated contributions from various players in order to pay them out to a specific (extra lucky) player. At Casumo, we offer our own Casumo Exclusive jackpots, Must Drop jackpots from Red Tiger Gaming, and network progressive jackpots from other providers.

Casumo Exclusive jackpots

Casumo Exclusive jackpots are four-tiered progressive jackpots offered on our most popular slots. The four tiers are mini, minor, major, and mega, all offering different levels of cash prizes. Learn more about our exclusive jackpots and how to opt-in to win on our blog.

Must Drop jackpots 

Must Drop jackpots are a feature available for several Red Tiger online casino games. They come in three varieties: the Must Drop, a progressive jackpot that must drop before it hits a set cash amount. The Daily Drop, which always drops before a certain time of day. Lastly, the Mega Drop offers the biggest prize of all three Red Tiger jackpots. It works as a standard progressive jackpot, where the amount continues to accumulate until that extra-lucky person hits it big.

Network Progressive jackpots

At Casumo, we participate in network progressive jackpots offered across multiple casinos featuring games from the same provider. Providers are the companies that create slots and other games for casinos. At Casumo, we work with the best providers in the business like NetEntertainment, Play’N GO, Playtech, and the aforementioned Red Tiger.


With the use of a mechanic invented by Big Time Gaming, Megaways slots feature reels with ever-changing numbers of symbols and require anywhere from 3 to 6 identical adjacent symbols to win. This allows Megaways games to offer a quantity of possible ways-to-win in the hundreds of thousands. Huzzah! Now that Big Time Gaming is licencing Megaways to other companies, there is a huge diversity of Megaways slots offering tons of features and, of course, ways to win.

Fruit slots

Fruit slots are slots that feature fruit symbols. Players love fruit slots, and game providers do their best to provide the best casino games. Keep reading to get an idea of the variety of fresh fruits on offer.


Casino Table Games

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Table games are the timeless classics at the heart of any casino. Play live with other players or try an automated RNG game.

Table games are games of chance played against the casino such as baccarat, craps, blackjack, and roulette. They’re the games where you find a group of people gathered excitedly around a table as a smartly dressed croupier calls out a dice roll or spins the roulette wheel.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place! That’s right, you can play our Live Casino games with real dealers in real time coming to you live from Casumo and other provider studios. You can also play the automated, or RNG (Random Number Generated) versions of classic table games.

Card games 

Popular card games at Casumo include blackjack, poker, and baccarat. Blackjack is a game where you try to get a higher card count than the dealer without going over 21. When you browse our Live Casino games, you’ll find a wide selection of online blackjack (RNG) and Live Blackjack games. Poker is a big ol’ family of card games where players bet on whether or not they have the best hand according to the rules of the game. At Casumo, we have a whole bunch of Live Poker games available to play with other players. You can also play online poker (RNG) with digital cards. Baccarat is a game where the player either wins against, ties with, or loses to the dealer, called the banker. Play Live Baccarat orfirst person baccarat (RNG).

Dice games

Dice games use one or more 6-sided dice to turn up a result based purely on chance. There are several that are popular at casinos all over the world, including Casumo, where we offer live and RNG versions of your favorite dice games. The objective of Craps, one of our most popular dice games, is to guess the sum total of the two six-sided dice thrown. In live craps, the dice launcher throws the two dice against the opposite wall of the craps table to generate an outcome. Another popular dice game is Sic Bo. When you enter the live Sic Bo lounge, the first thing you’ll hear is the rattling sound of the three dice jumping around in the dice roller cup. When they come to a stop, the results of the roll appear on the screen and are announced by the dealer.Another round is starting, it’s time to bet!


Roulette is a classic table game long-played at casinos. It gets its name from the French word for “little wheel”. The croupier spins a wheel in one direction and tosses a ball in the other direction around a circular track. Players can bet on colors (black, red or green “pockets”—squares on the wheel where the ball can land), on a type of number (odds, evens, highs, or lows), or on a particular number. As the ball skips to a stop at the end of the spin, winnings are distributed to anyone who bet correctly. The lower the odds, the higher the payback. Play Roulette Live and Gold Bar Roulette.

Live table games

Almost all live casino games are table games, with the exception of Game Shows (see below), which, due to regulations, are not available in every country. Live games are hosted in real time by croupiers or hosts broadcasting the game from a studio, as opposed to standard computer-generated casino games. Play Dead or Alive: Saloon at Casumo!

Slingo games

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An innovative fusion between slots and bingo - the latest big trend in casino gaming. What are Slingo Games?

Slingo is a game combining elements of your favourite slots with classic Bingo. The game is played on a 5×5 grid with the slot reels placed directly below. Each game lasts 10 spins (not counting bonus spins). Match the numbers that appear on the reel with those on the grid to get Slingos and move up the pay ladder.

Top 6 most popular Slingo Games

Slingo Starburst

This paramount slot game from Netent has joined with Slingo to take you on a bedazzled escapade to the stars. Get rid of five matching numbers in a line to earn a Slingo. Each time you do, you move up the ladder, creating opportunities to win spins and purple gems that award instant cash prizes. Wild symbols can be combined with any number on the reel to get you closer to a Slingo.

Slingo Centurion

Powerful allies Slingo and Inspired Gaming join forces to create Slingo Centurion, a game that takes you on a grand adventure with the Roman army. Spin for matching numbers with the help of fun-loving jokers that allow you to mark off the number of your choice, bringing you closer to a Slingo. Working against them are the devils, who block reels for a full spin. The more Slingos you get, the higher up the ladder you rise, until you unlock special bonuses like Road to Rome, which transports you to a board game, or a chance to spin for Caesar's free spins. 

Slingo Fluffy Favourites

A truly delightful mash-up of Slingo and the hugely popular slot Fluffy Favourites, this Slingo maintains all the bonus games of the original, like, for example, Toy Grabber. Keen Fluffy fans won’t want to miss out on the chance to grab some toys: 1, 4 or 5 picks will be awarded for triggering the bonus with 5, 8 or 12 Slingos. Nellie, the adorable stuffed elephant from the original slot, is back and she’s handing out up to 3, 5, or 10 free spins depending on how many times she appears.

Deal or No Deal Slingo

The classic game show has taken on a new, especially dynamic form in this popular Slingo. Just like on the original TV show, players choose one extra-lucky red box at the start of play, which is set aside for later. Unlock a few Slingos to climb the ladder with the help of the wild jokers, who’re joined by arch-rivals and classic Slingo characters, the devils. Once you unlock the banker's offer, you can decide if you want to make a deal or not by opening your lucky box. You can also decide to keep spinning, and if you do, you’ll get a chance to see another offer from the banker after each spin, or, if you make it to the top of the ladder you can multiply your box’s contents up to 20x!

Slingo xxxtreme

The name says it all: this version of Slingo is extra, super-duper intense. From hot liquid lava in the background to the heavy bass in the soundtrack, you know you’re in for some extreme action. With 11 spins instead of the standard 10, you have an extra chance to get Slingos and climb the ladder up and away from the hot lava with the help of your favorite Slingo character: the joker. But watch out! The devil’s lurking in the details and could block any reel he lands on. It’s a good thing you can purchase unlimited free spins to work your way to a big win, up to 1000x your bet.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Are you ready for a fantastical adventure on the Emerald Isle? Set in the colourful landscape of the original hit slot Rainbow Riches from SG Digital, celtic folk music plays in the background as you use your first 10 spins to try to win as many Slingos as you can with the help of your joker friends who act as wilds. Each Slingo gets you higher up the ladder and closer to unlocking bonus features like the Wishing Well, available after Slingo number five, which reveals a special prize. Climb all the way to the leprechaun symbol to get 50 coins from the Cash Crop bonus. There’s more: magic toadstools and pots of gold await on the road to Rainbow Riches!

Casino Game Shows

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Play entertaining game shows live and interact with dynamic hosts who join in on the fun. What are Casino Game Shows?

Casino game shows are interactive games of chance, usually hosted live by a game show host. Have you ever wanted to be on a television game show? You know the kind with a big, lit-up wheel spinning in the background, charismatic hosts, and contestants competing for the big prize? Well, now’s your chance!

Top 7 most popular Casino Games Shows

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a game show and variation of the popular money wheel game of chance that is played using a large 54-segment vertical wheel, spun by the game host. Plus, there’s a multiplier randomly assigned to every spin of the wheel. The host who spins the wheel is having almost as much fun as you are! Send a message to him or her through the chat to make the game even more dynamic and exciting. You win Crazy Time when you correctly predict which segment the wheel is going to land on after each spin (1, 2, 5, 10, or the Bonus game bet spots). But that’s not all! Bonus games include Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time Bonus, which multiply your winnings and let you win CRAZY big! 

Deal or no Deal 

Deal or No Deal is an exciting game played live with a dynamic host who interacts directly with players. Inspired by the tremendously popular ‘Deal or No Deal’ TV show, the objective of the game is to predict whether the amount of money in the last of 16 briefcases will be higher than the banker’s offer. To play, you must first qualify within the qualification time by spinning a wheel until the rings are aligned into the upper sector of the wheel. Each spin costs your selected bet amount.

Dream Catcher 

Dream Catcher is broadcast live from a state-of-the-art multi-camera studio, with a precision-engineered bespoke wheel to dish out the results.The Dream Catcher money wheel is divided into 54 equally-sized segments, marked with different numbers (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40). Also on the wheel is a silver segment representing a 2x multiplier, and a gold segment representing a 7x multiplier. Before each spin of the wheel, you’ll bet on the number that you think the pointer will land on. Dream Catcher is live 24/7, so you can join any time and place your bet to get in on the next spin. 



First Person Dream Catcher

This fun, interactive game is based on the same concept as the live version, but instead of playing with a host, you play the game on your own in first person. 

Adventures Beyond Wonderland 

Featuring a custom vertical wheel spun by the whimsical Alice or a trusty sidekick, bet on which segment you think the wheel will land on. If the result is 2 or 5 “Wonderspins”, the white rabbit will take you on an Adventure Beyond Wonderland, where each Wonderspin can enhance your bet by landing on one of the classic tale’s most adored characters, each of whom starts with a different multiplier. A winning bet on the Magic Dice takes you to the interactive dice game, where you can choose your path to a potential win or to additional multipliers. If the wheel lands on the mystery segment, you can choose between a free spin with multiplied bets or the card soldiers, who march in with a prize for you.

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

An inspired fusion of reality and fantasy, slots and classic game show, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt leads you on an adventure as you search for prizes inspired by Incan cosmology. Find your treasure by betting on which stones you think will appear on the wall reminiscent of the classic slot featuring Gonzo. Each color of stone represents a different probability that it’ll appear and a different prize amount. Unlock prize drops valued up to 20,000 for an individual treasure stone, and do it all with Gonzo and the host by your side.

Monopoly live

MONOPOLY Live is a game of chance played using a super-sized vertical wheel, spun by a live casino host. Your task is to try and predict where the wheel’s going to stop. 48 of the wheel segments are numbered 1, 2, 5 and 10. The other 6 segments are 2 x ‘CHANCE’ segments, 3 x ‘2 ROLLS’ segments and 1 x ‘4 ROLLS’ segments. If the wheel stops on a ‘CHANCE’ segment, dear ol’ MR. MONOPOLY presents you with a Chance card that shows either a random cash prize or a random multiplier bonus!

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