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Champions League Betting 2021/2022

Once a year, the winning teams of the top leagues in Europe meet to battle it out on the big stage. This is the Champions League, and it is one of the most prestigious annual tournaments in the footballing world. The only way to qualify is to be champions in your respective country's league, so the crème de la crème is what you get.

However, the number of teams from each country does depend on the quality of the league they are from. It is usually between one and four teams. This means there are eight groups each of four teams. Some teams do have to play in the qualifiers to play in the Champions League, while others that are higher ranked will automatically go to the group stage.

Once all the qualifiers are completed, all teams head through group stages into the Round of 16, quarter-finals and semis on the way to the grand final. This is the ultimate showdown between the two top teams in Europe that year. The teams in each group will play each other two times: at home and away. Then, the top two in each group will play in the knockout rounds. In this section of the league, it's a good boost to come top of the group as it means playing the second-placed team from another group.

Repeatedly a show of great sportsmanship and athleticism, the Champions League never fails to impress. Last year saw England's Chelsea and Man City go head-to-head, with Chelsea coming out on top with a 1-0 victory.

With Champions League Betting here at Casumo, this year's odds for Chelsea are currently 7/1 for a repeat performance. But Man City has odds of 4/1, so maybe the tables have turned. You can check out all the latest odds for all the games here at Casumo. Better still, you can rest assured that we will be offering nothing but the latest, most competitive odds for this event.

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Champions League Seeding

Each team in the Champions League gets seeded. Essentially, this is when teams are given a ranking to determine the draw for each group. Basically, teams that are seeded or ranked the highest will not be placed in the same bracket in order to ensure they do not meet early on in the tournament. In this way, the higher-seeded teams will only come up against each other later on in the tournament.

The seeding is based on their previous year's UEFA club coefficients. In the draws for the rounds, the teams, both seeded and unseeded, are divided into groups in such a way that one group does not carry all the seeded teams. Subsequently, group winners are seeded above those that come in the runner-up position.

Most Popular Champions League Bets

As with any sporting event, it's always very interesting to bet on the Champions League. This is because it is a highly competitive event with teams often on a very level pegging. This means that there's not much separating two teams making it harder to predict an outcome.

It's also important to note that we offer a huge range of different betting options on the Champions League. These bets offer slightly different things, so it's worth knowing what these bets entail. Generally, bets in the Champions League focus on future betting, but it's possible to engage in a range of different betting options. Some of the more popular betting options include:

Match Betting

This is a popular bet type and essentially involves placing a bet on which team will be the winner in an individual match up. This simply means that in a head-to-head you're choosing which of the two teams will come out on top. This is a popular option for many other types of sports too.


This type of bet is another popular one. Here though, we will predict the total number of goals that both teams will win by the end of the game. Usually, this is 2.5 goals and your job as the bettor is to predict whether the final total will be above or below that. If you bet that the total number of goals will be more than 2.5, you need there to be a collective score of at least 3 goals in order to win.

Proposition bets

Also known as prop bets, these are one of the more popular betting options out there. This is a popular betting market in the Champions League as this is where you can place bets on a range of specific outcomes in the Champions League.

For example, you could place a bet on which team you think will score first in a particular match, which player will be man of the match, which player will score the first goal and so on. At Casumo we have a whole range of options for you to choose from on all games throughout this tournament.

Casinos' Build Your Own Bet Feature

One of the best things about betting at Casumo is that you can build your own bet. This means that you can combine all the best bets in your own way. Using the build your own bet feature, you can create an accumulator on just one game or many. You can opt for a number of different betting options here.

You could pick which team will win outright, or add in smaller prop bets such as which striker will get a goal first. However, if you place such a series of bets, to get the final payout, all your bets need to come through.


Champions League Odds: Outright

Arguably, one of the most popular bets placed on the Champions League is the outright bet. This means placing a bet on which team will win the whole league outright rather than which team will win in a single game.

These types of bets have their odds set before the league actually starts. However, these odds are based on the current form of each team at the time. This means that you might actually get better odds on a team when you place an outright bet before the Champions League kicks off.

As such, it can be a really good idea to place such a bet before the tournament starts. Often, teams who are favourites will have their odds decreased as the tournament goes on. Of course, it's still possible to place outright bets once the tournament is underway but, because odds are always fluctuating, they may not be as good as they were pre-tournament.

As well as betting on which team will win outright, it's also possible to place outright bets on things like which player will score the most goals by the end of the tournament as well as betting on which teams will even qualify.


Champions League Group Stage Betting

There are eight groups of four teams in the Champions League which means the league starts with 32 teams. These are gradually whittled down to the final two over the course of the tournament.

As you can see, most of the games are played in the group stages. This is because each team will play the other teams in their group twice — that's six games for each team. This means that there are an impressive 96 games played in the group stages alone, giving you plenty of betting opportunities.

Champions League Knockout Stage Betting

Once the group stage is done it's on to the knockout stage. The first part of this is the Round of 16, which sees the top two teams from each group move forward.

At this point, each top team is paired with the runner-up team of a different group. Similar to the group stages, two games are played between these teams. The overall winner then becomes one of eight teams moving on to the quarter-finals.

However, it's important to consider the away goal rule when placing bets at this point. This is used to determine the winner if the two teams have scored equal numbers of goals across the two games. In short, it gave a higher weighting to goals scored away. However, for the 2021-22 season, this rule will be scrapped.

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